Spain scintillating - the many charms of Life Spanish

If you want a lifestyle full of warmth and color, there is no need to travel halfway around the world. Just hop on a plane in Spain and in less than three hours you're in a world of good weather, a vibrant culture and an unparalleled variety of things to do and places to visit. Spain offers the ultimate lifestyle - a rich blend of mild climate, stunning scenery and a relaxed and sensual life. Here is why Spain is such a special place.

First, there is the beauty of the country. Spain has a varied topography of the rugged mountains of northern glorious stretches of coastline on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. There are timeless monuments, castles lone threat on the hills, medieval towns with cobblestone streets and winding, and chic cities like Madrid and Barcelona offers great shopping, art galleries and restaurants.

While Spain's interior cities such as Granada, Seville and Madrid capital is a must visit is the coastline that attracts more visitors and offer the real Spanish lifestyle. For one thing, the weather is better along the coast. While it is sometimes rain even in summer months, but compared to the stifling heat of the hinterland, the temperatures along the coast are generally pleasant.

Southern Spain is one of the choice areas of the country and is home to beautiful cities, towns and fishing villages nestled between the mountains and harbors and beaches of the Mediterranean. Holidays in this part of Spain gives the feeling of every day a celebration. Then there is the matter of the weather.

The natural beauty still looks much better under sunny skies and that's when Spain wins. Spain has a more sunny winter warmer, drier and all over Europe. And if you visit in summer, the strip along the Mediterranean coast to bask in temperatures of over 20C for most of the time.

A great advantage of mild weather is the outdoor life. Being able to spend most of the day outdoors makes for a much more socially connected community. Here you can live the life of the village, the beach life and leisure life. One thing is sure, life in Spain is never dull.

There is always something happening in Spain and if you're lucky, you can attend one of the many festivals and religious celebrations that dot the Spanish calendar. Many of these festivals are real extravagances in which people dress in outlandish costumes and parade through the city. Fireworks, burning effigies and such efforts as the creation of the world's largest paella are also very popular at the festival.

And another great thing about living in Spain is the cost of living. Although Spain is not the bargain it was in the 1970s, you can still live for about two-thirds of what you spend in the UK. Rents and property is cheaper and you can eat well for very reasonable prices. For example, you can dine seafood freshly caught and grilled every day if you wish. And of course, the wine is plentiful and reasonably priced.

Finally, Spain offers the opportunity to participate an unparalleled range of activities, especially outdoors. In southern Spain, you can enjoy water sports nearly every day of the year and if golf is your thing, you can start on some of the finest courses in Europe.

So if you want to spend your days playing golf or relax on long sandy beaches, the coast of Almeria (Costa de Almeria) in Andalusia is your place. After a strenuous day you can spend your evening snack of tapas and drink a few glasses of wine or simply relax on the terrace of your hotel or villa.

If you decide to travel smart and move or make a second home in Spain, property is still an excellent investment. You can buy villas, chalets, apartments and townhouses at reasonable prices.

All the infrastructure you need for modern life is there, too - international schools, first class medical facilities and English-speaking doctors and lawyers. It is not surprising that southern Spain is the most popular country for Europeans looking for a home abroad.

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