Your own little Costa Rica

Have you ever wanted to visit Costa Rica, perhaps as a holiday or just a getaway place to escape his own reality, but we could not afford it? Costa Rica is a beautiful place to visit. It has brilliant beaches, white sand, tourist attractions and the best temperature you can imagine, but some people can not afford to visit such a beautiful place.

Costa Rica, located in Central America, bordered by the Pacific to the west and south and the Caribbean Sea to the east. It takes a lot of the best beaches anyone can imagine for your visit! Relax on the beach with a drink in hand, a cool breeze blowing and the water lapping the shore, who would not want to experience? Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to visit Costa Rica.

As some of us can afford to make a one-week trip to Costa Rica, we are searching the Internet looking for great pictures of this beautiful place through Google or another search engine. We all gawk in awe of the sheer beauty of Costa Rica. All exotic flowers, waterfalls, palm trees, animals, culture, we all want to experience it and it seems some of us, the closest we will ever get to experience Costa Rica is in pixels on our computer screens.

Every time we turn on our computers, there is this beautiful background with a beach scene in Costa Rica and we would like to relax on the warm sand. If this were true, most of us probably would not care. We can sit at home or at work and enjoy this beautiful place, and sometimes it almost makes you jealous, and yet we continue to look. However, at some point during the day, we need to lift away from watching these images. With online shopping and photography on the rise, we can now search the Internet not only for the photos to watch on our screens, but images of Costa Rica that we can have right on our homes.

It's true! You can bring a small piece of Costa Rica to your home, even if you have not visited. As the use of the Internet to make money raised continuously every day, people are increasingly selling goods to make money. photo galleries also reached a record level. The photographers are now taking photos recently, mind you high resolution, and then sell their photos to stock photography companies and then sell them to buyers.

If you've always wanted a picture of Costa Rica in your home, you're now in luck. With many websites available on the Internet that specialize in these type photos, we can all buy photos at low prices. You can simply do a search for photos of Costa Rica and you will see hundreds of pictures that are available for purchase. Starting at $ 50 or less, we could all have a small part of Costa Rica in our living spaces.

Find a photo of Costa Rica is one of the easiest things to do on the Internet. Since online businesses reached record levels, individuals, many of them photographers, finding ways to make money with their own recreation. These photographs allow people who can not visit places such as Costa Rica, to experience the joy of their own homes. If you can save up to $ 50 to buy a camera instead of paying hundreds of airline ticket to Costa Rica, you're lucky. Many photo sites have photographs of the most attractive countries like Costa Rica.

Imagine that, walking into your home after a hard day's work, you put all your things, go to your favorite chair or couch, and there you have your picture of Costa Rica. It sounds relaxing does not it? Even if you're not enjoying Costa Rica first-hand, a simple picture on your wall can make all the difference. Although photography can not put ourselves in his establishment, he can easily put us in mind to be relaxed and relieve stress.

While you're sitting in your computer wishing you could be the person on the beach in Costa Rica, try to buy a photo of Costa Rica to put in your home, or anywhere else. Do not worry if you can not buy a ticket to Costa Rica, buy a photo for much cheaper, and you'll see that a simple photo of your house can do the trick. Being and seeing, everything is relative, right?

Spain ... A Rough Guide.

Europe has many countries that are hot tourist spots around the world and such a place is Spain. Spain is ranked as the third most famous among tourists worldwide. In addition, there are many expatriates living in Spain and that number increases each year. Spain is known as the cultural center of Europe have unique cultural and historical civilizations. This article will guide you on various aspects of the country, if you want a holiday in Spain or if you want to move to the country.

Spain has its own unique historical context. This country has been governed by the number of different nations and was known to be the most powerful country on the continent once. After the year 1492 after the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America, this country has gone through several different time periods and wars. These instabilities have severely affected the country's economic growth from time to time.

In the year 1939, Spain was made by General Franco and until the year 1975 the country was governed by it. The decades of 60 and 70 have been very good for economic growth in Spain over the past decades, the country rebuild its economic strength BeginEdit by tourism and industry. After the death of General Franco, Spain was ruled by Prince Juan Carlos and he changed the country disrupted by the establishment of strong democratic roots that have made the country one of the strongest nations of the continent.

Today, Spain:
Today, Spain is among the nations strongest and most developed in Europe. The whole country has the variety of civilizations and is governed by independent communities. Part of Spain, Andalusia is famous for various reasons. There are many beautiful beaches in the area with plenty of sunshine and other historic sites. Similarly, there are a number of different tourist attractions in Spain, where you can have fun climbing mountains, skiing, surfing, watching many historic palaces, monuments and buildings, etc.

Spain Climate

The climate and environment

The mainland of Spain has a beautiful climate as it is located along the Mediterranean coast. The climate is generally hot in summer and cold during the winter season.

The famous tourist places in Spain are the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, with many cities still preserved and modernized.

More about Spain

Having a holiday in Spain is very popular among people from many countries. He is known not only in Europe but also between the United States of America, Canada and many others around the world are very surprised at the beauty Spain possess.

history of Spain is very different and it is very far from what it was before. Spain is now surprisingly up tourists' hot when it comes to exploring the culture.

It does not matter to where you are interested to visit in Spain there will surely be something that will fascinate you. Although for some there is a connotation of Spain is simply dirty dry country Spain is currently well managed when it comes to irrigation and agriculture.

Today, Spain is considered permanent second in the top holiday attractions in the world. Surely there are large amount of people coming to Spain just to see what it really wants. People are welcomed by lower airfares and of course Spain has something that makes you want to come back for more. In addition there are certain parts of Spain which now becomes the famous spot of activity of any kind.

Finally, Spain has already become one of the richest countries in Europe and not to mention one of the top spot.

Spain is the economy itself ninth in the world. There are already many people who are very interested in having an investment when it comes to Spanish households.

Finally, Spain allows poeple from other countries for their investment property in Spanish homes. It is even possible for people to buy a Spanish property in Spain.

In fact, Spain is not running only in metropolitan cities. When people talks about the Spanish property, Spain has something for people. When it comes to shopping in Spain is more relaxed and much cheaper compared to the case in other parts of Europe. Huggling is spread in Spain, there will always be opportunities for you to find much.

You can even find stores near Avenue malls and markets. You can also try to visit antique shops and galleries. Holiday vacation in Spain is now very popular for people. Thus, Spain is trully a wonderful experience for your family and friends.

Southern Spain - no such thing

From the magnificent architecture and winding streets of the old city of Seville and the hill towns surrounding Ronda dramatic the lovely seaside city of Malaga, southern Spain (known by the name of Andalusia) is a rich mixture of natural pleasures and wonders of man. With the heat captivating, you're likely to feel an atmosphere inviting in southern Spain throughout the year.

The best way to reach southern Spain is to fly to the capital of Andalusia, Seville. The enchanting city originally planned to confuse the invaders tried to conquer the city. It is said that the invaders kept wandering the winding streets of the city absorb the perfect joy. Tapas The city is difficult to achieve and the night begins to attract the larvae move like a restaurant the other rather than to stagnate. Attracting the most amazing you can find in Seville, the cathedral is that it is adjacent to the famous Giralda Tower. This cathedral is extravagantly decorated with a large quantity of gold every nook and neighbors Tower is the tallest building ever built in the world before 1184.

Seville, you can move south to Jerez (de la Frontera). This medium sized town is far more famous as the birthplace of sherry. The place also houses a number of "bodegas" sherry (wine cellars). You must stop at the School of Equestrian Art, a place where training sessions and colorful equestrian shows can hypnotize you.

Your next stop should be Cadiz, which is a short drive south on wild Atlantic coast of Andalucia. The city is known for serving a delicious range of seafood Many monuments and plaza, as the demand for gold dome that took about a century to do, worth a detour.

Cadiz, you must clear a path to Arcos de la Frontera, which is north. With the town is known for its dorsal catchy. The town is worth spending a night and offers a lot of things you can see. A captivating castle and a Gothic church are among the few attractions. Your next travel destination if you travel north-eastern town of Ronda is known for major attractions, including the remains of Roman origin. A busy shopping street and fabulous arenas not to be missed.

Your last step should be that Malaga is a beautiful seaside town and is known for the Moorish influence it. Among the various attractions of the Picasso Museum Home is worth seeing.

Spain scintillating - the many charms of Life Spanish

If you want a lifestyle full of warmth and color, there is no need to travel halfway around the world. Just hop on a plane in Spain and in less than three hours you're in a world of good weather, a vibrant culture and an unparalleled variety of things to do and places to visit. Spain offers the ultimate lifestyle - a rich blend of mild climate, stunning scenery and a relaxed and sensual life. Here is why Spain is such a special place.

First, there is the beauty of the country. Spain has a varied topography of the rugged mountains of northern glorious stretches of coastline on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. There are timeless monuments, castles lone threat on the hills, medieval towns with cobblestone streets and winding, and chic cities like Madrid and Barcelona offers great shopping, art galleries and restaurants.

While Spain's interior cities such as Granada, Seville and Madrid capital is a must visit is the coastline that attracts more visitors and offer the real Spanish lifestyle. For one thing, the weather is better along the coast. While it is sometimes rain even in summer months, but compared to the stifling heat of the hinterland, the temperatures along the coast are generally pleasant.

Southern Spain is one of the choice areas of the country and is home to beautiful cities, towns and fishing villages nestled between the mountains and harbors and beaches of the Mediterranean. Holidays in this part of Spain gives the feeling of every day a celebration. Then there is the matter of the weather.

The natural beauty still looks much better under sunny skies and that's when Spain wins. Spain has a more sunny winter warmer, drier and all over Europe. And if you visit in summer, the strip along the Mediterranean coast to bask in temperatures of over 20C for most of the time.

A great advantage of mild weather is the outdoor life. Being able to spend most of the day outdoors makes for a much more socially connected community. Here you can live the life of the village, the beach life and leisure life. One thing is sure, life in Spain is never dull.

There is always something happening in Spain and if you're lucky, you can attend one of the many festivals and religious celebrations that dot the Spanish calendar. Many of these festivals are real extravagances in which people dress in outlandish costumes and parade through the city. Fireworks, burning effigies and such efforts as the creation of the world's largest paella are also very popular at the festival.

And another great thing about living in Spain is the cost of living. Although Spain is not the bargain it was in the 1970s, you can still live for about two-thirds of what you spend in the UK. Rents and property is cheaper and you can eat well for very reasonable prices. For example, you can dine seafood freshly caught and grilled every day if you wish. And of course, the wine is plentiful and reasonably priced.

Finally, Spain offers the opportunity to participate an unparalleled range of activities, especially outdoors. In southern Spain, you can enjoy water sports nearly every day of the year and if golf is your thing, you can start on some of the finest courses in Europe.

So if you want to spend your days playing golf or relax on long sandy beaches, the coast of Almeria (Costa de Almeria) in Andalusia is your place. After a strenuous day you can spend your evening snack of tapas and drink a few glasses of wine or simply relax on the terrace of your hotel or villa.

If you decide to travel smart and move or make a second home in Spain, property is still an excellent investment. You can buy villas, chalets, apartments and townhouses at reasonable prices.

All the infrastructure you need for modern life is there, too - international schools, first class medical facilities and English-speaking doctors and lawyers. It is not surprising that southern Spain is the most popular country for Europeans looking for a home abroad.

When you invest in real estate you need experts to help you. It makes sense to buy in a resort where you establish the professionalism, stability and security you need for your new home perfect. Spanish properties for vacations and golf Almanzora is the place to go. Check online for holidays in Spain or facts on property in Spain.

Visit to Spain

Visit the Balearic Islands

Spain is famous for being one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. The beautiful country has much to offer: high mountains, clear waters of the sea, a vast architectural and cultural heritage, landscape breathtaking, bullfights, passo doble, flamenco and tasty cuisine. One of the most popular destinations are Spain are the Balearic Islands. The Balearic Islands are recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. There are many places where tourists can go sightseeing here: Its Nature Park Dragonera, The Nature Park Mondrago Hams Cave, Palma Market, Monastery of San Francisco-Almudaina Ibiza Castle, Portal Nou Gate The church of Santo Domingo, the Menorca Museum and the Museum of Mallorca. They are all in these beautiful islands which enjoy a Mediterranean climate, with warm, sun sensitive, and many picturesque beaches where people enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Attractions in Ibiza

Ibiza when you hear, you hear the sun, water, and lots of fun. Ibiza is a city dating to 654 BC, built by the Carthaginians. It was then decided by both Romans and Arabs. The area of ​​Sa Penya and region Dalt Vila are the two main destinations in Ibiza. If you visit, do not miss the Town Hall, the Cathedral, the episcopal palace, the church of Santo Domingo, the Vara de Rey Boulevard, the flagship Botafoc, and the town of Sa Caleta.

Attractions in Costa Brava

Costa Brava is a mixture of natural beauty and stunning architecture. Located between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, the Costa Brava offers images that please the eye and nourish the soul. The natural beauty and historic structures found throughout the city make it look like an oasis in the desert. If you decide to travel to Costa Brava, Sant Marti visit the Church, the Roman bridge, the Sanctuary of Miracle, the Augustinian convent, Solsona Cathedral and the Old-Besalu.


If you go to Spain, choose a villa instead of a hotel. They are private, have wonderful conditions, and are located in scenic areas. The villas are the places where a tourist can really feel the spirit of Spain, the places where he or she can enjoy the beauty of tradition and culture of this amazing country. If you are looking for a holiday destination, choose Spain. You will not regret it!

Beautiful La Palma, Spain

This island, also called the Green Island because of its exuberant campaign, is one of the Canary Islands to Spain's Atlantic Ocean coast. Islands in Spain are the main tourist attractions because of their nature warm and relaxing. They break the monotony of the monuments and museums, which are numerous in the country.

This island has a national park that is home to the tallest mountain in the region. The park is mainly dedicated to the volcanoes and various species of plants. UNESCO has declared this island as a Biosphere Reserve because of its beautiful scenery.

If you were in Spain and have not been to these beautiful islands, you missed a lot. The islands offer fine dining, beach sports, and an overall environment of relaxation and climate. Most of the island is of volcanic origin and some of which have small active volcanoes.

Island of La Palma has an amazing town called Santa Cruz, which consists of interesting avenues for stability, and it is very lively. The city has important monuments, such as the church Iglesia del Salvador and the town hall, which dates to the 16th century. Here you will also find a museum of natural science, which is very interesting.

Things to do in La Palma

When visiting this beautiful Spanish island, you can visit the sandy beaches and coves, which are very interesting and beautiful. Visit the prehistoric cave full of engravings of Mazo can be exciting and there you have a view of the coastal zone.

volcanic craters and the vineyards are full of contrast can be quite a pleasure to see and fishing villages, banana plantations and the ports, click here. Adventure wood are also available for those who like to explore natural patterns.

Spain as a whole has much to explore and redefine, what becomes evident by the influx of foreigners who are there to tour the country for pleasure, business or education. It's a country you can not exhaust in a single vacation and, therefore, you may find yourself returning again and again or even make your home. There are tourists who never return to their homeland after visiting the country.

Take time to get an idea of ​​what Spain has to offer: the monuments, beaches, islands, museums and national parks to name a few. Time is your only obstacle, because hot spots are in abundance.


Known as the oldest continent, Europe has always been a favorite holiday destination. Spain, a country in southern Europe, has many beautiful historic sites and ancient monuments, and there are millions of tourists who cross the borders of this country each year. Its territory is divided into provinces, each province has different characteristics and special places to visit.

Beautiful panorama Soria

Although not one of the most convincing provincial capitals in Spain, Soria is famous for garlic soup unique that you can enjoy here, which has the consistency of "liquid gold", that people use to say. Above all, it is a region located in the heart of some of the finest views in this Iberian country. The province is a transition region between Castile, Aragon and La Rioja. In the north-west, the magnificent Sierra de Urbion is located, famous for the rich hunting and trout fishing. On the other hand, to the east, the Sierra de Moncayo badly damaged.

Many monuments can be visited here

Soria is a city where history is felt at every step. The red tile roofs of the houses of golden sandstone, praised by the poet Antonio Machado, chain in the streets of this city. In the southern part of the park geometric called Parque Alameda de Cervantes, through squares and pedestrian streets, the Plaza Mayor, the center of the entire city. In the network of streets, the facades of Renaissance motifs will lead you to the Romanesque church of Saint-Domingue, where the statues of the founders welcome you to the entrance. There are other churches in the area around the River Duero. 

San Pedro Gothic cathedral is the most often, but it also has some Roman galleries. Crossing the river, you can admire the ruins of the monastery of San Juan de Duero, considered to have many Moorish influences of the thirteenth century. From this point, the view is magnificent: you can see the Parque del Castillo, a hill cultivation. The Romans rebuilt in 133 BC Numancia, after Celtic had destroyed its inhabitants, to prevent his capture. The ruins are an attraction for lovers of archeology and history, but in the city, the Museo Numantino in collaboration with the Alameda Park Cervantes, contain thousands of Roman objects, which are an attraction for tourists from all over worldwide. Enjoy your holiday in the Iberian country, Spain.

Know Spain through its wonderful visits

Spain is one of the few countries that has a rustic sense that is difficult to find in other places around the world. It is a peace inducing country that stands like a diamond in the sun, waiting to be discovered by curious eyes of tourists looking for an adventure of a kind. This country has a real cultural and artistic heritage, offering hundreds of wonderful places to visit, museums, like, art galleries and theaters, but on the other hand it also provides an experience very night tempting to life that is full of animation and lusts of fire.

Some Things You Need to Know About Local

If you're curious about the Aboriginal way of life, do not limit yourself to visit the sights crowded. Besides, souvenir shops and tourists choking the streets, you can easily head to the picturesque villages and charming historic buildings and enjoy a variety of natural beauties. As your starting point, you can choose Costa Azahar, a region of the shore with many resorts and nature filled places just waiting to be discovered.

If you plan to spend more time in Spain, will visit Andalusia, located in the southern region. No other place in Europe can offer so attractive that one. If you love dance, your destination is Sevilla. Interested in history? Do not forget to visit the provinces of Malaga and Granada. The wine of your favorite drink? Montilla Cordoba and are just minutes away.

The most beautiful beaches

Arguably one of the main attractions of Spain are its beaches. Surrounded by oceans, seas, straits and gulfs isolated beaches of Spain are the ideal place to lie just beneath the sun, sipping a cocktail or in silence admiring the surroundings. The weather is just wonderful and is available for eleven months a year. Now that summer is very long!

Menorca is one of those solitary places where you can sit alone in the sun with little or no people around you and contemplate all your mind desires. It's a feeling of freedom that can not be equaled, freeing your mind of any worries you have. You can rent a jeep to go around the whole island. If you prefer a beach with the same feeling that peaceful Minorca, you can choose or Arenal d'en Castell Arenal de Son Saura, two of the most remote beaches in Spain.

Spain: Country motherhood

After the defeat of Germany and then crush the Netherlands, Spain won the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. When you go to visit the National Tourism of Spain, the first page gives the slogan prominently "the way you play is how you live, congratulations, boys! which shows the enthusiasm of people across the country. The people in people in Spain in Spain you always leave an impression of open and communicative. Their hospitality is one of the main reasons why many tourists want to go back to Spain again and again. 

A wide variety is available for people in Spain. You can simply say what its languages. 74% of people speak Castilian Spanish, 17% of them speak Catalan, a Romance language, and Galician is spoken by 7% of the population while in Basque is 2%. Culture Spain Culture unique and intriguing in Spain is something that fascinated tourists for centuries. The activity bullfighting is flamboyant, but controversial. This activity can be traced back to ancient 711AD, the Bull-running is also an event can challenge your courage, to be held in a narrow street with an angry bull cons dangerous sharp horns. 

This event happens each July in Spain that will always be the new hot that day in the world; Tomato Fight is attractive to tourists and what is probably the biggest event in the world food fight. Books on Spain, it is best to travel with a clear objective. People who have no idea of ​​substance or of historical knowledge about the country they are visiting can not really enjoy their trip. Maybe they feast their eyes with disconcerting masterpieces of architecture at first, but after a while, they will feel more annoying than all the buildings seem to be the same for them. 

Ultimately, they come to the conclusion that all countries of Europe are the same. However, if you can make common sense before you go, for example, the difference between rococo and Gothic, you can enjoy your trip. Here are our recommendations before visiting Spain, whose content ranges from travel and history: "Miracle in Seville, Spain Discovery: An Uncommon Guide to the heart of Spain: Food and Wine Adventures In beyond the Pyrenees, the Michelin Green Guide Spain Lonely Planet Spain (Spain, 3rd Ed), Eyewitness Travel Guide to Spain, the Spanish New, Homage to Barcelona, ​​Spain's history, A History of Islamic Spain, Goya in the Twilight of Enlightenment. "rental car in Spain Spain is a place for people who seek freedom and romance, so it can be more romantic without the hiring of a rental car to discover this country? rental cars are easily accessible and there are many suppliers listed for you.

Hotels in Spain: Luxurious and affordable

Everyone wants a holiday after a period of time to relax and start over. There are many beautiful places in the world that are worth visiting and one of them is Spain. Spain is a very beautiful country and is famous for its rich history, beaches, natural scenic beauty, a calm and peaceful atmosphere and adventure tourism.

The city of Granada is located in south-eastern Spain. This city has a rich cultural and historical past. Palaces and castles in the city of Granada is a hot destination for tourists and the city is also a favorite destination among students. There are affordable hotels in Granada with amenities like gym, swimming pool, cafeteria, parking, etc. It is very important to book the hotel in advance before planning a trip to the city of Granada, since there are few of affordable hotels in Granada with parking. There is a parking problem in Grenada to hotel with its own parking must be chosen. In addition, circulation systems in Grenada continues to change, so complete directions must be taken before coming.

Palma de Mallorca is also a very popular holiday destination in Spain. The Palma de Mallorca has a rich history and it is not yet proposed by the modern attractions. The main attraction of Palma de Mallorca beaches, old castles, shopping malls and historical relics. There are affordable hotels in Palma de Mallorca near the beaches where you can also relax.

So when you plan to go to Spain, be sure to book a hotel in Spain. Hotels in Spain vary from luxury to affordable and the hotel can be chosen according to the budget.