Spain ... A Rough Guide.

Europe has many countries that are hot tourist spots around the world and such a place is Spain. Spain is ranked as the third most famous among tourists worldwide. In addition, there are many expatriates living in Spain and that number increases each year. Spain is known as the cultural center of Europe have unique cultural and historical civilizations. This article will guide you on various aspects of the country, if you want a holiday in Spain or if you want to move to the country.

Spain has its own unique historical context. This country has been governed by the number of different nations and was known to be the most powerful country on the continent once. After the year 1492 after the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America, this country has gone through several different time periods and wars. These instabilities have severely affected the country's economic growth from time to time.

In the year 1939, Spain was made by General Franco and until the year 1975 the country was governed by it. The decades of 60 and 70 have been very good for economic growth in Spain over the past decades, the country rebuild its economic strength BeginEdit by tourism and industry. After the death of General Franco, Spain was ruled by Prince Juan Carlos and he changed the country disrupted by the establishment of strong democratic roots that have made the country one of the strongest nations of the continent.

Today, Spain:
Today, Spain is among the nations strongest and most developed in Europe. The whole country has the variety of civilizations and is governed by independent communities. Part of Spain, Andalusia is famous for various reasons. There are many beautiful beaches in the area with plenty of sunshine and other historic sites. Similarly, there are a number of different tourist attractions in Spain, where you can have fun climbing mountains, skiing, surfing, watching many historic palaces, monuments and buildings, etc.

Spain Climate

The climate and environment

The mainland of Spain has a beautiful climate as it is located along the Mediterranean coast. The climate is generally hot in summer and cold during the winter season.

The famous tourist places in Spain are the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, with many cities still preserved and modernized.


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