Spain: Country motherhood

After the defeat of Germany and then crush the Netherlands, Spain won the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. When you go to visit the National Tourism of Spain, the first page gives the slogan prominently "the way you play is how you live, congratulations, boys! which shows the enthusiasm of people across the country. The people in people in Spain in Spain you always leave an impression of open and communicative. Their hospitality is one of the main reasons why many tourists want to go back to Spain again and again. 

A wide variety is available for people in Spain. You can simply say what its languages. 74% of people speak Castilian Spanish, 17% of them speak Catalan, a Romance language, and Galician is spoken by 7% of the population while in Basque is 2%. Culture Spain Culture unique and intriguing in Spain is something that fascinated tourists for centuries. The activity bullfighting is flamboyant, but controversial. This activity can be traced back to ancient 711AD, the Bull-running is also an event can challenge your courage, to be held in a narrow street with an angry bull cons dangerous sharp horns. 

This event happens each July in Spain that will always be the new hot that day in the world; Tomato Fight is attractive to tourists and what is probably the biggest event in the world food fight. Books on Spain, it is best to travel with a clear objective. People who have no idea of ​​substance or of historical knowledge about the country they are visiting can not really enjoy their trip. Maybe they feast their eyes with disconcerting masterpieces of architecture at first, but after a while, they will feel more annoying than all the buildings seem to be the same for them. 

Ultimately, they come to the conclusion that all countries of Europe are the same. However, if you can make common sense before you go, for example, the difference between rococo and Gothic, you can enjoy your trip. Here are our recommendations before visiting Spain, whose content ranges from travel and history: "Miracle in Seville, Spain Discovery: An Uncommon Guide to the heart of Spain: Food and Wine Adventures In beyond the Pyrenees, the Michelin Green Guide Spain Lonely Planet Spain (Spain, 3rd Ed), Eyewitness Travel Guide to Spain, the Spanish New, Homage to Barcelona, ​​Spain's history, A History of Islamic Spain, Goya in the Twilight of Enlightenment. "rental car in Spain Spain is a place for people who seek freedom and romance, so it can be more romantic without the hiring of a rental car to discover this country? rental cars are easily accessible and there are many suppliers listed for you.


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