Known as the oldest continent, Europe has always been a favorite holiday destination. Spain, a country in southern Europe, has many beautiful historic sites and ancient monuments, and there are millions of tourists who cross the borders of this country each year. Its territory is divided into provinces, each province has different characteristics and special places to visit.

Beautiful panorama Soria

Although not one of the most convincing provincial capitals in Spain, Soria is famous for garlic soup unique that you can enjoy here, which has the consistency of "liquid gold", that people use to say. Above all, it is a region located in the heart of some of the finest views in this Iberian country. The province is a transition region between Castile, Aragon and La Rioja. In the north-west, the magnificent Sierra de Urbion is located, famous for the rich hunting and trout fishing. On the other hand, to the east, the Sierra de Moncayo badly damaged.

Many monuments can be visited here

Soria is a city where history is felt at every step. The red tile roofs of the houses of golden sandstone, praised by the poet Antonio Machado, chain in the streets of this city. In the southern part of the park geometric called Parque Alameda de Cervantes, through squares and pedestrian streets, the Plaza Mayor, the center of the entire city. In the network of streets, the facades of Renaissance motifs will lead you to the Romanesque church of Saint-Domingue, where the statues of the founders welcome you to the entrance. There are other churches in the area around the River Duero. 

San Pedro Gothic cathedral is the most often, but it also has some Roman galleries. Crossing the river, you can admire the ruins of the monastery of San Juan de Duero, considered to have many Moorish influences of the thirteenth century. From this point, the view is magnificent: you can see the Parque del Castillo, a hill cultivation. The Romans rebuilt in 133 BC Numancia, after Celtic had destroyed its inhabitants, to prevent his capture. The ruins are an attraction for lovers of archeology and history, but in the city, the Museo Numantino in collaboration with the Alameda Park Cervantes, contain thousands of Roman objects, which are an attraction for tourists from all over worldwide. Enjoy your holiday in the Iberian country, Spain.


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