Villas on Rent in Spain

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Spain is one of the best places for spending your vacations. Rent villas in Spain for holidays are very popular among the visitors for their beautiful views. You have many choices among northwestern coast of Galicia, Basque Country and north eastern coast around Barcelona. Also, Andalusia Costa del Sol and Madrid offer amazing sites for your view. You can perform multiple activities with your entire family and there are some exceptional villas with unique facilities that are available on rent.

Let's start from La Coruna Province villas. This is situated in the District of Galicia which offers four bedrooms and also there are some other living areas in which 10 people can stay together. Here, you can enjoy the stunning beauty of beaches which is hardly at a distance of five minutes drive. A golf course is near this place and many restaurants and pubs in which you can enjoy your nightlife.

You can further travel towards the Basque country where you will find some awesome villas for rent. These villas have all the amenities and a beautiful kitchen. The most beautiful villa in this area is located at San Sebastian which is very near to the beach. Also, this villa is at a very few distance far from museum, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. If you want to enjoy the incredible view of Concha Bay then Villa Ravel should be your choice. This vilaa has three bedrooms and a studio furnished with hide-a-bed sofa.

If you roam a little more then you will find the area of Barcelona, with great villas like Castelldefels. In this area the villas are offered with four bedroom and five bathroom with rooms that can accommodate 12 people. It has two pools with the view of Mediterranean with pool table and those who are interested in playing piano, will be happy to know that piano is also offered in this villa. There is a spacious verandah and a lovely garden, so you can have a great time in your vacations. You can enjoy unlimited with your family and also one important thing that it is at very short distance from Barcelona.

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Spain offers numerous opportunities and huren spanje select for you in all regions popular vacation like villa javea and villa mallorca the most beautiful holiday destinations in Spain.

Some Of The Main Attractions In Barcelona Spain

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If you are planning to visit quite a few European cities on your next vacation, then you might want to visit what is Catalonia's capital and Spain's second largest city. That is off course Barcelona. By including this city on your next trip you are sure to find the city engaging and worthwhile.

When you stay in this beautiful Spanish City, please don't miss out on visiting some of what the locals call the architectural father of the city, the famous Antonio Gaudi has built such as Sagrada Familia Cathedral, translated into English it means Holy Family Cathedral. A lifelong project for Gaudi who unfortunately never saw the completion of his unbelievable achievement. Many who travel to Spain still see the cathedral as unfinished.

If you are a keen photographer of Gothic monuments, then you must stop in at Barri Gotic which is the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. It has very familiar gathering squares, taverns, cafes, and a busy market which the locals and tourists frequent. As a treat, the square on a Sunday offers its visitors entertainment in the form of dancers and a traditional Catalonian Sardana.

Like most parts of Spain, when they visit, the beach is the major attraction. Its major beach is mere minutes away from Central Barcelona. Also, if you want to visit Playa la Barcelona or you might opt for Sitges beach, which is located just outside of Barcelona,

The city of Barcelona is very laid back with attractions such as Tibidabo. If you happen to have some extra time, a one hour train trip to an amusement park called Universal's Port Aventura in a small city called Tarroa, which is near Barcelona. Another attraction is the roller coaster or enjoy different many national themes such as Mexican or Polynesian.

Don't forget to the taste Catalua cuisine like Escudella, Suquet de Peix and an big variety of fish and seafood dishes. Try the Crema Catalua, for dessert or if your taste runs to the more exotic how about cottage cheese and honey? Simply amazing on your taste buds. The experiences you will enjoy in Barcelona will be unforgettable.

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Relocating my family to Spain

Although it was a difficult decision, my wife, Teresa, and I decided to move our little family in Spain. We had two girls who were in primary school. My company offered me a great opportunity for a position in Spain that I could not refuse. In addition, Teresa had family in Spain she had never met. She was happy to meet and learn more about his Spanish heritage. We knew that moving would be difficult, but we were glad to get BeginEdit on our new adventure.

The first thing that Teresa and I have been to write and print a list of what we needed to do to be ready for this change. We wrote our list in chronological order so that the most important things would be done first. One of the first things we did was sign up for a class of basic Spanish at a local college. As none of us knew Spanish, we thought it would help us communicate once we got there and make it easier for us to move.

Next, we asked our visas Spain. We obtained the documents and for my wife and I and our two young daughters. Because we live in New York, I could take no Consulate in New York. They assured me it would take about a week to process everything. I later learned that if I waited to get in Spain, I had to return to the U.S. just to get my visa.

We also decided to cancel our trip to the United States. Although we would be citizens of the United States, we could avoid having to pay U.S. taxes. This meant the cancellation of all bank accounts, subscriptions and property assets in the States. However, we felt at ease because we knew we were going to live in Spain for a long time. We had planned to teach girls simple words and phrases too, to help people understand, after we moved to Spain.

Because my business to travel to Spain, moving all my stuff was paid by the company. However, it was my responsibility to obtain estimates and know that I wanted to do with our movement. I called several companies for estimates and found one that was less expensive, very friendly and able to move my bike. They gave me dates, estimates and all the information I needed. They also gave me tips for packing and has offered to provide boxes if we needed it.

Because I was able to make plans with the movers, I now had a date that we needed to be in Spain. I was able to make our flight reservations so we can be there when our membership reached. In addition, we have made arrangements to take our dog with us on the plane. Spain has had some strict rules about pets in the country. However, because we planned ahead, we felt secure knowing that our dog would be with us.

Our next step was to begin to make an appointment to visit our doctors, a dentist, and optometrist. As the girls needed booster shots, we made sure to let the pediatrician know that we are moving to Spain. We also saw our dentist who did a thorough cleaning and examination requirements for all our family. Finally, we visited our eye specialist because my wife and oldest daughter to wear glasses. We all had eye examinations and they each bought a pair of glasses to take to our new home in Spain. We knew that once we started to pay the tax in Spain, we would be eligible for their state benefits.

My wife and I also renewed the licenses and passports to drive so they do not expire soon. I called our car insurance company for coverage while in Spain. We also made a list of friends and family members that we need to contact us before our departure, by sending them our new address in Spain. Although we had only a temporary housing arrangement, we knew that once we were in Spain, you can find a great apartment or house to rent or buy.

Last but not least, we hired several books and DVDs on the life and culture of Spain. Although we were very excited, we wanted to be as informed as possible about what awaits them there. For example, we learned that every afternoon, all the stores closed for a period of two to three hours for a nap in Spanish. We also learned about how to communicate with the Spanish and how to make friends. Learn more about the culture and history of the country also helped to prepare us for the pride and patriotism we were soon to experience our new country.

Courses to learn Spanish in Spain may be more effective

Not only the Spanish language a beautiful language to speak and hear, it also happens to be one of the first choice of foreign languages ​​that people are trying to learn. There are many different approaches that you can find when trying to analyze the accent, but one of the roads is the most ideal way to learn Spanish in Spain, for the most impact and opportunity control.

Absorbed in the culture

Although it is not possible for everyone to go to Spain and spend time learning the lingo, those who have such a chance are able to accelerate the speed at which they learn. The main reward of being able to study in Spain is that you're completely surrounded, or absorbed in the Spanish language, Spanish culture and the Spanish people. It also means that you are able to instantly incorporate the many different aspects of learning a foreign language in your day to day experience life, making the learning more profound.

There are a number of Spanish language schools in various cities, where you can go to learn Spanish in Spain. The majority of these schools have a core set of Spanish language courses that provide a number of classes throughout the week. This means that you have a fairly strict schedule which is designed to help you absorb and retain the language as quickly as possible. In addition, schools that offer opportunities to learn Spanish in Spain, also offer an assortment of leisure activities you can participate outside of class time. These contain a range of activities and events that are optional, but affirm the efforts of your language learning.

Some examples of these additional activities are welcome parties, where you can get to know your professors and other students, tours of museums in the city where you are staying or nearby cities, and weekend trips to small towns and rural areas, where you can get an idea of ​​Spanish life.

Studies concentrated

If you choose to immerse yourself totally in the country and learn the dialect, then you will find that the middle class has only about six to twelve students. This factor allows the instructor to give each student attention and private help if needed. On numerous occasions, instructors also participate in various leisure activities choice, which allows a strong relationship between teachers and students. It also allows students to ask questions and continue to get instruction while participating in these activities. In addition, it gives students a better understanding in the local culture.

During class time courses, emphasis is placed daily on the Spanish grammatical structure, Spanish vocabulary and good Spanish pronunciation. It is also time given to understanding the roots and evolution of language and culture of Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. The active participation of all students in the Spanish course is not only sustained, but it is considered crucial for the best overall experience.

The fundamental learning Spanish in Spain classes are recommended for students who intend to be in the country for a period of four to eight weeks. These courses are an excellent way for individuals to some of their free time activities in place for them and also like meeting new people. It is also particularly advantageous for those who travel by themselves to have a concentrated activity, improvement and interaction.

Going For luxury rather than comfort in Spain

There is nothing more satisfying than the booking of luxury villas in Spain for a relaxing holiday and chic. Many people will find that when visiting somewhere like Spain the atmosphere is very relaxed and the scenery is simply breathtaking. These houses have become affordable to more people being given the opportunity to experience the luxury of a villa, with personal services, while enjoying the privacy of the use of their own cooking facilities.

Spain is famous for its sunshine nearly all year round and golden beaches. Add to that a deep-sea food and exotic, and you're in the Mediterranean sky. Most parts of Spain are English speaking and therefore there would be no real problem with the movement in this country. However, this does not need to learn Spanish as a language before deciding to live there. Many of those buying a property are opting for luxury villas in Spain, that recent developments have seen their prices drop.

Choosing to buy luxury villas in Spain may well prove to be a good investment, especially for those considering the possibility of using it as a retirement plan. Owning a home is a dream come true for many people, especially if it is in Spain, however, it can quickly turn sour if the right amount of research and knowledge is not complete before buying one. There are different procedures, rules and regulations to be followed in Spain, and must be followed or your dream of buying this house special and cheap may not happen at all.

Before the purchase process, you will establish a 20 to 30 per cent deposit - plus you have the better. Have recorded an additional amount as the purchase of Spanish goods, you find that extra fees and charges will result, which will amount to about 12 percent. This is something that is the norm in Spain, it covers legal fees, stamp duties, taxes, land registry, property registry, etc.

Always use a good agent, it's something you almost certainly need to shop around, because as you can see that real estate agents in Spain have a very good reputation for their services. However, some agents are very good people in command, therefore it is always a good idea to opt for an agent of renowned and reputable with a good record of achievement of customer service. In this spirit, it is good not to go to the lawyers and agents to find your own independent counsel because they are more likely to be reliable and you would not face the language barrier.

It is always good to find your own attorney as prosecutors agency will pay more. Find a Spanish lawyer who speaks English, so you are able to count on someone who is familiar with the terms and conditions for the purchase of Spanish property and is able to give you the green light before sign all documents.
Consider talking to a financial adviser before deciding to take the plunge in Spain. You need to determine if you are able to pay refunds and if you have enough reserves in case you need to dig into your savings. You need to determine if you are financially ready to make the jump, so consider this carefully in advance.

Finally, now that you have chosen your house / apartment luxury villa / Spain, you will need to apply for your NIE number, which is your tax code. This is necessary before you buy anything or sign any documents. Otherwise, you will not be able to claim complete ownership of the property. Apply early, as they take several weeks to complete, so it's a good idea to have this loan.

Achieve your retirement dreams Come True In Spain

For some reason, most of us Americans who never visited Spain think of this as a small country and it comes as a shock to see that all our states that Texas is bigger than it. Perhaps our ignorance of Spain is due to the fact that few members of this generation have visited Spain. This is largely due to the many wars that have ravaged Spain. After World War II Spain was virtually ignored for years. The tourists came from Europe as never before, but the main points of interest were further north, England, France, Switzerland, Italy. In 1947, only 3,700 of our countrymen came to Spain and only a little figure more than doubled in 1948.

But finances have been chaotic since the war and all the prices have literally zoomed. France, once a paradise of negotiation has become more expensive than the U.S., or almost. And Switzerland and Italy trailed not far behind. Rumors began to drift from the south that Spain was still operating at pre-war prices. You could travel to Spain at a fraction of the price in the country's most popular tourist or could retire on a pittance. And nothing spreads so quickly in the travel game, and those who live permanently or semi-permanently abroad that such rumors. Thousands began to drift to Spain, then tens of thousands, until we write at least a quarter of a million people visit Spain every year Americans, and many have become permanent residents.

Of course, the fact that a country is cheap is not a reason to retire. Perhaps the cheapest place I've ever been is inside Turkey. I would say that, given the black market rate of exchange, you could live like a pasha for $ 50 per month for a couple. But what would you do? What do you see? Who would you speak? You could live in a palace and a swarm of officials on the $ 100 per month in a small town inland from Turkey - but it would probably go stark raving mad after a few months or more. But Spain offers much more than economics. Its landscape is varied, its probably the best climate in Europe, with the possible exception of the Greek islands, there is a large Anglo-American population, which guarantees the company if you do not find it among the Spaniards, and luxury as well as necessities of life are available.

One thing that you are no doubt going back to Spain and I might as well specify unambiguously. Despite the fact that Uncle Sam is playing the knee to Franco in exchange for military bases, this country is a police state and everywhere you see signs of it. In no country in Europe, even behind the Iron Curtain, I've seen so many police patrols and armed soldiers permanently in the streets and roads, two by two, machine guns slung over their backs. Spain has one of the largest standing armies in Europe and have no doubt about it, not because the state of Franco fears of invasion - the army and the police are there to protect the rule of Spanish.

However, as far as you personally are concerned, you are not likely to be affected by this situation. Foreigners, especially Americans, to make changes in the country so much they are left alone. Spain is a beautiful country, his people wonderful. If you are not depressed by his social system you'll probably love.

Car rental in Spain and rent

Spain is so crammed with things, there are no words to describe what you really need is to rent a car to enjoy real Spain, leaving the cost of holiday. Car Hire Spain helps you make the best use of your car from time to traveling throughout the country and hire Spanish cities. We have rental cars cheap rental throughout

Spain cities, towns and airports. We are one of the leading companies in the automotive entertainment, gives you the best rates for car rentals in Spain offer all the guarantees of major international companies in your rental car. We also have a fleet the most modern and versatile car so you can really enjoy your car hire in Spain during your vacation. Visit On-line car rental in Spain and discover our online car hire deals in Spain.

We have a wonderful relationship with Alamo, Hertz, Budget, and the rest, allowing us to shop round for your name. Our car hire rates are very attractive and our service is first rate. We have a dedicated team of professionals waiting to make your car as smooth as possible. Book your car before coming to Spain and enjoy our prices. We specialize in providing all information on rental car for all of our partners by putting them in front of you. And help you book your car hire or rent a car in one of our sites worldwide.

Spain uses the rules of international traffic and road signs, and some other local regulations. Please refer to hurricane Regulations Conduct for the new driver. We provide car rental, car rental Spain to both our business and leisure clientele. We negotiate with companies the world's best car rental to provide our customers with low cost fully inclusive rates, and with very good conditions and extras.

Our car rental broad coverage ranges from Spain cities in the North such as Asturias and Cantabria in Madrid and in the central Extermadura, Andalusia and Murcia in southern parts of Spain. Various hire suppliers are used which can offer better rates, no matter where you look or place the vehicle in Spain. The advantage of our site is renting some vendors specialize in certain areas of Spain and when a supplier may not be able to offer you a rental car at one location, another is likely.

Our networking capability puts us above that. We offer instant online quotes and booking capabilities for all inclusive cheap rental car rental online with a discount of 10-15%. We also offer on our site way rentals throughout Spain, which are places where the city and the airport. Our exceptional customer service and Beat Rate Guarantee assure the best savings and quality service on your car rental in Spain. rent a car online today.

We'll help you find the perfect hotel, motel or bed and breakfast in Spain. You can stay at Barcelona, ​​Canary Islands, Granada, Ibiza, Madrid and Malaga. Our global network of service agencies vacation can do much to ease your travel. We have shops, airport rental counters and offices all over Spain, and we have established agreements with rental operators located in the tourist regions and holidays. Our site has a section covering the Golf area attractions - use this to carefully plan your vacation.

Spain has a fine selection of golf courses in popular areas such as Andalusia, Balaeric, Canary Islands, Catalonia, and Comunidad Valencia. For those of you who want to organize a golf trip, you will find a comprehensive list of golf courses near your vacation. Book your car rental in a wide range of destinations worldwide popular for car hire and car rental Budget rental in Spain. There are various attractions to visit in Spain and spent a long holiday and car hire in Spain can help you take a vacation too happy.

Sampling All Spain has to offer

Spain is more than sun, sea and sand for years mass tourism has led many to believe that the country exists only in terms of resorts and holiday resorts. Buying a property in Spain has been avoided by many because of this, prospective buyers would not buy in a country that the majority considers a sun Blackpool.

However, they can not be worse, Spain has a depth that many do not see and the best way to get an idea of ​​the delights of this country has to offer is to buy a holiday villa and there are regular . Numbers of villas in Spain have risen steadily since the mid nineties and now that the Spanish housing bubble is on the brink of deflation, the time could not be riper for the purchase of a site sun.

Spain is more than what made him famous during the eighties, the stations are still there, but more and more expatriate communities are being built to create small pieces of Britain and abroad. This may sound terrible to you, but it offers the best of both worlds for those wishing to buy property in Spain. This double-edged sword offers safety and comfort of living with members of your nation, while being free to enjoy the pleasures of Spanish culture.

By far the main reason for me to buy a villa in Spain would be the sumptuous cuisine. There is more to Spain than paella, this cocktail of Jewish and Muslim influences have created a balance in the mouth. Do not worry if you're a fan of pork but, after centuries of domination Catholic pork became a staple in Spanish.

If you buy a villa on the beautiful coast of Spain, but the fish dishes with their strong Mediterranean influence is truly out of this world. If you're a fan of the tapas style of eating, do not forget to respect the tradition and have a drink in hand before you tuck in

In terms of number of sports would be understandable to avoid the bullfights that take place regularly in Spain, but if you invest in Spanish property remember Spain has one of the best football leagues in the world. Matches in stadiums such as Camp Neu is an unforgettable experience, living in Spain you are lucky enough to visit regularly matches and surround yourself with football fanatic followers.

The biggest advantage to buying property in Spain, the people, friendly and fun-loving, they have a good time and are happy to share evenings with those who make an effort with them. As this is not nap time, you will find them working hard and evening socialization food. Life in Spain is relaxed and operates at a different pace in Britain, buying a villa in this beautiful country you can slow the pace of life.

If you feel you're ready to take the plunge and buy a second home in Spain, you will experience all this country has to offer for the rest of your life. We can say that it is purely the sun that tempts people to buy property in Spain, but once you look closer you realize there is so much more.

Food, breathtaking landscapes and friendly people to purchase a Spanish villa is worth in today's climate. With prices the way they are, it is certainly a buyers market and you might find yourself a bargain. Before you know it, you could be relaxing at the pool of your own Spanish villa ready to immerse yourself in this ancient culture.

How to start a business in Spain

start a business in Spain is extremely easy and generally should not take more than a month. Buy Spanish property and do business in Spain as a recipe for success, as thousands of foreigners have already discovered.With increasingly working age to come to Spain, there was an increase in the number of requests to operate a business in Spain.

Statistics show that the country was recognized by British nationals as the ideal destination for relocation and business management. Spain, which has nearly 1.5 million commercial buildings, is a paradise for small businesses and sole traders.

Doing business in Spain is a lucrative proposal not only because of the ease with which one can create and manage a business, but also because of labor costs relatively low compared to the UK. The large number of tourists and foreign residents is a major factor contributing to the desire to develop both tourism-related businesses and service in Spain. There are about 2.8 million permanent foreign residents in Spain.

Last year, some 47,000 Brits have become Spanish residents bringing the total 274,000 registered UK residents. According to an estimate published in The Guardian recently, nearly 750,000 Britons spend more part of life or the year in Spain. More than 650,000 British citizens have already settled permanently and 16 million British tourists visit Spain each year.

Simply start a business in Spain is the NIE (Numero de identidad of Extranjero), which is an identification number mandatory for anyone setting up a commercial operation in the country. This number can be obtained from the Oficina de Extranjeros at the local police station or police headquarters.

The process is relatively simple and the NIE can be obtained within a month. Once you have the NIE, buy property, open a bank account, apply for a business license and pay taxes.

There are many lucrative areas for doing business in Spain. The tourism industry and hospitality along the coast in Spain, especially on the Costa Blanca, Costa Almeria and Costa Calida, we are witnessing a boom like never before.

The number of tourists who visit Spain each year has surpassed the $ 50 million and is growing. There are some 300,000 holiday homes owned by non-residents, of which only British nationals are reported to own more than 45,000.

New residents are able to do business in Spain the running of schools, shops, medical offices, real estate, bars and restaurants, in fact, the possibilities are only limited by imagination and hard work.An example of an emerging industry "photovoltaic" manufacturing. This is a way to generate solar energy on a large scale commercial applications, as well as the residential sector. Although in the early stages, this market has great potential and enterprising businessmen an opportunity to start a business in Spain and capitalize on this emerging market segment.

Besides the ease of managing a business, another advantage is the availability of excellent residential and commercial properties at bargain prices. Spain is the second home for many Europeans, since the cost of ownership is much lower than countries like France, Germany and even parts of Italy.

The Costa Blanca, Costa Calida and Costa Almeria are among the largest Spanish property hotspots because of their tourism development of major infrastructure appeal.Significant is underway in these regions to respond to the influx of tourists and therefore the demand for Spanish property.

Therefore, if you're not sure what kind of business in Spain, you want to start, buying a commercial property in Spain as an investment may be a good option for you.

Spanish courses in Spain - World Centre for Spanish

Follow a Spanish course in Spain is one of the best ways to quickly reach your goals in the Spanish language in a lively and interactive format that involves a variety of tasks and activities - both educational and cultural. Learn Spanish as you learned your native language requires constant practice to be inevitable as you take your immersion.

The benefits of a Spanish study in Spain

Nothing better than taking a Spanish course in Spain, because it gives you the opportunity to be there at the same place of birth of the Spanish language and improve your Spanish language skills at the same time. Follow a Spanish course in Spain will allow you to interact with local people and culture in Spain during your study.

Before you register for a course in Spain to learn Spanish, you must determine your current level and start your Spanish course from that time. Base levels are Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Superior and improvement

Certificate Spanish Courses

After completing the Spanish course a certificate will be issued for the course is based on the fact that you have attended atleast 85% of classes. If you have attended less than 85% of classes, the certificate will indicate the actual number of Spanish courses attended.

Official language exams in Spanish

There are two official examinations recognized by the Ministry of Spain. The first is the DELE (Spanish as a foreign language to a degree). It is the only certificate for non-native Spanish speakers that is officially recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. This is a great international value for those who study in a Spanish university or work in a Spanish-speaking countries.

The second is the Chamber of Commerce courses. This is a review course in Spanish for Spanish companies and tourism. It is officially recognized by the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid and the University of Alcala. He has great international value, giving you easier access to the labor market and increase your career potential.

Paid work

There are many work abroad programs to help you by taking your language course in Spain. These programs combine a Spanish course with placement at the end of the course and the amount you earn will be sufficient to cover basic expenses. Positions include bartenders, park attendant, waitress, kitchen assistant and hostess.

Fun while you study Spanish in Spain

Learn Spanish in Spain will not be boring. You can see and participate in a rich culture of festivals, the conversations in bars and cafes and exciting streets. During the weekend, you can take a trip to the mountains or the beach, visit beautiful cities and make new friends from around the world. Take a Spanish course while you're in Spain may be a unique experience.

Good places to take a Spanish course in Spain

Some popular destinations to take a Spanish course in Spain are Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, ​​Salamanca, Seville, Valencia and Puerto de la Cruz-Tenerife. Join a dynamic international community of people who are achieving common goals with professional help large schools of Spanish in Spain. Living a life of fun and enjoy learning the Spanish language to where it was born.

Useful tips and advice on working in Spain Upper

Fueled by the influx of tourists and the boom that follows Spanish property prices, foreigners are increasingly mobile and working in Spain. Unlike before when Spain was just a temporary holiday destination for tourists, the number of immigrants working in Spain has increased by leaps and bounds over the last five years.

There are several reasons why work in Spain has become an attractive option. For many, the attraction of buying relatively cheap Spanish property and life in the beautiful country defines them to find suitable employment and business opportunities. For many others, is the prospect of a much more relaxed and stress-free work environment that attracts them in Spain, despite the fact that working in Spain will not be as well paid as in many other European countries .

However, many other benefits that come with working in this beautiful country more than compensate for the few lost pounds or Euros! There is no shortage of job opportunities for foreigners with the right kind of skills and experience.

Overall, there are two options for working in Spain either find an appropriate employer or start a business and be self-employed. The latter option is especially attractive to many migrants from other European countries, rough estimates indicate that nearly one-tenth of new businesses starting in Spain are created by outsiders.

Given the popularity of Spain as a tourist destination, it is not surprising that a number of jobs are available in the tourism and hospitality, especially in coastal areas. In addition, as the Spanish real estate sector continues to grow, the construction industry also offers several options for working in Spain.

There is a strong demand for bilingual professionals in various sectors, as well as for teachers. Those with experience in housekeeping and other domestic services are also popular to serve the people of rich countries as well as foreigners who retire to Spain after buying Spanish property.

Spain offers a pleasant environment that welcomes foreigners from around the world and provides them with opportunities to work, and integration into society. As in any country, foreign nationals wanting to work in Spain must follow certain legal procedures simple.

While citizens of EU member countries are free to work in Spain without a work permit, non-EU residents are required to obtain work permits. Also, before starting work, employees are advised to obtain formal contracts that clearly state the set conditions of employment. Although starting from a new employee can be given a short stay to work in Spain, the employer shall provide a subsequent long-term contract (subject to conditions, of course.

Typically, if you work for a company, it will focus on all relevant documents to complete, but if you intend to be independent, you are advised to obtain the services of a "Gestor" that you guide you through the requirements to work in Spain in the chosen field. The majority of British citizens who migrate to Spain seem to start their own business. The local city hall issued the necessary permit to work as an independent professional in Spain.

As in the United Kingdom, Spain generates employment taxes. Employers are required to deduct social security on monthly wages. In an enterprise, the government expects you to pay VAT (known as IVA in Spain), but there are certain minimum requirements for your business before attracting the attention of the Inspector VAT.

One of the advantages of working in Spain and paying your social security is that you are entitled to free medical facilities, which are first class and comparable or better than those of the United Kingdom.

The Mysterious Spanish Festival of Semana Santa

Spain is famous for its Semana Santa or Holy development traditions week, and if you're planning a trip to Spain for the week before Easter, you will find yourself in the midst of these extraordinary festivals. Spanish participants take part in a series of bizarre ritual apparently dating from medieval times and beyond.

Eerie dresses

The festival of Semana Santa Spanish has different traditions in different regions but throughout the country, participants are remarkable for their dramatic interest to research medieval-style robes of penitence, or "Nazarenes."

The dresses are very striking because of their hoods, which have a tapered end used to conceal the face, and sometimes a long coat. Ironically, these dresses have been the basis for the traditional uniform of members of the Ku Klux Klan in the United States, a very anti-Catholic organization.

These strange-looking robes and hoods can the Spanish holidaymakers feel like they had just stepped back in time, and they have a very long tradition. In medieval times, penitents wear hoods so they could demonstrate their penance while keeping their identities secret.

Penitent accessories

Many participants also carry candles or wooden crosses, and some barefoot walk or carry shackles and chains on their feet. Overall, these accessories give a truly electric atmosphere at this festival Spanish, which can add a spiritual dimension to a holiday Spanish.

If you're planning a holiday custom in Spain at Easter, be sure to include a visit to an area with some of the most famous processions, so you can take part in this remarkable series of Spanish festivals.


Seville has probably some of the most elaborate processions for Semana Santa festival. Spanish holidaymakers can watch the procession of antique wooden carvings, or "pasos", scenes of the events that occurred between the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and his burial, or images of the Virgin Mary showing contained pain of torture and murder of his son are carried through the streets.

They usually weigh over a ton, and carried into the necks of members of religious orders that organize each procession. These artistic masterpieces are a great way to get a taste of the county's artistic heritage Spanish holiday.

A band may accompany the group, playing funereal religious hymns or "Marchas written for the occasion. Some processions are silent with no musical accompaniment.


If your own holidays in Spain, includes a trip to Malaga, you will be able to see processions of huge images of the Passion on huge floats decorated, some with more than 5000 kilograms carried by over 250 people. Penitent purple dress with pointed hats and Nazarenes are followed by women in black carrying candles.

Drums and trumpets of the solemn music playing and occasionally someone spontaneously sings a sad "Saeta" dedicated to a float as it made its way slowly around the street. This is one of the most solemn festivals Semana Santa in Spain.


Semana Santa processions in León are very popular, with more than 15,000 penitents through the streets. During the "procession de los Pasos", which lasted nine hours, about 4,000 penitents carry 13 "floats" around the city.

The most solemn moment (although it might not sound) is El Encuentro, or "Reunion", when the floats depicting St. John and La Dolorosa face each other and the penitents move as if they were dancing together.


The largest procession in Linares is a night procession ten, the "procession del Nazareno. The biggest "paso" in the Semana Santa Linares represents the Last Supper. This group of sculptures is the masterpiece of a great Spanish sculptor named Victor de los Rios.

If you take a holiday custom in Spain at Easter and incorporate one or more of these areas, you're bound to learn a few things about this festival, works of Spanish art and religious devotion to the country's serious Semana Santa and putting on an amazing show.

In a square kilometer of Seville

There are many good arguments can be made to support this notion. While, Seville embodies much of the history of Spain and his roots. Plus it's 2000 years of history, this city was once called "Hispalis" by the Romans, was occupied by the Vandals and Visigoths from the north, was taken and occupied by the Moors, and later conquered by the new Christians. In addition, the location of Seville in the history of the world was created when it became the focal point and the controller of all trade with the Spanish territories in the Americas.

Seville is a great city - both in its population and area. It is Spain's fourth largest city, home to over three quarters of a million citizens, and spread across more than 2500 square kilometers of the Andalusian landscape. In any other city, this whole story and this vast area would be to intimidate the visitors. It seems like just too much. But in Seville, large pieces of Spanish history, and a large sample of the culture of the city, can be found in less than one square kilometer of distance for almost any visitor.

beginning at the town hall, town hall, located on the east side of the Plaza Nueva, and less than one square kilometer of this place, here are some samples of what you see:

The Cathedral of Seville: A spectacular cathedral, rebuilt in 1401 was one of the largest in all Europe. The Capilla Mayor, the main altar in carved and gilded wood, and the art of providing chalices Sacristia los Goya are two of the main attractions.

La Giralda: This tower has become an icon of Seville. Named after the weather vane on top (El Giraldillo), the tower offers a spectacular view over the city. It is easier to install than you might think: it was designed with gentle ramps to allow horses to climb the tower.

Museo de Bellas Artes: One of the finest collections of Spanish art is here. It has collections of Zurbaran, Cano, Murillo, El Greco, and Valdes Leal, among others.

Casa de Pilatos: At some point, this was alleged to have been based on the design of the house of Pontius Pilate. Although this is not accurate, the house is nevertheless one of the finest amalgams of Seville Muslims, Christians, Gothic and Renaissance.

Torre del Oro Torre del Plata: The two towers of the 13th century were originally part of the defenses of Seville.

The Reales Alcazares: The resort was built by a succession of caliphs Moor from 913, and then developed by the Christian kings in the 14th century. It has a bright dome, stucco developed, and patios and fascinating gardens.

Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza: This features the oldest bullring in Spain and still houses the most famous bullfighting festival around the world.

Jardines de Murillo gardens and orchards: that were once the domain of the Alcazar. The monument to Christopher Columbus is particularly noteworthy.

The craft market (Plaza del Duque de la Victoria): A great place to inspect samples of local crafts, handiwork, and folk art. The market is open Thursday to Saturday.

Patio San Eloy: In Japan, there is sushi. In Seville, there are tapas. Tapas are the Spanish variation mixing gastronomy with art. A perfect example of the social sector, Seville fine and tapas will be available here.

There is more to Seville, of course. But this sampling of Seville is just a bit of what visitors can find in one square kilometer. However, imagine what the city could do with all of its 2500 square kilometers!