Blanes station in Spain

A tourist from Spain Blanes is located approximately sixty kilometers from Barcelona, ​​on the southern tip of the Costa Brava. It is a typical Spanish town - quiet, peaceful, ancient, with many places of historical interest. First settlements in these areas appeared as early as the second century BC, Blanes itself emerged in the early second millennium BC in Spain.

Blanes in Spain is better to be visited by fans of antiques and families with children. The station is in a wooded mountain, atop which there survived the ruins of an ancient castle, built in the thirteenth century. An old tower survived among the ruins, the chapel of San Juan, built as early as the twelfth century nuzzled next to him. A twisting winding road to the castle of the city, along which a number of sections of luxury villas.

Five kilometers from the city in Spain also on the mountain in a place of beauty and calm there is a church of St. Barbara, to get to where you can just walk away. It is a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture, inspired admiration, admiration and respect. The construction of the basilica is small, very isolated, and everyone who comes here, willy nilly, feels his involvement in eternity triumphant invincible.

In the center of Blanes in Spain, not far from its main street there is another temple - the church of Santa Maria. This majestic building built in the Catalan Gothic style, was erected in the twelfth century. However, it is well preserved and today attracts many tourists with its sublime beauty.

The story moves into the city firmly. Even the busy modern port of Blanes in Spain, where many fishing boats and schooners jostle, is marked by the seal. Not far from the port at Cape St. Anna, ruins of the monastery of Capuchin monks survived.

Of course, in addition to historical sites, there are other attractions in Blanes, Spain. There are two sumptuous botanical gardens on the outskirts of the city: "Pinia Rosa" and "Maar and Murtra. "Maar and Murtra" - it's bamboo groves and a whole country of cactus, where it is easy to get lost. In "Pinia Rosa" there are more than fifteen hundred species of plants brought here from around the world world. There's a zoo in five minutes by car from Blanes, and there are many marine animals and a water park.

Blanes Spain regularly hosts concerts, festivals, competitions and other festivities and encompasses a large number of participants and spectators.


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In "Pinia Rosa" there are more than fifteen hundred species of plants brought here from around the world world.

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