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Spain is popular place to warm your family enjoy the season of autumn. One of the main attractions is the paradise of forests and changes in their mountains are looking beautiful. You can also say that Spain is the country of mountains, as it is well known in the world which attracts the visitor's attention towards the beauty of the mountains and climate. 

There are a number of different ranges are also available which are primarily located north of the sprain. Each year many people come here to enjoy the beauty of this place and stay here for long in their hotels. There are special facilities available for visitors to enjoy more of their holiday. If you plan to spend your holidays in Spain and want to stay here you have a better option to choose the best luxury hotels in Spain. You can search the Internet for booking through the hotel website hotels in Spain. The tourist offices of many that are located in Spain can give the institution to provide complete information on the best luxury hotels and their services on the online luxury hotel reservations.

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Relax with the beauty of Andratx Spain

Andratx is located in the south-west of Mallorca and has more than 7,000 inhabitants. Here is a municipality that is part of the Balearic Islands known for its picturesque scenery and the extraordinary resources of mountains and clear waters.

In Andratx, you will still see the traces of ancient Spain, despite the infrastructure and technological developments in previous years. These developments have improved the economy and continue to attract local and foreign tourists.

In the city you can see some remains of the wall which served as a barrier against hacker attacks for the first time. The streets are paved parts of the city that make you feel the period of old Spain. Here are some of the attractions that should not be missed when you visit Andratx.

Things to Do

As this is part of the history of Spain, it is useful to have a historic visit to Andratx. You can visit the hall of the 19th century the city and the 15th century Tower Sagres which is housed within the Chateau Mas Son. You can also see the beautiful church of Santa Maria d'Andratx, which has the architecture of a temple of the 18th century.

If you are fond of fishing, note that the Port of Andratx was a fishing village and fishing is an activity that most tourists will enjoy. The large marina attracts local and international tourists. With many stations to choose from, you can always enjoy a lazy day and relax on the beautiful beaches of Andratx.

For an affordable getaway, you can always rent a cottage or stay in accommodation at reasonable prices in the city. You can enjoy the sight of orange and olive groves that you stay in the villages sea or on beaches of fine sand.

Shopping is also very fun, especially when you go to the city market. There are many things to buy souvenirs and you can fill your bags with shirts, trinkets, artwork and other memorabilia.

You can also enjoy the breeze while taking a long walk or just go for a bike ride while enjoying the view of people and natural resources in the region.

When you need to just relax and feel you deserve a break from your busy implications of this world, the best place to go is Andratx, Spain. You'll certainly refreshed and recharged you feel that you return to your daily routine.

Pause and feel the beauty of Andratx!

The most attractive tourist Malaga City - Spain

Malaga city located in southern Spain, is on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. This is one of the most beautiful places in Spain.

From a favorable location:

The city is located near the Mediterranean Sea and one of the most beautiful beaches in a region called Andalusia. Due to its favorable geographical location, it is blessed with the most sunlight. The mountains offer protection to the Windy City. The city is well connected by wide roads and rows of palm trees greet visitors.

Places of interest:

Like most regions of Spain, Malaga also has much to offer tourists. There is a castle that was supposedly built by a local called "barrens." It is now a guest house of the state. The castle was the most impressive altitude. It offers the most spectacular view of the surroundings. The park on Calle Alameda area is also believed to have been built in the 19th century. It is now a famous botanical garden where many rare species of botanical plants from Europe were planted. There is a museum's most impressive was made a fortress was built in the year 1065. There are also many places to party, dance and concerts are held almost every day. In particular every Sunday of the winter season, these concerts are held outdoors, so you can enjoy the natural cool breeze from the coast.


Malaga is the birthplace of the famous artist Picasso. Picasso was an artist of great caliber. The artists believe that Picasso is final and no equal to him were born earlier and will not be born in future. A museum was built near the palace where the world-famous works by Picasso have been exposed. The museum has been built entirely by highly experienced craftsmen who have exhibited their work superb craftsmanship. The birthplace of Picasso is open to the public.

Choicest cuisine:

Malaga is the best place to taste the different types of food. The food is reasonably priced. Many foods, including the famous pescaito frito (a type of small fish on beaches along the Malaga) which are served at reasonable prices. Ah! To relax there are several golf courses. In fact, Malaga has the best golf courses in the world.

Just one visit to convince the tourists.

Gran Canaria Car Rental Guidelines, Spain

Spain is a beautiful place for tourists, where many people come and enjoy the beauty of this country. Spain is in south-west Europe. The country is excellent for its nature, it is surrounded by countries is the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Cantabrian Sea. It is also surrounded by many beautiful islands including the Canary and Balearic Islands. So it's a wonderful place to look around and enjoy nature, for this reason must rent a car. By renting a car can go anywhere on their own. Other attractions of this place are Liria Palace, Museo Sorolla, El parado Royal Palace and National Museum.

Thus, to take a drive around Spain and visit all these places in a less costly and easier is to use Car Hire Gran Canaria Airport Spain and rental cars. It compares all rental cars that are available. This car hire Gran Canaria Airport in order to compare different car rental services that are available. For it can compare and choose their favorite car. Cars are also available depending on options economy, as if someone wants a cheaper car or luxury cars as well.

Some people come to Spain and a large group for these people, a big car is also available in which the group can be accommodated Gran Canaria Rental car guide provides the best prices for rental services to meet needs of tourists and others. They also provide a 50% travel with their plan.

Gran Canaria Airport is located in the island of Gran Canaria. It is present in the eastern part of the island. Other monuments in this island capital Las Palmas and the popular beaches that are present on all sides of the island. It is a very busy airport in Spain, almost ten million passengers each year travel there. To arrive at the Gran Canaria Airport Gran Canarias there are rental services such as car many car rental in Spain and car hire Gran Canaria Airport, which are available.

There are many companies that are located between areas A and B. The best sites in the country can be assessed using the rental car. There are many facilities available in the airport's restaurants and shops found in the airport to provide a wide range of products are cosmetic, food, sunglasses, perfumes, etc.

There are many ATMs available in the airport and the post office and bank. Any type of luggage that is lost can be reported in the lost property office which are present in all areas. The information desk is available in every area of ​​the airport Canaria who can guide you to find the best car hire Gran Canaria Airport. The lower floor of the terminal has a help desk. There are also conference rooms and business available.

Plan your cheap holiday to Spain with our online travel advice

Spain a world famous resort city in Europe with rich historic and natural resources attract many visitors each year. Only Spain in the European country promises that your trip will be pleasant with lovely wife and parents. This is one destination where you can enjoy your time while your beloved is why it is a place famous for honeymooners. In one line, one can say Spain is famous for the new age of travel. Only because of the popularity of this country now you can easily enjoy your cheap holiday to Spain any time and day via the Internet.

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In Spain, you can enjoy your trip to small towns and villages also because you can meet very nice people here in towns and villages in Spain and your trip will be memorable when enjoying your holidays on the famous lakes Spain Nearby villages and towns in Spain. So at the end of your trip to Spain is now in your hand and only with their eyes open and my advice, I have to tell you can book cheap holidays in Spain with your family and your parents. Stand up now and plan to visit Spain.

Canary Islands, Spain

There are seven islands that make up the Canary Islands.

Gran Canaria

This island is interesting because it is very diverse. Vegetation of Europe, Africa and even America are present. There is a chain of mountains in the center of the island which is about 2000 meters, the desert lands and tropical forests all on the same island. This island is also famous for its long white sand beaches where you can sunbathe and watch the snow-capped mountains.

The hometown of Las Palmas has about 352,000 inhabitants. Culture, festivities and cuisine to make your visit here memorable. People are very lively and friendly, really enjoy life. The Cathedral, Arts Centre and Museum are main attractions. The architecture here is also very exciting because it shows the influence of all five continents.


Fuerteventura is the island's oldest historically Canary Islands. It also has the oldest city in the islands, Betancuria. It is located in the center of the island. The islands of the original population have founded their first colony here, perhaps because of its fertile land. You can see the remains of these early settlers in the archaeological museum Betancuria.

The capital, Puerto Rosario has about 15,000 inhabitants. It's a beautiful little town has beautiful beaches and welcoming surroundings.


Lanzarote is different because it is the product of volcanic eruptions. (So ​​are the other Canary Islands). Volcanoes have been active here in the 18th and 19th centuries. Because of this the island is covered with ash and lava. The inhabitants of Lanzarote have done a tremendous job growing the island with large plantations of fruits and vegetables. In a region they have even planted vineyards between volcanic craters.

Teguise, the ancient capital of Lanzarote, is one of the oldest settlements in the archipelago. Castillo de Santa Barbara is the main attraction there now that the city was once destroyed by pirates. Arrecife is the capital. There are three great fortresses that surround the capital to protect against pirate attacks. Both are above the harbor, and it is on a small island opposite the port connected by a drawbridge. One of the main attractions here is the castle (Castillo de San Juan) and inside a museum of contemporary art.


It is the largest of the Canary Islands. Being of volcanic origin, it is dominated by the volcano 3718 meters high Teide. This is the highest mountain in Spain and also the Atlantic Ocean. On the sides of the mountain there are important banana and tomato plantations. Most of the coast is steep, but if you're in the right place there are still many beautiful sandy beaches.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital, with 212,000 inhabitants. Many cruise ships dock at the port to experience the bustling streets and beautiful parks. The port is truly the center of the city. Museum of anthropology and archeology attract tourists as well as those of painting and sculpture. Nearby you can find beaches to relax, or go to the mountain that offers breathtaking views of the island.

Tenerife `s and maybe` s Spain, the most visited city is Puerto de la Cruz. Its climate attracts visitors year-round. And it `s not short of things to do. It is well known for beautiful architecture that interacts with the natural landscape and vegetation. One of the main attractions is Loro Park with tropical gardens, parrots and dolphin shows.

La Palma

La Palma `s most important tourist attraction is its huge volcanic crater which is 9 miles wide and 770 meters deep. Mirador de la Cumbrecita view point gives the best of this natural wonder. The highest mountain in the islands is at 2426 meters and has a leading `s most astronomical observatories. They organize group tours to make it accessible to all.

The island's capital, Santa Cruz de la Palma, has a room of the 16th century the city and the church that are worth the visit and the Museum of Natural Sciences.

La Gomera

La Gomera is composed of many mountains. The mountains fall steeply sea level, and there are beautiful beaches that make up the coastline. An old custom of the island was for people in different valleys (in the mountains) to communicate with each other in a whistling language (similar to yodeling).

"The city of San Sebastián de La Gomera has been a landing place of Christopher Columbus on his voyage to America. The residents are always reminded of this by the port from which he parted. From there, the island is connected by a ferry to Tenerife.

El Hierro

It is the smallest of the Canary Islands. The island has a large protected area of ​​forest in the interior region. It has natural pools and crystal clear waters. Great for swimming and scuba diving. Unlike most of the Canary Islands, which are known for their beaches wide and long, El Hierro has a strong side consisting of steep rocks. It is of course beautiful beaches, but not as much as some other islands.

Valverde is the capital of El Hierro. It is distinguished by its narrow streets, whitewashed houses and generous gardens. The 18th century church is the most remarkable monument here, with his sculptures artistically interesting. This is the only capital of the Canary Islands that is not located on the coast.

Barcelona - City of cultural and historical interest in Spain

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and said to be the second largest city of Spain. The city is well known for its cultural and historical interest. It is the home of the famous artist from Spain. Many tourists are attracted by the wealth of the city every year, you will find a number of neighborhoods in the city that are of interest. Most places are recognized as "La Barceloneta", "Eixample and Passeig de Gracia, which are packed with things of historical interest to form lively tourist centers. If you visit the city of Barcelona, ​​you should not be worried about all the housing problems that the city offers a wide assortment of hotels, motels and villas, each promising a very good housekeeping for clients. It is indeed a remarkable feature of Barcelona.

Once you're in the city of Barcelona, ​​be sure to get a glimpse of the wonderful architecture of Gaudi and the magnificent paintings of the most renowned painters like Dali and Picasso, who left outstanding work here in their long stay in Catalonia.

Gothic Quarter is yet another older part of the city, concentrated with the story of the famous sites of past history with prehistoric building and structure with the picturesque boulevard and more. Gothic Quarter is the true heart of Barcelona and movements always with tourists because they do not want to miss the point of view of the illustrious history of Barcelona in the famous sights of the Gothic Quarter. You will be amazed at the Roman ruins in the charismatic Barcino settlement.

Another major attraction of the city is El Born, which is within walking distance of the Gothic Quarter. El Born is now a mixture of ancient history in its old town with recent developments in the city. The city is being rebuilt to become a great attraction for tourists and residents. The famous Picasso museum is located in El Born, and has an exhibition of works by famous artists from Spain.

El Born is perfect for just strolling along the picturesque streets that preserve its old charisma. They have a row of restaurants with mouth watering recipes and exclusive shops that give you an experience very close to the famous Catalan culture. The beach is about ten minutes walk from the city with the Zoo and Ciutadella Park nearby.

Pay a visit to the Museu d'Historia de la Ciutat, known as the gateway to a world of underground Roman ruins. Apart from that, La Sagrada Familia and Placa del Rei are some of the most picturesque places in all of Spain.

Madrilerios take their festivals nonchalantly as any other excuse to hit the Paseo del Prado and enjoy the company of friends, music and alcohol course. Paseo del Prado holds many festivals, museums, architecture and culture. If you are planning a trip to Spain, visiting the Paseo del Prado is certainly worth the money you paid to visit the beautiful square in Madrid.

National Monuments of Spain

There is no doubt that Spain is a spectacular tourist country. The aura of true wealth of the Spanish and the culture can be attributed to the sprawling beaches, the Alhambra, not including wine, art and architecture. Spain is said to have a vibrant culture that really knows how to celebrate life. Although modernity has been strongly embraced by all cities in Spain, but the country has really caught the significance of its history and you will be able to glide into it by taking a look at countries monument which represents a compelling and deep heritage.

The Alhambra
Also known as the red fortress, the Alhambra is the pride of Spain. The fortress is one of the most exceptional examples of Moorish architecture and Islamic influence in the region of Andalusia in Spain. The Alhambra in Granada is present, the city that is full of white clouds building and alleyways.

The architecture of the Alhambra is beyond definition. The structure of the older building dating back to somewhere in the 9th century. Although the walls of the fortress was renovated around the 14th century by Mohammed Yussuf V and I, the oldest parts of the structure can still be seen and appreciated. The fortress has a sprawling palace that contains countless fountains and courtyards. Also take a look at the arches and intricately carved walls. The Moorish architecture of this fortress was known to have seduced a generation of travelers.

Great Mosque of Cordoba
The mosque is also known as the Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción. You can visit the mosque if you visit Cordoba. The construction of the mosque was done in ancient times, somewhere around the 8th century. The mosque was built during the reign of Abd al-Rahman I, who had actually fled Syria after the killing of her family. The design of this heritage building has a rectangular prayer hall, a courtyard and burrows that are similar to mosques and mosque of the Umayyad Abbasid Iraq and Syria.

The mosque is known for more details sumptuous and complex, especially maqsura which was a private prayer room that was used by the sovereign. 300 years after the mosque was made, "said Ferdinand III of this mosque with a cathedral. This national monument is a must visit attraction and you have to see.

Hercules Tower

Caruna The port has a number of monuments in Spain, which reflect the heritage of Roman Spain. Tower of Hercules is the main attraction here and it was built during the first century AD and was then known as Farum Brigantium. Updated during the 18th century, this tower is the only lighthouse remains functional that was used by the Romans. The declaration of this Tour as a national monument has led to efforts to preserve large.

Enrich your stay in Spain

Wondering how to make your stay more fabulous than ever? There are several ideas that will certainly enhance your experience of the destination this summer.

1. Choose a wonderful place! Do you want to spend your time in modern cities or do you prefer small towns? Do you worship the sun or you are looking for a cooler place? If your idea of ​​the perfect destination includes sun, passion, unique sites to visit and enjoy new unforgettable experiences, then you should come to Spain.

2. Make your holiday remarkable for something interesting and rewarding. If you have not tried extreme sports, doing this summer. If you prefer more practical and useful language courses in Spain and improve your skills in an exciting and hot. Spain offers ideal conditions to learn Spanish because the language was born here, and you can practice your skills with native speakers throughout the day. The country is home to some of the most attractive tourist destinations and popular where you can easily combine a fabulous holiday for effective learning. 

3.  You can get excellent language programs in Spain Spanish schools in many cities in the country. Among the most compelling destinations that are worth your attention are Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville and Valencia. Students from around the world come to Spain in order to learn Spanish, because of the quality of learning programs they find here and the extraordinary diversity of courses for different levels of knowledge and age. You can choose to strengthen your long-term training courses and study other subjects as well, or to register for summer programs, just the time of your vacation. Despite the class you join, you will certainly enjoy a wonderful stay in Spain.
4. The great company when you travel is also an important factor for your fantastic holiday. Sun destinations such as Spain are great places for honeymoons, romantic travel and family vacations. families increasingly look for interesting language programs for teens and use the opportunity to travel with them and visit places and experience different cultures and great for the time being.

Barcelona and Valencia are blessed with divine beauty of nature and beaches on the Mediterranean Sea irresistible. If you love the sea, be sure to follow language courses in these destinations and enjoy everything they have to offer. Madrid and Sevilla are two of the most exciting cities in Spain with an incredible wealth of cultural attractions and nightlife.

Places of Interest in Spain - Zaragoza

Spain is a country blessed. Mother Nature has blessed Spain with his beautiful smile, beautiful chain of mountains, beautiful beaches, large lot full of vegetation and pleasant weather. What more does a tourist need to relax? Zaragoza, a city in the province of Aragon is considered the fifth largest citiy of Spain and one of the richest cities in turn to tourists and its riches. Zaragoza is called the "blessed city" of Spain. Historians say the city was under occupation of Murallas then it was under Roman occupation. Tourism is one of the biggest trades in Zaragoza. The resorts here are very useful for tourists as in other parts of Spain.


This channel called the Imperial Canal of Aragon is popular for its lush vegetation in its entire stretch of about 62 miles. Along its course many resorts have been established. In fact, this channel has a rich city of Zaragoza and Tourism has made rich. This channel is believed to have been built in the 18th century and some improvements have been made in recent times.


This great river Rio Ebro as requested in Spanish Zaragoza blessed with many natural landscapes. The five major bridges for example, are one of the most important places of visit. There are many recreational facilities throughout its course in the city of Zaragoza. The tourist boat clubs have created for leisure tourists. In fact, during the period of the Romans, the river has been their lifeline as both a means of communication and as a means of vegetation. The river also irrigates a large area of ​​land and is responsible for the lush vegetation.

Amusement parks:

There is another more attractive place for tourists. The amusement park has enough opportunities for children, adults and seniors. There are tricks such as riding, cycling, etc. It is a roller coaster, water sports, swimming pools, theme parks, etc. The tourist is busy throughout his stay in Zaragoza. Amusement parks have restaurants for the convenience of tourists. Normally, tourists visiting Zaragoza miss this park, they actually spend more time in this park.

Calatayud city of Zaragoza has many places of interest such as centuries old cathedral, churches and many others.