The north-west Spain

An attractive region

Just between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sierra Cantabria you'll find Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria. Saint Jacques de Compostela is the main attraction of the region, but this is not the only reason why you should visit this part of Spain. The cave paintings, medieval churches, and delicious cuisine based on fish, they form the north-western Spain. After visiting this part of the country, an image will remain engraved in your mind: a clam shell. They are everywhere: on the plates, billboards that show you the direction to the shrine of the most important in Spain, Santiago de Compostela. Santiago means "Saint Jacob, and pilgrims visiting the shrine has adopted the shell as a symbol.

Changes over time

For many pilgrims of the past, much of this area was inaccessible because of a string of spectacular mountains. This chain of mountains, the Cordillera Cantabria and is now the reason why many tourists choose the north-western Spain as a holiday destination - the scenery is breathtaking. You'll also be surprised by the picturesque apple orchards, with green valleys and the delicious cuisine that made rapid progress. Cider, not wine, is the popular beverage and cheese offesr contain many shapes and flavors.

Places to Visit

A Coruna (or La Coruna), was the capital of Galicia. The "crystal city" is worth seeing for its monuments. Plaza de Maria Pita, with its arcades, was named after a local heroine who saved the city from British invasion in 1589. Beside the square is dominated by Palacio Municipal, a building that also houses a small museum Clocks. "Saint Jacques de Compostela is the jewel in the region. Saint Jacques de Compostela attracts pilgrims from all over Europe for more than a millennium now. 

The city is famous for its churches and monasteries, the cathedral stands between four different squares, and Gelmirez Palace, the former Metropolitan Palace, is now a designated space for exhibitions. Saint Jacques de Compostela has much to offer: San Paio of Antealtares monastery, the Museo de Arte Sacro (Museum of Arts Saint), and the Museo de las Peregrinación (Pilgrim Museum). The area is absolutely lovely, if you want to visit Spain, consider going in north-west. This will be an enjoyable experience that will make your vacation a relaxing atmosphere.

Blanes station in Spain

A tourist from Spain Blanes is located approximately sixty kilometers from Barcelona, ​​on the southern tip of the Costa Brava. It is a typical Spanish town - quiet, peaceful, ancient, with many places of historical interest. First settlements in these areas appeared as early as the second century BC, Blanes itself emerged in the early second millennium BC in Spain.

Blanes in Spain is better to be visited by fans of antiques and families with children. The station is in a wooded mountain, atop which there survived the ruins of an ancient castle, built in the thirteenth century. An old tower survived among the ruins, the chapel of San Juan, built as early as the twelfth century nuzzled next to him. A twisting winding road to the castle of the city, along which a number of sections of luxury villas.

Five kilometers from the city in Spain also on the mountain in a place of beauty and calm there is a church of St. Barbara, to get to where you can just walk away. It is a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture, inspired admiration, admiration and respect. The construction of the basilica is small, very isolated, and everyone who comes here, willy nilly, feels his involvement in eternity triumphant invincible.

In the center of Blanes in Spain, not far from its main street there is another temple - the church of Santa Maria. This majestic building built in the Catalan Gothic style, was erected in the twelfth century. However, it is well preserved and today attracts many tourists with its sublime beauty.

The story moves into the city firmly. Even the busy modern port of Blanes in Spain, where many fishing boats and schooners jostle, is marked by the seal. Not far from the port at Cape St. Anna, ruins of the monastery of Capuchin monks survived.

Of course, in addition to historical sites, there are other attractions in Blanes, Spain. There are two sumptuous botanical gardens on the outskirts of the city: "Pinia Rosa" and "Maar and Murtra. "Maar and Murtra" - it's bamboo groves and a whole country of cactus, where it is easy to get lost. In "Pinia Rosa" there are more than fifteen hundred species of plants brought here from around the world world. There's a zoo in five minutes by car from Blanes, and there are many marine animals and a water park.

Blanes Spain regularly hosts concerts, festivals, competitions and other festivities and encompasses a large number of participants and spectators.

Iberian Cool - the Hip Hangouts in Spain

BARCELONA In Bilbao, the Spanish are LANDS place to relax in STYLEBudget airlines have brought us one step closer to Europe and the climate has always been an attraction for us northerners pasty, but recently Iberian cities do not seem to be out of the press. A whole new world of style was born in Spain. Chef Ferran Adria cullinary led the Spanish scene with his world revered restaurant three Michelin-starred El Bulli, located on a remote, rocky beach 2 hours from Barcelona. His support for products noisy Spanish Sherry and wine made the world of gastronomy sit and take notes and propelled Spain to new heights of international standards. The list of fantastic restaurants and bars within the borders of Spanish is endless, but we have compiled a selection of sites not to be missed for a weekend in the sun.


Ibiza or Eivissa, depending on where you come from, the island's most famous of Spain and its double name is in a peculiar split personality that has developed over the last ten years. She is known as the clubbing capital of the world, drawing connoisseurs of the music world for its jaw-dropping DJ lineups and its range of SuperClubs, which hold thousands of people. At the same time, thanks to reality TV as "Ibiza Uncovered", the so-called Isla Bonita is charged with a reputation for attracting the worst elements of Brits abroad. Lary tired boys and loose tripping in streets of San Antonio spreading damage, making mischief and collapsing in a heap at the end of the night. But beyond all this, it is a very sophisticated life of Ibiza - a third personality which escapes most tourist trade. A new generation of bars have turned into world-class sites with a sleek interior design, mood lighting, menus, cocktails and some of the best resident DJ in Europe.

When the bar opened in December 2001 Warhol, his mission was to attract anyone beautiful and elegant, and now is in knowledge in music, fashion and media worlds is flocking to it for launches albums, collections gateway or photoshoots. The base bar continues to attract music lovers and Cafe Mambo on the opposite side of the island has stolen the glory of the Café Del Mar to side as the best place to watch the sunset. Wine Bar is a new development, including the nearby nightclub Pacha has sealed its future as a fashion all year-hang-out where you can empty vodka slimes for fine wines and Fino. Then there is Mao cushion strewn rooms, crew Chinawhite in London, which became a first-class lounge on the scene Ibiza.

For food, The Elephant is the island's top French restaurant, located in the small town of San just outside of Ibiza town Rafael. Sa Capella is a beautiful and impressive restaurant located in a beautiful 16th century church of stone statues, foliage and excellent service. La Casita in Cala Llonga is a terrace restaurant serving refined and elegant gourmet cuisine of his old farm site.


Physically compact, but culturally huge, bohemian, and at the same time chic. Barcelona is one of these cities are all things to all men. It is a hub of creativity, art galleries internationally renowned boutiques and architectural wonders that are unrivaled. Glitzy modern facades juxtaposed with the unique architecture, winding is the legacy of Gaudi. Charming squares and winding boulevards that invite you to stroll along for hours, looking through the luxurious shops north of Plaça Catalunya. Then break your journey in the basement of the basement and tapas bars of La Rambla. In summer, guests can relax by the beach in one of the many bars and restaurants along the Mediterranean coast of the Olympic Port, eat fresh seafood in the morning with a cold Manzanilla at your side. Aqua is a favorite meeting place of the bleached wood tables and chairs spill onto the beach. For something more urban, Lupino, in one of the alleys in the grip of graffiti Raval is a fashionable place with an outdoor terrace in a style similar to one of the dens Hoxton London. His slick, warm interior lit is in direct contradiction to the industrial park and the Boqueria market he overlooks. Gourmands prefer to venture into the commercial district to the critically acclaimed Comerç 24 (closed in August), where chef El Bulli-trained, Carles Abellan, serves fantastic tapas style modern property-do crowd work. For those with a more adventurous, a trip to Mount Tibidabo offer a view of the bustling city. A day at the amusement park can be followed up with drinks at Mirabelle, and then supplemented with cocktails and dancing to the old mansion, known as Partycular. The Eixample district offers a sophisticated number of escapes in fashion such as sleek lounge bar, with its incredible selection of wines and sherry, and velvet clad Snooker, which has won design awards at it opened a decade ago. El Ascensor in Ribera attracts young and beautiful things with a little luck you'll be caught in the elevator with one of them while you go to the club with modern design.


He is big and bustling, and it is very crowded, lascivious characters skulk in dark corners, and taxi drivers will try to rip you off. This is a capital and no mistake. Slap bang in the middle of the coast of Spain, Madrid is hot - and with none of the forgiving sea breeze blesses Barcelona, ​​the urban landscape teracotta looks almost cooked in the oven. But not all the stress and conflict. The best place to begin the expansion is the Paseo del Prado, the expansive promenade, which puts all the stress of city life on hold. In the back of the Prado are three fountains gurgling which are fed by an underground river. Prado is adjacent to the beautiful, landscaped park Retiro, alive with street performers, bandstand and boat rides on its artificial lake. Sandwiched between the two is the botanical garden, an oasis of peace in the heart of the city. Café Miranda captures the spirit and color of Madrid. Modern European cooking with a dinner show vampish with drag queens and a psychedelic backdrop. function drag queens at Gula Gula (Gran Via 1) as where to eat self-service buffet is a colorful and fun experience. A more sophisticated La Vaca Veronica where ingredients are fresh from the market combined with tremendous results. For something on the cutting edge of fashion, Larios Café is a glamorous location and delicious Cuban cuisine is popular with the arty crowd designer. But if you're looking for upscale, Salamanca is the area to head for. The Beverly Hills of Madrid, Salamanca is awash with restaurants and bars, high class luxurious. Mentidero el de la Villa (C / Santo Tomé 6) or grandiose Pedro Larumbe (C / Serrano 61) for fish exquisite tapas Estay for contemporary or Boulevard of thirst with all A-listers who are in town. Another trend is getaway El Viso Madrid (C / Juan Bravo 31) fixed on a number of floors with a terrace bar, club basement and a wealthy young clientele. For a change from the norm, The Ida is a funky bar fridge without signs to give the interior design and unconventional. Frequented by those "who know" is certainly worth looking at.


It is the flaming heart and soul of Spanish culture and city living tradition. Religion, which is incorporated in its essence, football, politics, food and drink, the Andalusian capital nourishes its roots. Bull fighting and flamenco are central to its cultural agenda. And tapas is just the thing done, because he was in Seville that the world was born.Languishing obsession to the extreme south of Spain, basking in the sun baked streets in honor of a quasi-tropical heat . He is explosive and colorful architectural gem, its foundations carved a multitude of occupations spanning three millennia. The people smile, things move very slowly and never seems to come mañana. A weekend is not enough to Seville. It takes time to wander from tapas bar to tapas bar, soak up the atmosphere and local manufacturing Sherry; to meander along the river at sunset, stopping to open a bottle of Amontillado mix with the rays of a setting sun to wander through the charming squares and winding, cobbled streets of the Jewish quarter, and the drift of a trendy bar to another in the trendy Alameda. Restaurants are less commonplace than Barcelona or Madrid and tapas bars precedence. Egaña Oriza (C / San Fernando 41) combines bar and restaurant with a mix of elegance Basque and Andalusian cuisine in a wide Terazza early 20th century. Another experiment is the magnificent dining room Albahaca - an exclusive town house which serves imaginative fusion Spanish. Casa Robles cuisine kitchen Seville and is promoted by the Spanish royal family. Its sister restaurants and Tapas Robles Robles Piacenza offer a less formal environment. The Colonial Meats Vinos y (C / Valpaiso 13) is the place to head for lovers of Spanish wine - an incredible range of wines are served with Cuban cigars and delicious tapas. Or try the Mediterranean cuisine at La Madraza (C / Peris Mencheta 21), where you can titilate your taste buds while admiring the artwork on the walls that double as a gallery space.


Fifteen years ago, Bilbao was just a busy port and an old iron mining town. Affectionately called "Botxo" by locals (Basque for "hole"), Bilbao escaped into a hole (literally) in the 90s with the gentrification of the Docklands and the creation of such cultural magnets like the Guggenheim Museum and the room together, the development of the park, and Sir Norman Foster designed Metro. The best way to make the most of Bilbao is using a txikiteo (the local version of a pub crawl) with a glass of sherry and a plate of tapas at each bar. Otherwise, go upscale with Michelin Zortzika - the lunch menu is the best value. There is also relaxed but fashionable El Perro Chico, overlooking the river cleaned recently. tapas bars tend to be more traditional on the dark side, but Harizki (Ledesma 7) goes against the grain gourmet style dishes offering a slick, bright interior. As with other bars around Calle Ledesma, this place remains open later than the rest of the city. Worth a visit is too Artajo (Ledesma 4), where people swear by the mussels in a sauce of anchovies.


The people of Jerez Sherry live. Flamenco is a favorite pastime and while drinking and dancing are woven into the fabric of life, there is still a relatively peaceful and unspoilt Spain. The beaches and mountains are within reach of each side, vineyards and orange surround the ruins of castles and magnificent once dotted the landscape. It is a beautiful old city, which, although served by low cost airlines, still manages to escape from mass tourism to develop a broad avenues of downtown are filled with shops and tapas bars are everywhere . Las Bridas to go through the kind of games you can share around the head or the Abacerio (Plaza Rafael Rivero) for a lively evening outdoor surroundings. Tradicional good food is to be had at El Gallo Azul or Gaitán (Calle Larga) something a little more experimental. And whatever you do, take time to visit one of the many wineries are open for tours and tasting Sherry. It is an unforgettable experience that will ensure that you are going to want to return.


One of the most popular in Spain for a holiday in San Sebastian could not be further from the southern resorts cheap. Golden beaches are beautifully manicured, landscaped parks and gardens, majestic mountains and seas of the Gulf of Biscay stolen combine for dramatic effect. Designer shops keep the upper classes prodigal happy as some of the best bars and restaurants in the country. Arzak is atop the list of restaurants to visit for lovers of good food (it is recommended to reserve at least one month in advance). Chef Juan Mari Arzak is often at your side to help you choose the dishes that change daily. Akelarre with its mountain location and views of the Atlantic offers a combination of traditional local cuisine and modern interpretations of Basque and not to be missed. All measures of late night happening in Parte Vieja, where tapas bars along the street (try La Cepa, Martinez, Ormazabel Gaztelu and everything on C / Agosto) and you can dance and drink until the number hours early.

Magical Spain and its islands

Wherever you go in Spain - the continent, the Costas, the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands, you can be sure of sunshine in the summer months. You can be sure of fun when you visit Spain. You love him so much, you must go back!

Think of holidays in Spain and your mind will almost certainly turn to the sun and the sea - and perhaps too much night life! You can stretch the thinking of flamenco dancers, trampling and the clatter of castanets. Beautiful images!

There is everything in Spain - and more too.

Most Britons to take holidays in the head of Spain's Costas with the Costa del Sol on the south coast being the most popular. Destinations such as Malaga, Marbella, Fuengirola, Torremolinos roll off the tongue. The coast is also known as the Costa del Golf - for obvious reasons. There is also the Costa Blanca in the south-east, Costa de la Luz in southwestern Costa Brava north-east, all with their own attractions.

However, there is more to Spain than the Costas attractive. It is the capital Madrid and Barcelona culture. You may want to explore Moorish castles or take in this particular obsession with the Spanish bullfighting.

Holidays in Spain for the most part, the attraction of the sun. But Spain is more than the mainland too. The famous holiday islands of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza has become synonymous with nightlife and still is very popular, especially among young travelers. If they surface during the day, there are even some wonderful beaches for them to enjoy!

In Spain the islands in the Atlantic Canary Islands, with destinations such as Gran Canaria, Lanzarote (compare Timanfaya National Park, a vast area of ​​extinct volcanoes), Tenerife, Fuerteventura (where you can find the white sand dunes Brilliant Corralejo National Park).

Wherever you go in Spain - mainland, the coast or islands - it is almost always the sun to enjoy, especially, of course, in the summer months.

So grab your sunscreen, sun hat, sun visor and swimsuit - you'll need them, perhaps after the tablets headaches sun cream too!

Chief beautiful water in Spain

Spain is a destination for tourists from all countries. Visitors from around the world regularly visit and return to that rich country. A holiday in Spain is a memorable event that will be cherished for life. One of the biggest factors that make this country so popular with visitors is the variety of attractions and activities. It is a destination with something for every member of your family. Amid the many unique attractions are the number of Blue Flag beaches. In 2007, Spain has received awards for blue flag over the quality of their beaches than any other country in Europe.

The prestigious Blue Flag is only awarded to beaches that maintain a level of rigorous attention to many factors. The beach must comply with safety and cleanliness. It is also required to be maintained in an environmentally friendly manner. coast of Spain offers 3000 established ranges. If swimming is not your sport of choice, remember the many water sports available. Kayaking, canoeing, sailing and windsurfing are popular activities from the water. Visitors are also welcome to a whole host of activities ashore. Other sports popular in Spain as golf and soccer. Spain also welcomes those daredevils who want a vacation experience more exciting. hot air balloons, paragliding and skydiving excursions are available. The Spanish Grand Prix is ​​a hot spot for catching feats of driving skills.

The most famous celebration takes place each year in Spain is the famous Carnival. The city of Tenerife is known for its enthusiastic support of this moment of joy. celebration of Tenerife is rumored to be the largest in all Europe. Each region of Spain has its own distinct variant on the festivities. Masquerades, dance, music, dining and entertainment are held from dusk until dawn. Some cities prefer to celebrate the carnival with music, while others enjoy holiday wine and dining on exquisite fare.

Locations of winter sports in Spain

Although best known for its high temperatures and long hot summers, Spain can be proud of its many places to go skiing. This country has many different ski slopes, with numerous attractions on the sport. The snow is incredible and the trails are prepared and in very good condition to offer you a wonderful winter vacation.

The Pyrenees, a magnificent destination

We all know that the mountain's most important in Spain is the Pyrenees. What we know less, perhaps the fact that among these mountains are many spectacular ski well equipped. The Pyrenees are a very attractive destination for tourists from around the world, and it was very crowded stations. As the first destination, you can choose "Estacion de Baqueira Beret Invernal" where you can enjoy many winter activities located in Valle de Aran. If you decide to go to "Pyrenees Aragones, you will also find many opportunities for fun, starting with the mountain resorts of" Astun "," Candanchu "in Jaca, and continuing with" Formigal "or" panticosa "in Lerida. These stations are good destinations for those who like to practice snowboarding because there are also trails for the sport fun.

Sierra Nevada

In southern Spain, the wonderful winter destination in the Sierra Nevada is worth mentioning is the highest mountain resort of all of southern Europe, and therefore of southern Spain. In this area there are many possibilities: "Veleta", "Laguna de las Yeguas", "Parador", "Monachil", "Loma Dilar" or "Parque de Nieve Sulayr" you will stay full of fun times and at the same time, it will give you some of andrenaline to last for the rest of the year. Located two hours from Costa del Sol, Sierra Nevada has always been a curiosity for tourists from around the world because you can go skiing or snowboarding in the morning, for example, and for the rest of the day, you can choose to take a sun bath in this beach resort is the Costa del Sol.

Spain, a winter destination is recommended

With all these suggestions and ideas, you should enjoy your stay in Spain during the cold season. If you do not have the proper equipment for this sport, do not worry, you can rent at each station just mentioned!

Playa Del Silencio Spain Beach

A life full of fun and relaxation is what each of us would like. But we can not have everything at the same time, as we would have to struggle to survive. However, it is very necessary to take a break from the daily struggles to relax and enjoy life. To make ends meet, we must work, but whenever the weather permits, a holiday can not kill anyone - no matter how short it is. As they say "too much work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," it is essential to take a break.

Spain is one of the best places you can choose to visit because of its functionality for your eyes to see. These characteristics differ from man to nature. Many churches, amusement parks, pristine beaches, mosques, national parks, natural landscapes, and magnificent mountain ranges are among the best sites in Spain. There's nothing more relaxing than the fun or as a beautiful warm sandy beach, and Spain has all that and much more to offer. With its beautiful beaches which have contrasting weather and differ in many respects, you'll never feel more relaxed.

Beautiful Playa Del Silencio

This beach is adventurous in Asturias, and is a tourist town. It is a must-visit places of your trip to Spain. The beautiful sandy beach on the east side and clean and the weather here is very friendly and warm. You will have time in your life just walking on the beach as you enjoy the warmth of the sun. As its name suggests, it is the range of silence, which means you can have some peace and quiet, sunbathing or reading a book.

Playa Del Silencio a nearby village in the area of ​​Gijon, which has many luxurious resorts provide you with accommodation. The peaceful beach offers a magnificent sunrise as you can not afford to miss that you can enjoy the silence, or taking a healthy walk in the morning.

There are markets everywhere that you can do some local shopping and learn a little about the traditions and culture of Spain. This can be a very delightful experience that is bound to linger forever in your memories. Playa Del Silencio is one of the many beautiful beaches that Spain has to offer to its visitors. I must admit however, that there is no beach, you can go and not have fun, even if some are more fun and enjoyable than others.

So if you want to refresh your life and have fun, consider taking a well deserved holiday or a holiday in Spain. The many attractive spots you will want more.

Spain World Heritage Sites

Spain is leading the world who receive thousands of visitors because of the beautiful natural and man-made sites available to it. It is the second largest country after visiting France, and has something for everyone. The country has been and still is the ideal holiday destination for hundreds of people who keep coming here with every chance they get. This is because you can not exhaust all he has to offer in one vacation.

Located in Southern Europe, it serves too many Europeans, especially due to weather friendly. The beauty of this country does not manifest itself only in shows and events that occur naturally, but also in architectural structures that are quite amazing. Artificial structures such as monuments and museums have an essential part of the country's history. Some of them are masterpieces of famous artists worldwide who were born here and those who spend some time here on their travels around the world.

Many of these stunning beauties were recognized by UNESCO World Heritage sites make, and attract a huge number of visitors. It is true that Spain has structural erections that can not be found anywhere else in the world. The sites are a combination of both natural and artificial distributed throughout the country. Some have been declared World Heritage Site as long ago as 1986, and others more recently, in 2003, such as the Renaissance Monumental Ensembles of Ubeda.

The most amazing thing about Spain is that the sights are not concentrated in one region, but they are spread almost equally throughout the country. Some people consider that Spain truly blessed and favored by nature because the landscapes and coastlines here to make a wonderful contrast. The country has a piece of everything that is pleasing to the human eye.

Some heritage sites include the Alhambra, Generalife and Albaicin in Granada, and the site of the Monastery of the Escorial in Madrid. Barcelona Parque Güell, Casa Mila and Guell Palaccio are also among the beautiful sites that can be found here. Toledo, historic Old City of Salamanca, and the National Park Garajonay are also included in the list is long.

The key here is that what Spain has to offer has won the recognition it deserves, and it is certainly a country to be considered by those who wish trotting world, nature and experience first hand. It is wrong to worry about where you need your holiday in Spain gives you the best that you can have. Take the opportunity to have an experience you'll remember the longest.

Search for cheap hotels in Valencia, Spain

City of Valencia in Spain is great source of amusement. You can find many places here to browse. Once you come to Spain you need to visit and enjoy the attractions of Valencia and colorful. Valencia slopping plains and rugged mountains, and you should enjoy the natural beauty of this place. You can easily find cheap accommodation in Valencia, Spain. In fact, every corner of the square has a kind of hotels, lodges or other accommodations. So it is easier for you to book your accommodation cheap in Valencia, Spain, and have a peaceful holiday and unforgettable with your family and friends.

Similarly to find a Cheap Hotels in Spain, you may have to search for cheap hotels in Valencia, Spain. It is a good source of finding hotels. There are some features with all the hotels. Valencia hotels are charming and he also mixed the art of the state. So you can know how it would be royal. Even if you discount hotels in Valencia in Spain, you will find this feature intact with them. It is very easy to get your own cheap hotels in Spain reserved. Booking online is the easiest way to book your hotel room. Only in the festival periods you may experience problems in booking your accommodation. Generally, as the festival season in mid-March, April and May, when you find that booking your own accommodation can be difficult. So you should try to book in advance this time of season and the festival.

Holidays in Spain: Indulge yourself in the enjoyment Full Throttle

If you are longing for a long time to take a break from the hectic daily routine and want to escape from an exotic place where you can spend some quality time, whether you are alone or with other companions, then take a vacation Spain.

With numerous attractions, comfortable rooms and lots of opportunities for fun and activity, you will always be in seventh heaven until you're on holiday in Spain and on the way from one place to another within the country villas, beaches, bullfighting and flamenco dancing. The climate in Spain is certainly the main attraction.

The climate is always mild throughout the year. Whether winter or summer, the weather is never irritating, but it is mild and inviting for you to get out and enjoy beautiful places or take part in outdoor activities. A holiday in Spain will find that its beaches are nicer than those in other European countries.

There is no shortage of long sandy beaches, giving the flexibility to choose the one that goes in harmony with the taste and temperament of an individual. While in some places they are crowded and in some other places, they are isolated. Along side the beaches, there are facilities abound, all a person needs to enjoy a full holiday in Spain are located nearby.

Then there are the villas of Spain. The country is famous for some of the most beautiful villas of the designer world. From the inside they are full to bursting with facilities that a person needs in his daily life and the outside they just look like a piece of heaven. A holiday in Spain becomes more enjoyable because of the availability of golf courses. These golf courses are scattered throughout the country. But the best are located near the newly established stations.

Travel in Spain

When you go on vacation with the necessary means of transport to access all sites and attractions is essential. In many tourist destinations in the standard of public transport is relatively high and is enough to get to see all sites and attractions. However this is not always the case as some have bad public transport towards other means of transfer are required.

Public transport in Spain is one of the best in Europe and is generally very effective and convenient for tourist travel. With a number of different methods of transport such as intercity rail, buses, taxis and city services metro tourists rarely find any places inaccessible when traveling. The state's intercity rail network owned by an offer of better rail services in Europe for all major cities in Spain and is one of the fastest means of travel from city to city. If you visit the cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, the metro service in the city is a great way to travel around. 

Metro maps can be obtained by allowing unlimited access to underground service for a number of days, allowing you to access all the cities main attractions without having to pay for taxi rides. Before using the metro tourists should remember that at peak metros do get very crowded so be prepared! For tourists looking to travel a little further than the large cities of Spain, the best way to travel is likely to be a car. By public transport to get to less accessible regions of Spain will mean a lot to stop and change, time consuming and perhaps too expensive.

Car rental is the best way to travel to these places you can drive from door to door, as and when you want. The best way to get cheap car hire in Spain is to arrange everything before you travel. Car rental in Spain is achievable, but to ensure you get the best value car hire for your money, it is preferable to arrange before you leave.