Vacation destination Alicante

The holiday destination for celebrities, which is best in tourist spot, is in Alicante, Spain travelers opt in these places because of its beautiful beaches, bars and restaurants, and youth culture. It is a popular destination for holidays, because there are many things to do during a holiday in Alicante. Perhaps many of us do not know this place of its natural attractions, climates, etc.. Alicante is located on the east coast of Spain about the middle of the Costa Blanca, south of Valencia and Benidorm. Alicante is one of the oldest cities in Spain, tracing its history back to the Romans over 2,000 years. Its original name "Lucentum" translates to "City of Light." the location of Alicante is the culmination of various stretches of nature come together in an area facing the sea Alicante is protected by many hills, which adds to its defense value. This is why the first settlers of man in the area he chose. Alicante has many attractions, it has beautiful beaches, good weather, cheap property prices, cheap flights and a pleasure to book hotels and night life as well if you can handle the late hours. It is easily accessible by a cable through the mountain of Jovellanas Avenue. Alicante has a decent number of shopping areas, and you can easily spend all day walking to the shops downtown, you can visit the famous street markets where you can find just about everything, antiques, fresh fruit and vegetable products their particular region, virtual florist and plant garden centers, etc.

Throughout the Alicante region of Spain is an ideal place to relax or is having an adventure, relaxing on the beaches depending on what you need and with a large expatriate community, it No wonder many celebrities around the world visit Alicante just like Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is on vacation in Spain at this time in Alicante. After spending the weekend playing the reception center at a charity event, Eva Longoria went the way of rest and relaxation, returning a little basketball and the exhibitor rising sun on the beaches of Alicante, Spain. She unveiled her toned figure by stripping to a tie-dyed bikini on the sunny summer day. The Hoteles Alicante is a perfect fit for enjoying a holiday during their vacation as to accommodate a business trip to stardom.


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