Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country that is located between Panama and Nicaragua. It is bordered not only by the Pacific Ocean but the Caribbean Sea as well. The country is divided by mountains and volcanoes. About 19,000 square miles make up this country and more than 800 miles from the east coast. It has some of the most spectacular scenery and beaches you will ever see.

One of the places you should be sure to visit on your trip to Costa Rica Jaco Beach. Breaking the surf occurs throughout the year and there is a lively party scene here. This beach is only 2 hours southwest of San Jose. Because Jaco Beach is so accessible, is one reason really easy to see why it is so popular with travelers and Ticos.

Jaco Beach not only offer great surfing, but it offers other sports like horse riding, sport fishing and tours of the canopy. Jaco has experienced significant growth in the last ten years. Hotels, bars, galleries and restaurants now line the streets around Jaco. Those who love nightlife will not be disappointed because the casinos and bars are full every night. After being a long day of sport fishing or sunbathing, you can now enjoy the food excellent variety of restaurants Jaco.

Ticos are what are colloquially known as the Costa Ricans. This was usually appended to the end of words for smallness.

Many people in Costa Rica are of European origin, and Metis decent. Most inhabitants of this region have been powerless against diseases like measles and colds that were made by the Spanish to this small country. The people of Costa Rica have a great sense of pride because they have formed a single nation in the world. Their history has been built on tolerance and prosperity because they have taken to heart the positive lessons they have brought in the ancient world.

In the years following the Second World War, Costa Rica remains calm amid a sea of ​​civil war which raged about them. In 1948, the people of Costa Rica decided to abolish its army. They decided to recruit platoons of rangers instead of infantry. The people of Costa Rica have a deep sense of personal freedom, and it is very rare to find violence in that country. Although Costa Rica is small, it has a greater biodiversity than either North America or Europe. This is due to a number of reasons.

Since Costa Rica is located between North and South America, allowing animals and plants from the two continents and the Caribbean islands to settle there. The geographical composition and the tropical climate of Costa Rica includes a range of habitats all the way from the cloud forests of the lowland rainforest to the tropical rivers and lakes. Costa Rica has a green policy in place that protected a large percentage of its natural territory.

Many naturalists from all over the world come to Costa Rica as one of their favorite destinations. One of the main attractions for these people is the population of birds. There were more than 850 species of birds have been identified. It's much more than the number observed in Europe, North America or even Australia.

Costa Blanca or cost a fortune?

If-you, like many before you have ever dreamed of owning a vacation home in another country, have you ever thought how it might be easy to get your feet firmly on the scale of foreign ownership? Purchasing property in the UK, like most of us know, can be a lengthy process that holds no guarantees as contracts are signed, sealed and delivered, before having to wait for weeks without end judicial process unfolds.

However, buying abroad can essentially be such a trauma. There are so many sources of information these days that give us knowledge of the processes that take place to purchase a property in Spain for example.

We all love to watch programs such as location, location where families sticks and move abroad in search of a new life, but this is the end of the scale. For many of us own a property abroad is no longer a dream but a reality that is often cheaper than buying in the United Kingdom and recurring income, due to industry Recreation booming today, where people search for villas to rent, rather than booking in hotels in the areas of packaged holidays.

When you've made the decision to buy abroad, you then have to choose the perfect location. Would you somewhere on the coast or inland? Rural or built in a prime tourist? After all once you have purchased your property, you have to love the area you choose as it is for a retirement villa holiday home or permanent residence, Spain enjoying its benefits for most climates pleasant in Europe, combined with warm winters and hot summers long.

Search all of that in advance is essential. Take for example Spain again, there are three main areas of Spain that come to mind that they are the Costa Brava, Costa Del Sol and Costa Blanca. Each region has many advantages and disadvantages, let us concentrate on the Costa Blanca which provides wonderful scenic perfect blend of mountains and tranquil coastal retreats. Everyone has heard of Marbella, in particular the marina where many celebrities like to moor their yachts or Benidorm nightlife capital of Europe, it is the main tourist areas of the Costa Blanca, but most regions remain intact and secret.

Along the coast there are many fishing villages, quiet, still wrapped in Spanish charm. Among these is a small place called Javea, Javea is one of the ten villages around all closely related with Moraira is perhaps one of the best known. They offer a relaxed approach to life, which usually takes place at a slower pace and more generally the most calls, due to rural location, it is an ideal place for families to enjoy the actual experience Spanish and has many amenities nearby. Because of these qualities Javea begins to grow in popularity, not only sales Javea increased, it is becoming a prime location for retirement and permanent resettlement.

This leads to choose the type of property right for you, plus you have the choice between the existing buildings in Javea to appear on the real estate market, you really can design and customize your dream home, buying off plan or design your own villa will obviously take longer than necessary goods will always be in the process of building or completely in the planning phase. However if you have time can be very rewarding, especially if you buy at retirement.

For many of us with young families, one of our main concerns is whether the property has a pool? Most Javea villas have their own private pool or communal pool, with many services available for pool maintenance by the local property maintenance to keep a property with swimming facilities should not be a drama rather than .

Comparisons of the purchase price of buying a holiday home in Spain to buy a house in the UK do not differ greatly. House prices seem to be lower on the Costa Blanca, if you use a calculator to the Sterling Euro. If you are a non-resident of Spain, you can still be approved for a mortgage Spanish up to 70 percent of the total purchase price. You will also be required to pay a deposit of 10 per cent on the selected property. As an indication of an additional 10 percent of the purchase price should be set aside to cover legal costs, which include transfer taxes and VAT, notary and land registry fees and course fees for legal services . The buying process is usually faster than expected in the United Kingdom, but it is preferable to seek reputable legal representation to avoid unforeseen problems such as lack of planning consent.

The best way to view properties in Spain is through a real estate site, these sites provide incredible amounts of information relating to property, to choose a villa in the construction of new build properties, they can guide you through the minefield of buying and keeping you informed of the sales process, explaining the process of Spanish. Generally, these are provided free friendly advice.

If you plan to buy for example a holiday home in Javea, you can actually find it pays for itself, the rental of your property while you are not in residence is an ideal way to work your investment for you. There are many property maintenance services available throughout Spain, usually from local estate agents. They will be responsible for services provided, but it also offers peace of mind that if you're away from your property is supported.

My conclusion is if you aspire to own property in Europe, especially Spain, pound for pound you can make your investment work for you, with the added bonus of living or vacation in sunnier climes.

Last Minute Spain Holidays Bonanza

You'll feel like you've won the top spot with these incredible last minute vacation packages Spain. Do you want to spend your vacation on an exotic country with spectacular scenery, beautiful climate and a highly diverse culture? Do not miss the cheap holidays in Spain packages for you and your loved ones. You'll be very happy to see assortment of flavors you're bound to soon discover. Whether you are golden sandy beaches, islands, landscape, hills, snow swept peaks, you'll discover everything through these holiday packages in Spain.

Where can you find cheap packages to Spain, but here? Visit the vibrant cities of the country and sangria you can watch exciting battles between powerful matadors and bulls in fury. Or would you prefer to see the flamenco dancers in all their glory? Renaissance cathedrals historical powdery white sand dunes, there is no sleep while you enjoy all that these cheap holidays in Spain have to offer. One of the most popular holiday destinations Spain Lanzarote. It is on the easternmost part of the Canary Islands and the UNESCO declared Reserve.

It is a volcanic biosphere due to erosion of the lake and a dry climate. Do you want to visit this place yourself this season with trips to Spain last minute vacations? The island has amazing scenery, is very accessible from the airport, with many beautiful resorts, and much more. If you are a beach body, you'll adore Lanzarote variety of sand from white powder, pure black. Take a dip in the crystal clear water or sunbathing in the dunes. Whatever may be your thing, this holiday destination in Spain is perfect for you.

If you are into sports, Lanzarote is teeming swell ideal for body boarding or surfing. And as night falls, you can go all the wildest bars and finest restaurants all for your money. You will never find cheap in Spain that these packages. If you are more interested in tourism, the town of Costa Teguise, Lanzarote is the place where you want to head down. They have excellent museums, including the castle Guanapay and historic villages such as Teguise. Another City in Lanzarote is also perfect for exploring the beautiful Playa Blanca.

Thousands of travelers flock to the city every year to admire its beautiful coastline, white sandy beaches, heritage fishing village and visit the Timanfaya National Park. Similarly, this place is also ideal for water sports and nightlife sedative. I guess you can say that this little town has a little of everything. And this is only one island in the country of which we speak. There are a dozen others, each with their own cities and attractions such as Majorca, Menorca, Tenerife, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa de Almeria, Costa del Sol, etc.. So stop dreaming and start browsing through our experience in different packages cheap holidays in Spain.

Spain offers a wide selection of hotels Budget

Spain is a country that offers a varied holiday experience. He is known for its world-famous cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. There are other cities in Spain are known for their historical monuments, vibrant culture and beauty. Seville, Granada and Girona are well known tourist destinations. Spain is part of the Iberian peninsula in southern Europe and is also known for its ribs. Madrid is the capital of Spain and a cosmopolitan city that is happening.

Madrid is known for its art and culture. Palacio Real, Plaza Mayor, Plaza Castilla, El Retiro Park, Cathedral de la Almudena are some of the main attractions of Madrid. National Archaeological Museum and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum of Art are among the most important museums of Madrid. Dining in restaurants of Madrid is a special experience. In Spain, tourists the chance to discover a rich cuisine and a variety of local wines. Barcelona and Valencia are other famous cities. These cities are located along the coasts of Spain and busy ports. These cities are also known for their historic structures.

Spain has much to offer. All kinds of tourists come here. Find a Hotel in Spain is not very difficult. Whether you are looking for a resort in coastal areas or a family hotel in one of its cities, you will find many options. Tourists will find five star hotels and discount hotels in Spain. From families and honeymooners to tourist groups and backpackers, all kinds of tourists come to Spain. People looking for cheap hotels in Spain receive a lot of options.

Tour De Great Malaga

It may be due to the fact that Picasso was born here so many people find their way to Malaga. However, the many attractions of the city and outer regions has to offer means that visitors are never bored here. With all of Baroque architecture and Moorish castles, beaches and a perfect nightlife, Malaga is a unique destination in its own name. But if you are wise you will take every opportunity to get out and explore the various offerings and strong culture of Andalusia.

For a spectacular view that spans the Andalusian countryside, take a trip to Benalmadena, where you can take a cable car at 700 meters in the mountains. The location overlooking a magnificent view stretching from the rugged coastline of the East to the left and the rock of Gibraltar to the right. The landscape is dotted with the Andalusian buildings essential milestone in the rich greens of pines forests.Malaga car rental discounts

Not far from the base of the cable car station, you will find Tivoli World, an amusement park and theme with a range of activities, including over 30 rides and a host of shows and performances worldwide. It is located amidst beautiful gardens, paths and fountains, perfect for those who prefer to relax and let the adventure activities to others. If you are more interested in marine life, take a trip to Selwo Marina, home to a fascinating range of sea creatures from the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, including dolphins and penguins.

The Costa del Sol is home to most resorts it needs no doubt, but most are charming places with a multitude of attractions for visitors. Two of the coastal resorts of Fuengirola and are Torremonlinos. Fuengirola, with its miles of beautiful beaches, home to some of the best markets of Andalusia. With a street market, large market on Saturdays and boots legs on Tuesdays, you're bound to find all sorts of interesting gifts back home.

It was not long Torremolinos was a small fishing village but today it is one of the most visited places in the region. Here you will find a number of attractions for the whole family, including Aqualand, Crocodile World and Magic Palace. They may seem destinations slightly sticky, but not to be missed for a fun trip.

For a step back in time, head into the mountains around Malaga where you can explore a number of small villages hidden in the verdant landscape. Although Mijas, Ronda Frigliana and bus routes going to and from Malaga, rent a car rental gives you the freedom to explore places that many would not get to see. Local traditions of whitewashed villages have changed little over the centuries. The pace of life is so relaxed, you can forget to leave, captivated by the subtle richness of history and culture.

Roads can be difficult, but worth every heartbeat miss the beauty of the landscapes encountered. Frigiliana was officially recognized as the most picturesque village in Spain for a number of years. Cheapest car rental Malaga online A walk around the city offers a glimpse of local history, with earthenware plates documenting various events throughout the ages. There is also a look on site higher up the mountain, ideal for a relaxing picnic.

The capital of Andalusia is another jewel in the region. Only 90 minutes from Malaga, Granada is home to the historic wonder of the Alhambra. Alhambra is a Moorish palace complex and gardens set between the foothills of the majestic mountains, the Sierra Nevada. The hill opposite the Alhambra and a walk to the top offers spectacular views of the historic monument and behind the Sierra. Although the interior of the city you will encounter a great boutiques, bars and restaurants, ideal for a glass of Spanish wine and an evening of people watching.

If you come to Spain to hit the surf in Tarifa is the place to go. It is quite a journey, about 110 miles (180 km) from Malaga, but is it worth for its wind surfing exciting opportunities, rugged coastline and breathtaking wealth of flora and fauna. Choose one of a number of exciting adventure activities like horseback riding along the beach, hang gliding, kite surfing and climbing.

After using all the energy you can stroll through the charming town, with its 8th century architecture and narrow streets, cobbled-stoned. Sample some of the best offers in the region of tapas or indulge in something new in any of a number of clothing stores in fashion. One of the best things about Tarifa is the view of the Rif mountains in Africa, across the ocean.

For the sophisticated traveler, Marbella is a cosmopolitan city with an elegant air of culture and charisma. Only 28 miles (45km) from Malaga, Marbella is Spain's answer to St Tropez, with a range of art galleries, magnificent stately buildings and uber-chic bistros. Its performance amphitheater summer offer is a real treat, giving a sense of old-world European culture at its best. Its coastline and a perfect coffee-lined promenade are perfect venues for watching the rich and famous of the Costa del Sol come and go.

Marbella is also a center of nightlife with a wide variety of bars and outdoor venues overlooking the Mediterranean that are open into the wee hours of the morning.

Vacation destination Alicante

The holiday destination for celebrities, which is best in tourist spot, is in Alicante, Spain travelers opt in these places because of its beautiful beaches, bars and restaurants, and youth culture. It is a popular destination for holidays, because there are many things to do during a holiday in Alicante. Perhaps many of us do not know this place of its natural attractions, climates, etc.. Alicante is located on the east coast of Spain about the middle of the Costa Blanca, south of Valencia and Benidorm. Alicante is one of the oldest cities in Spain, tracing its history back to the Romans over 2,000 years. Its original name "Lucentum" translates to "City of Light." the location of Alicante is the culmination of various stretches of nature come together in an area facing the sea Alicante is protected by many hills, which adds to its defense value. This is why the first settlers of man in the area he chose. Alicante has many attractions, it has beautiful beaches, good weather, cheap property prices, cheap flights and a pleasure to book hotels and night life as well if you can handle the late hours. It is easily accessible by a cable through the mountain of Jovellanas Avenue. Alicante has a decent number of shopping areas, and you can easily spend all day walking to the shops downtown, you can visit the famous street markets where you can find just about everything, antiques, fresh fruit and vegetable products their particular region, virtual florist and plant garden centers, etc.

Throughout the Alicante region of Spain is an ideal place to relax or is having an adventure, relaxing on the beaches depending on what you need and with a large expatriate community, it No wonder many celebrities around the world visit Alicante just like Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is on vacation in Spain at this time in Alicante. After spending the weekend playing the reception center at a charity event, Eva Longoria went the way of rest and relaxation, returning a little basketball and the exhibitor rising sun on the beaches of Alicante, Spain. She unveiled her toned figure by stripping to a tie-dyed bikini on the sunny summer day. The Hoteles Alicante is a perfect fit for enjoying a holiday during their vacation as to accommodate a business trip to stardom.

Christmas in Spain

No nation in the world knows how to have fun like Spain, so at Christmas, the celebrations are naturally long and spectacular.

The Christmas season in Spain is of course focused on religion, more than in England, where the pagan traditions of gift and decoration of the tree have overshadowed the true meaning of Christmas and the celebration of the birth of the son of God .

Spanish, see the night the day before Christmas as a time for family, parties and spending time together in the house. Unlike other countries, you will find shops, bars and restaurants open on Christmas Eve, but Christmas Day is something else, where everything is open and running, including buses and trains, all fixed so that families can visit each other without having to take the car!

During Advent, which is the four weeks preceding Christmas, houses, towns and villages are decorated with Christmas trees (árboles de Navidad), crowns (crowns Navidad), Foil (espumillón), holly ( acebo), mistletoe (Muérdago) and poinsettia (flores de Navidad), as well as innovative lighting wrapped around tree branches. But the most popular ornament in accordance with the religious tone of the season is "belén - the nursery. Some cities build ornate scenes, and many do not end with Jesus in the manger, with representatives longest part of the Christmas story, and in some places, they are not just using figures - they use real actors! Some of them are a popular tourist attraction. If you are lucky enough to see one, do not be surprised if the animals eat-traditional side are connected by the national symbol of Spain - the bull!

Also during December many people to participate in the Spanish El Gordo, the draw the most famous in the world with massive cash prizes (El Gordo literally means "big"). The Christmas Draw is on December 22 and the total price of 2.023 billion euros! It's more than 1.3 billion pounds! To learn more about

The Spaniards have a long Christmas period, with the first major celebration will be held on December 21, the winter solstice and shortest day of the year. Bonfires - which means "fire" - is more a tradition than Christmas itself, and marks the beginning of winter. As bonfires while being lit in all of Spain, in some cities (including Granada and Jaen, Andalusia), you'll see people jumping over fires, which is an act meant to protect against disease.

Christmas Eve - Nochebuena (which means "good night") - December 24 sees families gather for a special meal late at night. This usually consists of a first course of seafood, followed by many types of meat, not only for Turkey, although it is popular, especially stuffed with truffles (Pavo Trufado de Navidad). After the meal, the family gather around the Christmas tree and sing carols (villancicos) including the popular Catalan At midnight, bells ring throughout Spain to call families to "La Misa del Gallo 'Fum, Fum, Fum. " - Literally, "the Mass of the Rooster." Christmas has no place to sleep! There is an old Spanish saying:

Tonight is good night, not a night to sleep

Christmas Day (El Día de Navidad), unlike other countries, is not a day to exchange gifts. Santa Claus (or Father Christmas) is known in Spain, but is not very popular, so Spanish children can not be corrupted by the "if you're not good Santa will not bring you gifts this year Online. There is a time for gift giving, but not on Christmas Day.

Boxing Day (Día del Boxeo) is best known as the feast of St. Stephen (San Esteban) and is a holiday in Spain. December 28 is "el día de los Santos Inocentes, the Day of the Innocents. This is the Spanish version of April Fools Day and see people getting involved in practical jokes and tears Inocente, Inocente! "(" Innocent, innocent! ") When they are caught. As in the UK, newspapers are also in stupidity.

December 31 is New Years Eve of course - known as' night Nochevieja old or Spain. The UK equivalent of Trafalgar Square convergence is the Puerta del Sol, where tens of thousands of people gather to celebrate the New Year see But wherever people are in Spain, they will see in the new year in the traditional way - with the "eat grapes" (tomar las uvas). Everyone gathered around the clock twelve grapes, and as each chime of midnight rings, so they have to eat a grape. A good tip to take the good grape skins first to help you eat them so fast!

This tradition dates back quite recently - the early 20th century - and supposedly emerged after a bizarrely large crop of grapes were harvested in Spain an exceptionally warm winter. Not knowing what to do with unwanted culture, winemakers have had the idea of ​​anyone in Spain eat twelve grapes at midnight to see in the new year.

El día de año nuevo, the first of January, New Year's Day is a holiday and is in Spain.

The next major event, and most important Christmas season Spanish is el día de los Reyes Magos - Three Kings Day. This takes place during the 5th and 6th of January and is currently the most watched with interest by children in Spain, as the day they get their presents!

Balthasar, Melchior and Gaspar are the three kings who followed the Star of David until they reach the manger of Bethlehem twelve days after the birth of Jesus. As everyone knows, they brought with them gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. So that's why in Spain, the gift of giving is celebrated on that day. Like children in other countries are excited at the thought of Santa Claus walking in the chimney with a bag full of toys, so that Spanish children look forward to the arrival of the Magi in the night, arriving on their asses and leave gifts for all niños.

In the style of true Spanish fiesta, this event is celebrated in carnival fashion with "The Cabalgata the cavalcade, January 5. The" Three Kings "made a spectacular entrance into the city or town on brightly decorated floats, throwing candy to the rows and rows of bright-eyed children. After the homecoming parade for the children's home and before bedtime, they fill their shoes with carrots and straw and put them out the window. This ritual is similar to the "glass of milk and cookies from the chimney for Santa, but the Spanish children are leaving food for donkeys kings.

The next morning, January 6, sees the excited children up early to open the gifts left by the "Three Kings" and the day when the whole family together for a meal and exchange gifts. Their meals include a "Rosca de Reyes, which is a fruitcake with large coins and other surprises hidden inside. So if you decided to spend Christmas in Spain, try to arrange for you to be there for the celebration of Three Kings, 5 and 6 January that it really is one of the best things to see.

And do not forget to bring home some of these wonderful delights of the Spanish Christmas season - as Turrón - nougat as we know - it comes in a variety of flavors, including almond, peanut and hazelnut. Mantecados Polvorones and are also very popular traditional Christmas cakes with almonds. Divine!

Fishing Fun salt and fresh water in Costa Rica

Tired of fishing the same spots year after year? Want to try something different, a little more exciting? So why not consider a quick trip to Costa Rica, where the fine fishing and the weather is beautiful, calm seas and palm trees swaying in the breeze ... Okay, but you get the picture, right?

You do not have to choose whether you fish in saltwater or freshwater when it comes to Costa Rica, because you can do both! Do you fish in the Caribbean or the Pacific coast of the country? Sandwiched between the base of Mexico and the tip of South America, the fishermen who come to this fascinating country can do both. This applies to fishing at sea on a crane or fishing on the banks of a watercourse wider than the ribbon through jungle and over waterfalls and lagoons will beckon to the novice and experienced fishermen .

Costa Rica offers a multitude of fish for almost all fishers, including low-rise, trout and mullet, as well as marlin, tuna and wahoo. It does not matter where you decide to fish because you're bound to catch something. Even if you throw the fish back, visitors enjoy white sand beaches, warm winds and the sun never leaves as an additional bonus to their fishing adventures. Drake's Bay in the Gulf of Papagayo, Costa Rica waters pleasure not only local fishermen but also the world's fishers venturing south to test the waters Latin. Coves, caves and lagoons offer a wide variety of freshwater fish as well, including snapper and roosterfish.

fishing holiday in Costa Rica can be arranged for large groups, small groups, individuals or couples. combination of activities will allow visitors to this small country the most for their money, and may include hiking, volcano exploring, fishing, surfing, canoeing, horseback riding and even 4-wheelers. Visiting both coasts of the country is a snap, like the country side to the other can be reached in about six hours of driving. Many people do not realize the beauty and Costa Rica is unique because it is filled with history, famous landmarks and friendly people. Fishing is not the only thing Latin about the country, which offers something for fun each age group. Nightlife in San Jose offers dances and other entertainment to keep the young crowd busy, while theaters, museums and other places to meet other travelers.

Take a fishing trip in Costa Rica is great fun in itself, but why not fully enjoy and explore the country where you have the opportunity? Whether you want to drive or take a visit is planned, based both travel agents in Costa Rica and the world will be able to implement. So get those rods and get ready to have the time of your life, fishing and exploring the waters and sights of one of the most exciting in the world.

How to Find Alicante Airport in Spain

Alicante is for many the gateway to a Spanish holiday, some 80 percent of its flights are made by tourists and it regularly under takes development plans to cope with the volume of travelers. In 2007, the airport of Alicante processed 9,120,631 passengers, 79,756 flight operations and 4,533 tonnes of cargo. Almost three times the volume they experienced in 1998.

Located in the municipality of Elche, Alicante airport is nearby, just 9 miles from downtown, and the average travel time for this short trip is between fifteen minutes to half an hour to hour tip.

Located right on the coast of the Costa Brava Alicante has fantastic road links to surrounding areas, it serves a very convenient airport for those traveling on the Costa Calida or the resort of La Manga. At about 100 km can be made very quickly, and you can get to La Manga del Mar Menor, in an hour.

As you leave Alicante I would suggest taking the A-7. Its a relatively new highway that will get you out of the city quickly and easily. The A-7 take the A-37 is a beautiful coastal road, which brings you right in the South and in La Manga Club, it could not be easier. As the road follows the beaches keep an eye on this first glimpse of the sea and enjoy the scenery that makes this part of Spain so unique, do not be fooled by the strange cactus, you're not in the deserts of Arizona is truly Spain.

Travel to Murcia is only 80 kilometers and takes less than an hour. Murcia is a breakpoint or city fantastic day, its full of things to do and places to visit. the location of Alicante on the south coast of Spain means it benefits from good weather year and temperatures that rarely drop below 20 degrees even in winter. During the summer months temperatures are constantly in the thirties! However the location of Alicante on the coast often say that the torrid summer temperatures are complemented and cradled by the sea breeze to cool off.

El Altet is the name of the old airport, which replaced the old runway Alicantes area now known as Alicante international it is the main airport in the region, and a new terminal should be completed in 2009.

The airport terminal has two information desks, office located at the Aena recording area and another in the departure area, adequate parking for 2000 cars from the airport can easily cope with the number rental cars it accommodates, parking can be found directly opposite the terminal at the other side of the road. Next to this car park is a longer stay facility offering daily rates for parking your car. Airport facilities include currency exchange, post office, telephones can be found by building access and the Internet is possible in some areas and Wi-Fi hotspots There are also many restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlors to the airport to keep you well fed and happy children.

Alicante Airport offers holiday makers easy access to be beautiful in the vicinity of the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida, with it being a bit further than Murcia airport to reach the La Manga Club, it is certainly consider renting a car for your holiday. It will work most likely a cheaper option than using taxis during your stay and provide a greater sense of freedom and flexibility.

Travel Costa Rica Caribbean

If you plan to go on your next vacation, try the world of great tropical adventure called Costa Rica. A Costa Rica Caribbean vacation lets you explore active volcanoes, see wild animals, lush rainforests up close, and swim and bask on beautiful beaches. Costa Rica is one of the few ultimate paradise were left intact on the planet Earth. 

There are no military bases or nuclear power plants, and Costa Rica has plenty of culture. In addition, Costa Rica is a tropical climate, so there is no winter to fight. Costa Rica is a democratic society and is one of the most peaceful in the world. His last civil war took place in 1948. Since then, he abolished the armed forces and has also avoided the despotic dictatorships, military coups, terrorism and other forms of conflict so common in other parts of the world. 

In addition, Costa Rica has a very friendly country. Costa Rica Caribbean Travel provides a friendly, warm, no matter what part of the country you wish to visit. Costa Rica means "rich coast" but Costa Rica has more to offer than its coast. Costa Rica is a country of incredible natural beauty and contains many species of animals not found in many other parts of the world. Some of these animals are very rare and can only be seen if you go to the Coast Rica.

In addition, plants are very diverse and as beautiful. It is well over 10,000 species of vascular plants and many beautiful flowers. In addition, nearly 2000 species of trees have been recorded in this beautiful country of Latin America. A visit to this amazing country should give you an incredibly exciting Costa Rica Travel Vacation Caribbean, with such unusual flora and fauna and many see in its natural habitat.

Besides land mammals and birds that any person interested in ecology would like to see, Costa Rica has approximately 835 species of fish. 700 of these are saltwater fish. Fishermen and anglers must have a wonderful time in the inshore waters Rica light blue, as they challenge themselves to see if they can catch one of these unusual fish species.

Now let us focus a moment on the north-western Côte Rica, called Guanacaste. Most travelers in Costa Rica Caribbean go these days because of its constantly changing landscape and the many activities offered. There are many tours you can take, whatever your interest, you should find something you like. Through these visits, to look closely at all of its exotic trees, plants, flowers, animals and fish. For an experience you never forget, a Caribbean coast Rica vacation is just the ticket for you.

Whatever your interests, you should find something you enjoy your trip Rica Caribbean Coast. Some of them depend on the region of the country where you go. In the rainforest, bird watching walks with English-speaking guides who are experts in identifying themselves should allow you to see exotic species more closely, while riding is another point of view of your vacation in Costa Rica Caribbean Travel

Another option is to take a canopy tour, which is a popular round in all regions of the Coast Rica. However, the experience of Costa Rican rain forests of precious avoid guided tours that pass through areas of the north west. In these regions, climates are drier so that vegetation is not as rich as in other areas.