Chief beautiful water in Spain

Spain is a destination for tourists from all countries. Visitors from around the world regularly visit and return to that rich country. A holiday in Spain is a memorable event that will be cherished for life. One of the biggest factors that make this country so popular with visitors is the variety of attractions and activities. It is a destination with something for every member of your family. Amid the many unique attractions are the number of Blue Flag beaches. In 2007, Spain has received awards for blue flag over the quality of their beaches than any other country in Europe.

The prestigious Blue Flag is only awarded to beaches that maintain a level of rigorous attention to many factors. The beach must comply with safety and cleanliness. It is also required to be maintained in an environmentally friendly manner. coast of Spain offers 3000 established ranges. If swimming is not your sport of choice, remember the many water sports available. Kayaking, canoeing, sailing and windsurfing are popular activities from the water. Visitors are also welcome to a whole host of activities ashore. Other sports popular in Spain as golf and soccer. Spain also welcomes those daredevils who want a vacation experience more exciting. hot air balloons, paragliding and skydiving excursions are available. The Spanish Grand Prix is ​​a hot spot for catching feats of driving skills.

The most famous celebration takes place each year in Spain is the famous Carnival. The city of Tenerife is known for its enthusiastic support of this moment of joy. celebration of Tenerife is rumored to be the largest in all Europe. Each region of Spain has its own distinct variant on the festivities. Masquerades, dance, music, dining and entertainment are held from dusk until dawn. Some cities prefer to celebrate the carnival with music, while others enjoy holiday wine and dining on exquisite fare.


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