Relax with the beauty of Andratx Spain

Andratx is located in the south-west of Mallorca and has more than 7,000 inhabitants. Here is a municipality that is part of the Balearic Islands known for its picturesque scenery and the extraordinary resources of mountains and clear waters.

In Andratx, you will still see the traces of ancient Spain, despite the infrastructure and technological developments in previous years. These developments have improved the economy and continue to attract local and foreign tourists.

In the city you can see some remains of the wall which served as a barrier against hacker attacks for the first time. The streets are paved parts of the city that make you feel the period of old Spain. Here are some of the attractions that should not be missed when you visit Andratx.

Things to Do

As this is part of the history of Spain, it is useful to have a historic visit to Andratx. You can visit the hall of the 19th century the city and the 15th century Tower Sagres which is housed within the Chateau Mas Son. You can also see the beautiful church of Santa Maria d'Andratx, which has the architecture of a temple of the 18th century.

If you are fond of fishing, note that the Port of Andratx was a fishing village and fishing is an activity that most tourists will enjoy. The large marina attracts local and international tourists. With many stations to choose from, you can always enjoy a lazy day and relax on the beautiful beaches of Andratx.

For an affordable getaway, you can always rent a cottage or stay in accommodation at reasonable prices in the city. You can enjoy the sight of orange and olive groves that you stay in the villages sea or on beaches of fine sand.

Shopping is also very fun, especially when you go to the city market. There are many things to buy souvenirs and you can fill your bags with shirts, trinkets, artwork and other memorabilia.

You can also enjoy the breeze while taking a long walk or just go for a bike ride while enjoying the view of people and natural resources in the region.

When you need to just relax and feel you deserve a break from your busy implications of this world, the best place to go is Andratx, Spain. You'll certainly refreshed and recharged you feel that you return to your daily routine.

Pause and feel the beauty of Andratx!


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The streets are paved parts of the city that make you feel the period of old Spain.

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