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Follow a Spanish course in Spain is one of the best ways to quickly reach your goals in the Spanish language in a lively and interactive format that involves a variety of tasks and activities - both educational and cultural. Learn Spanish as you learned your native language requires constant practice to be inevitable as you take your immersion.

The benefits of a Spanish study in Spain

Nothing better than taking a Spanish course in Spain, because it gives you the opportunity to be there at the same place of birth of the Spanish language and improve your Spanish language skills at the same time. Follow a Spanish course in Spain will allow you to interact with local people and culture in Spain during your study.

Before you register for a course in Spain to learn Spanish, you must determine your current level and start your Spanish course from that time. Base levels are Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Superior and improvement

Certificate Spanish Courses

After completing the Spanish course a certificate will be issued for the course is based on the fact that you have attended atleast 85% of classes. If you have attended less than 85% of classes, the certificate will indicate the actual number of Spanish courses attended.

Official language exams in Spanish

There are two official examinations recognized by the Ministry of Spain. The first is the DELE (Spanish as a foreign language to a degree). It is the only certificate for non-native Spanish speakers that is officially recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. This is a great international value for those who study in a Spanish university or work in a Spanish-speaking countries.

The second is the Chamber of Commerce courses. This is a review course in Spanish for Spanish companies and tourism. It is officially recognized by the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid and the University of Alcala. He has great international value, giving you easier access to the labor market and increase your career potential.

Paid work

There are many work abroad programs to help you by taking your language course in Spain. These programs combine a Spanish course with placement at the end of the course and the amount you earn will be sufficient to cover basic expenses. Positions include bartenders, park attendant, waitress, kitchen assistant and hostess.

Fun while you study Spanish in Spain

Learn Spanish in Spain will not be boring. You can see and participate in a rich culture of festivals, the conversations in bars and cafes and exciting streets. During the weekend, you can take a trip to the mountains or the beach, visit beautiful cities and make new friends from around the world. Take a Spanish course while you're in Spain may be a unique experience.

Good places to take a Spanish course in Spain

Some popular destinations to take a Spanish course in Spain are Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, ​​Salamanca, Seville, Valencia and Puerto de la Cruz-Tenerife. Join a dynamic international community of people who are achieving common goals with professional help large schools of Spanish in Spain. Living a life of fun and enjoy learning the Spanish language to where it was born.


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