Places of Interest in Spain - Zaragoza

Spain is a country blessed. Mother Nature has blessed Spain with his beautiful smile, beautiful chain of mountains, beautiful beaches, large lot full of vegetation and pleasant weather. What more does a tourist need to relax? Zaragoza, a city in the province of Aragon is considered the fifth largest citiy of Spain and one of the richest cities in turn to tourists and its riches. Zaragoza is called the "blessed city" of Spain. Historians say the city was under occupation of Murallas then it was under Roman occupation. Tourism is one of the biggest trades in Zaragoza. The resorts here are very useful for tourists as in other parts of Spain.


This channel called the Imperial Canal of Aragon is popular for its lush vegetation in its entire stretch of about 62 miles. Along its course many resorts have been established. In fact, this channel has a rich city of Zaragoza and Tourism has made rich. This channel is believed to have been built in the 18th century and some improvements have been made in recent times.


This great river Rio Ebro as requested in Spanish Zaragoza blessed with many natural landscapes. The five major bridges for example, are one of the most important places of visit. There are many recreational facilities throughout its course in the city of Zaragoza. The tourist boat clubs have created for leisure tourists. In fact, during the period of the Romans, the river has been their lifeline as both a means of communication and as a means of vegetation. The river also irrigates a large area of ​​land and is responsible for the lush vegetation.

Amusement parks:

There is another more attractive place for tourists. The amusement park has enough opportunities for children, adults and seniors. There are tricks such as riding, cycling, etc. It is a roller coaster, water sports, swimming pools, theme parks, etc. The tourist is busy throughout his stay in Zaragoza. Amusement parks have restaurants for the convenience of tourists. Normally, tourists visiting Zaragoza miss this park, they actually spend more time in this park.

Calatayud city of Zaragoza has many places of interest such as centuries old cathedral, churches and many others.


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zaragoza is really a beautiful place in spain, I am planning to visit in coming december. Thanks for info.

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