Know Spain through its wonderful visits

Spain is one of the few countries that has a rustic sense that is difficult to find in other places around the world. It is a peace inducing country that stands like a diamond in the sun, waiting to be discovered by curious eyes of tourists looking for an adventure of a kind. This country has a real cultural and artistic heritage, offering hundreds of wonderful places to visit, museums, like, art galleries and theaters, but on the other hand it also provides an experience very night tempting to life that is full of animation and lusts of fire.

Some Things You Need to Know About Local

If you're curious about the Aboriginal way of life, do not limit yourself to visit the sights crowded. Besides, souvenir shops and tourists choking the streets, you can easily head to the picturesque villages and charming historic buildings and enjoy a variety of natural beauties. As your starting point, you can choose Costa Azahar, a region of the shore with many resorts and nature filled places just waiting to be discovered.

If you plan to spend more time in Spain, will visit Andalusia, located in the southern region. No other place in Europe can offer so attractive that one. If you love dance, your destination is Sevilla. Interested in history? Do not forget to visit the provinces of Malaga and Granada. The wine of your favorite drink? Montilla Cordoba and are just minutes away.

The most beautiful beaches

Arguably one of the main attractions of Spain are its beaches. Surrounded by oceans, seas, straits and gulfs isolated beaches of Spain are the ideal place to lie just beneath the sun, sipping a cocktail or in silence admiring the surroundings. The weather is just wonderful and is available for eleven months a year. Now that summer is very long!

Menorca is one of those solitary places where you can sit alone in the sun with little or no people around you and contemplate all your mind desires. It's a feeling of freedom that can not be equaled, freeing your mind of any worries you have. You can rent a jeep to go around the whole island. If you prefer a beach with the same feeling that peaceful Minorca, you can choose or Arenal d'en Castell Arenal de Son Saura, two of the most remote beaches in Spain.


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