About Costa Brava, Spain

The Costa Brava, a part of the coastal region of Cataluña ± a, in northern Spain, extends along 125 km of beautiful coastline, the resort of Blanes in the south, near the French border. While the region is well known for its big resorts like Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar and ebegin, which accommodate mass tourism, there is still preserved many beautiful places to stay. This is particularly true on the north coast of the Costa Brava, where you can find places like Tamariu and Cadaqués ⋅ s.

If you avoid the larger, crowded beaches, you will discover many small boutique resorts and villas nestled in the picturesque, whitewashed villages. They are often perched above a secluded, picturesque coves, and are bordered by wooded hills and vineyards - ideal places to explore this region renowned for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. The best time to visit the Costa Brava in May and June, when the resorts and villas are less crowded and temperatures in the mid 70s. September is also a good time, but sometimes the weather can be rainy.

North of Barcelona, ​​you will find beautiful beaches, warm seas, sandy coves and picturesque fishing villages. Apart from beaches and coastal scenery, the region has a highly rated, distinctive cuisine, several parks, a rich heritage of Roman civilization, and museums with many famous artists from Spain. If you are looking to give the crowd a failure, make an effort to visit some of these wonderful places.

Tamaria is a charming whitewashed village overlooking a small cove with beginling blue waters, located around pink rocks. The restaurants along the promenade offer delicious grilled fish, paella and tapas and local wines. There is no nightlife as such, since the only station closes at 23 pm, making it a destination for those who enjoy quiet evenings, seafood, and beautiful surroundings.

Backed by cliffs and wooded hills orange, Alguablava is a small traditional village Costa Brava, with a pristine beach sand and sea here is a cobalt-blue particularly intense. Popular with older couples and young families, the nightlife is minimal, given that restaurants and bars tend to close the evening. two of the city hotels have excellent restaurants.

The cracks between Aiguablava and Sa Riera, Costa Brava are among the most beautiful. Take a short drive inland to visit the medieval town of Begur, which lies in a semicircle around an imposing 15th century castle with five towers. The castle was occupied during the War of Independence. The narrow, winding streets end in the main square, where there are many good restaurants.

Empa Ries is a fascinating archaeological site, just five minutes from L'Escala. Originally settled by Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans it was once a prosperous city, founded in the early 6th century BC. Ruins of temples, streets, shops, and the remains of villas and mosaic floors. In front of the ruins is a beautiful beach with shallow water and duned soft sand.

To reach the isolated town of Cadaqués's, you'll have to drive along a steep road that winds through the hills to the sea on the coast, the white lines of the old, blue-shuttered houses stretch along the magnificent main bay and the beach here is small and pebbly, with lots of boats coming and going. Restaurants, cafes, boutiques and galleries of the bank. Art lovers are welcome here - the Museum Perrott-Moore displays a collection of graphic art by Dali, and the Municipal Museum of Art presents works by local as well as paintings of Toulouse-Lautrec and Other

Spanish beaches

Nearly 350 days of sun, beaches three miles and cataloged nearly 8,000 km of coastline make Spain a popular destination for those seeking sun and sand any time of year. Spanish beaches are safe, clean, easily accessible and environmentally friendly. These features are supported by quality certificates issued to the beaches after the evaluation of these parameters. Year after year, Spain continues to be among the countries receiving the highest Q for Quality Award in Europe.

There are many beaches to choose from, each unique and different from each other, untouched beaches and beaches countries crowded city, with a few large endless stretches of sand, others tiny and almost invisible. While each track has a charm all its own, there are some places that should be included in your list of must-see, the endless sand beach in Zahara de los Atunes, Vejer de la Frontera, a lovely Moorish town erected on top of a hill, the wild coast of Chiclana, Sanlucar de Barrameda, Chipiona, Conil de la Frontera and Rota; Cove Bolonia, with the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia; Canos de Meca, where the lighthouse of Trafalgar gives on the horizon and the spectacular cliffs of Barbate.

The white sandy beaches of Mallorca

Majorca, a privileged destination in the Balearic Islands offers some of the coves and beaches along the most remarkable of 550 km from the coast. The crystal clear waters are perfect for a unique assortment of water sports like scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing, surfing, sailing and fishing. Go north of the island and you will be greeted by charming coves between pine forests and cliffs.

The year-round sunny beaches of Cadiz

Windsurfing in crystal clear waters, water sports, pine forests that descend to the shore, fascinating coves, huge cliffs that rise over 100 meters high sand dunes and endless beaches of white sand Shimmering along 260 km of coastline, the coast of Cadiz invites you to bask in the sun in summer and winter. Located in Andalusia, the coast of Cadiz has many protected natural areas, including sand dunes, salt marshes, cliffs, forests of pines and pastures for breeding fighting bulls.

Sun, sand and culture on the Costa Brava

Occupying much of the Coata Catalan Costa Brava attracts visitors with its crystal clear water, steep cliffs, small coves hidden between rocky outcrops, areas underwater paradise, charming fishing villages with whitewashed and nature reserve with unspoilt, verdant landscapes. Extending 200 kilometers north of Catalonia in the province of Girona and with a rich history behind it, living on the Costa Brava is awash with tradition and culture, monasteries and churches, archaeological sites and monumental.

Leisure and luxury on the Costa del Sol

An average annual temperature of 18C, warm inviting waters of the Mediterranean Sea, its long sandy beaches and an abundance of spectacular hotels and luxury facilities make the Costa del Sol is a playground for the rich and famous any time of year.

Unique - The Basque Coast

Cote Basque in northern Spain offers 252 km of coast bathed by the Cantabrian Sea and dotted landscapes in shades of green and intense blue. Mountains, cliffs, nature reserves and estuaries around the sandy beaches of shimmering gold. The setting is perfect for kayaking, sailing and surfing.

Vacationing the Spanish Coast

If the geographical areas were assigned human characteristics, one might call the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, Spain "frienemies." Not that the inhabitants of both regions are hostile towards each other. In fact, Spain is well known worldwide for its friendly residents and tourist environment. It's more about the contest next to good neighborly relations between the two regions to attract sun-drenched Spanish and international tourists for its sparkling beaches and fine restaurants.

It seems that both Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca a tug of war going long when it comes to tourism. Each claims at various times, have drawn more visitors to the region. The Costa Blanca has recently published its figures for July and August 2007, putting the number of visitors to the region to 600,000 during this period of two months. Who better than its rival next door, at least for this part of the year. Costa Blanca Tourism also boasts upward of 60 percent of its hotel rooms have been booked for the rest of the low season, thanks in part to an influx of British tourists.

However, it seems that most of the tourist population in Costa Blanca is actually with us, from other parts of Spain to enjoy the blue skies of the Mediterranean coast. This does not mean that the Costa del Sol is lagging. Data recently released from the Costa del Sol Tourism Observatory indicates that tourist spending during the past year has increased by 6% a significant, showing that the hospitality industry on the Costa del Sol is booming. 

Costa del Sol hopes to keep its tourism industry is doing well and stimulate the tradition of the competition with its neighbor to the coast by creating a national symbol that will become synonymous with the region, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Statue of Liberty is New York. Currently, the Junta de Andalucia is leaning towards the idea of ​​a similar structure and is in the process of tendering and conceptual design of several multinational companies. It seems that the Costa del Sol may be looking for an attraction that will give a permanent advantage on the Costa Blanca when it comes to tourism.

Without doubt, Costa del Sol budding tourist trade with or without a signature work of architecture. After all, Costa del Sol has the luxury resort of Marbella, which attracts the most elite and wealthy tourists from Spain and beyond. (Of course, the average traveler is also welcome, as long as he or she can save the extra money.) Thanks to a massive investment project led by a former mayor of Marbella, the city received a major revision of landscaping which added one more breathtaking with its beautiful land already. Although expensive, Marbella is a city full of character. Its imposing buildings, monuments, shops and eclectic gourmet cuisine worth a visit even if it is a unique event in a life-.

Of course, Costa Blanca is not without its distinctive attractions and land. Its world class white sand beaches (Costa Blanca, hence the name) along the sea, its mountainous hinterland with its old villages and citrus renowned almond trees and date all add to its appeal. As Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca town also has its major tourist destination in Benidorm. Whether it's family fun you're after or if you prefer to party without the children, Benidorm has everything from exciting theme parks, shows class act, cultural activities, wildlife adventures, of course , shopping. Perhaps ultimately the only way to determine which of the two is the hottest destination for tourists to try both. Without doubt, the tourists do not see why the neighbors are always sunny coastal vying to outdo each other for a piece of Spanish tourism.

Attractions in Spain in Barcelona

the city of Barcelona in Spain is certainly one of the best you can visit in the country. It has a variety of attractive places that call the tourists from around the world. Barcelona is the largest city in Spain and tourism plays a major role in the economy of the city as well as Spain in general. As is the norm with any other city, Barcelona has spectacular sites that are unique to the city. Some of the sites and monuments date back in time and have been standing for years and are still in a state of incredible. These sites are a must see for all people targeting of Barcelona in Spain as a destination.

The Magic Fountain

Built and designed in 1929, the magic fountain has become a landmark located in Montjuic in Barcelona. The fountain attracts hundreds of people because of its appearance in magic mode. It has colored lights shining throughout the water giving it a wonderful hypnotic effect. While not the fountain of magical origin, it has a very strong impression that will stay in mind forever. You can take a train near Espanya.

Arc de Triomf

Another sight to see the Arc de Triomf, which served as entrance to the Expo World Fair in 1888. On the sides of the arch are women statues that symbolize the glory. You will also see the Arms and stone sculptures full of details that are representations of all the Spanish provinces. In the middle is none other than Barcelona. There is a train station nearby taking place with the same name as the arc.

Torre Collserola

Standing at 944 feet, you'll have a spectacular view over the city and beyond. It was built in 1992 mainly for the Olympics. The most amazing thing about this monument is that it is perfectly situated on a hill which means you will have fun using the funicular to reach it. The hill is located in Collserola and it is certainly a place to go.

Piazza del Tibidabo

It is the home of the amusement park only in Barcelona. It is located on the top of the mountain Collserola. There are some interesting things to do here in terms of different types of hiking you will enjoy. There is an important link between the hill and a series of landscapes that are simply breathtaking. You will find beautiful gardens and trails. There is also a modern church, a museum and a mechanical restaurant just by the park.

Peoples of Spain

A perfect holiday can be easily reversed if you visit a country where people are not friendly and welcoming. However, this is not the case with Spain as the people are very friendly towards visitors and tourists in the country. Spain has offered a lot benefits to the community recent visit and the conditions for economic development has also increased the rate of immigration to Spain. Spain is ranked as the second largest country in the world after the United States have high rates of immigration. Spain has been to attract foreigners as most people have found employment opportunities right here while others continue to fight for their better future.

If you come to visit Spain, then the language would not be a problem because most people you meet is fluent in speaking English. No matter what part of Spain you travel, you will find lots of advice easier than most people understand English and many are able to speak it well. However, if you're willing to learn new languages ​​and the language most spoken in Spain is Castilian Spanish, Catalan and Galician. Most people in Spain are Catholic while atheists are regarded as one of the minorities.

Generally people dressed in Spain in sportswear and you find people wearing traditional clothes at parties that require them to do so. Spain has more than a modern look at the dressing and you can wear whatever you want. However, if you visit the small villages, then it is best if you dress conservatively that people despise fewer clothes. Also while visiting a church be sure you're dressed properly because there is a dress code for religious activities. Swimwear and clothing should be kept as short to the beach because it is generally disliked in Spain.

After landing at the airport in Spain, you can use your time to browse magazines and general tourist guides in the country. Rent a car in Spain is an affordable service made specifically for tourists and you can get quality cars at a fair rate.

Avila an exciting city in Spain

Avila is said to be located in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula and is known as the highest provincial capital in Spain. La belle province is built atop a rocky hill, high, south of Castile-Leon. Famous as the seat of the Grand Inquisition, the birthplace of St Teresa and beautifully preserved medieval walls because of which the city was inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage. For these reasons and other attractions make Avila a city exciting. The best part is the fact that Avila is not yet the city is overrun with tourists, so it is a wonderful place for a holiday.

Cathedral of Avila

Cathedral of Avila is considered the first Gothic cathedral that Spain had. This builds impressive is one of the best sides of Avila and studies suggest it was built around 1091 to the founding of the Church which was destroyed by Muslim invaders. This cathedral was used as a defensive structure with apse itself as one of the barricades in the city walls. Nevertheless, it has also been a place of worship. The design is quite similar to the French religious architecture in medieval times. The cathedral is closed during Holy Week, but otherwise it is open all year.

The city walls of Avila

The walls of the province was to be the most imposing and iconic historical documents of this city a. The medieval city walls were built during the 11th century by Alfonso VI after conquering the city in 1090 years. The walls are said to be about 2 miles long with a height of 45 feet. Approximately 100 rounds, three openings in nine doors are also built into the walls. These walls surround the old city of Avila and during the reign of the medieval kings, those walls used to be a demonstration of power. These walls are the most admired monuments of the bill of this province and therefore they are a great tourist attraction.

Real Monasterio de San Tomas

Founded in 1482 using funds provided by Isabella and Ferdinand, and Queen of Spain gains during this period, the Real Monasterio de San Tomas is a monastery. The monastery also served as the headquarters of Brother Tomas de Torquemada, who was not only the counselor to the King of Spain, but also the first Grand Inquisitor of Spain. The monastery is known to have appointed three cloisters Noviciado (novitiate) Silencio (Silence) and Reyes (Kings). The third monastery is currently housing the Museum of Oriental Art.

A holiday in Lloret de Mar Costa Brava, Spain

In Lloret de Mar, Spain vacations could be one of those holidays in any case be forgotten. Lloret de Mar is set around the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and is surrounded by many impressive sights and historic villages and natural beauty of nature. The highlight of your stay might well be beautiful coastline and magnificent mountains. Lloret de Mar is one of the sites most popular holiday in Spain. It has everything you can ask a bank holiday in Spain. It has a mild climate, history, the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean coast. And all this is inside a disk easy to Barcelona airport.

The Villas

There are many places to rent in this popular resort, but you will not be disappointed when you arrive so make sure you use a reputable company to arrange a place to stay. A holiday villa Costacabana is the best place to find the perfect apartment, villa rental in Lloret de Mar. By using the selection of large files, the ability to compare costs and accommodation, check around the dates - This can make it easy for you personally to make your plans. These villas have confirmed a holiday to pay for many vacationers. Imagine a personal with your very own swimming pool - but correct in the coronary artery to all attractions. The beaches are not far from one of the villas, usually a few kilometers away.

To stay in Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava, you are able to choose to rent an apartment in the heart of the village, or a luxurious private villa within walking distance to the sea A large number of villas that are available have a pool in the ground for fun. Come for a visit with family and friends. With many homes have space for four people or more.

The attractions of Lloret de Mar

If you like the atmosphere of the dining and entertaining night life, this is the place to be. Discover the cuisine of the region consists of material produced uncooked land and sea add to that the fabulous wines of the region, and you are able to have the makings of a meal initial rate. Investing the day exploring the historic past of the region, refresh and relax at the beach or in the privacy of a pool is extremely personal, and then end the day having a good meal and good entertainment. There is an abundance of history in the area, with ancient churches and chapels, monasteries, villages and historic monuments, castles, museums and monuments.

For people who enjoy travel, there is diving, water skiing, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing and climbing. The coastal region is interrupted by cliffs which are much more than a hundred meters high. If you like golf, you'll have no trouble finding a course. Choose to have a round of golf on one of the ten golf courses in the region. For those who appreciate a good, long walk or hike, there are long beaches and woodlands to explore. Planned or spontaneous holiday on the Costa Brava Spain could be much more rewarding than you could ever imagine!

Dentistry In Spain

People travel to Spain for its beautiful coastline, the Mediterranean diet, and late nights of salsa dancing, among other attractions. What most people do not realize is that Spain is home to some of the best providers of quality dental care at very low costs. Dentistry in Spain is as advanced as the best clinics in the United Kingdom and the United States, but can cost up to forty percent less.

distinctly rich history of the country does not disappoint visitors interested in experiencing a unique culture alive who can counter a bit sluggish dental treatment. However, the quality of care provided by dentists in Spain does not disappoint those who travel for medical tourism. Dentistry in Spain is a very successful industry.

Help its success is the fact that so many international tourists travel to Spain to get low cost dental treatment. Dentistry in Spain is cheaper than other European countries and the United States. Treatments such as crowns or veneers typically range between $ 500 and $ 1,000 U.S., while such treatment in Spain care of equal quality often does not exceed $ 600. Citizens of the United Kingdom in particular, are attracted by Spain for cosmetic dental care.

Dental care in Spain is provided by the national system of national health care. Visitors and tourists have to pay for dental care in Spain unless their private insurance covers international dental work. While nationalized installations are more frequent, private dentists (Dentists) are abundant and you will find them equipped with all latest technologies in the dental market.

Another advantage seeking dental treatment in Spain is that many private dental practitioners offer free consultations before treatment as well as free follow-up meetings.

Spain is home to a large expatriate community. Therefore, health is easily accessible to visitors and citizens. English dentists are a commodity to meet current demand from expatriates and foreign visitors. You will find most dentists speak English very well, and if not, he or she will most probably an interpreter for your convenience.

In addition to generating the plethora of English-speaking health professionals, the expatriate community provides visitors with knowledge about travel hospital in Spain and information on specific sites, security, and cultural advice. Visitors find more than enough information from blogs and expat forums designed specifically to help visitors to Spain. Spain has few rivals who can reconcile the quality dental care with low costs and a wealth of vacation opportunities. Dentistry in Spain is really an opportunity to win affordable dental treatment you want in combination with a unique cultural experience.

Spain offers many reasons to flaunt your new smile. Dance Discover the world of Goya, Dali, and flamenco while showing your new pearly whites. Why not use the money you save on a trip to the Mediterranean beaches or visit the Gaudi breathtaking architectural masterpieces? Contact dental clinics in Spain for more information or to make an appointment today.

Some of the main attractions of Barcelona in Spain

If you plan to visit many European cities on your next vacation, you can visit what is the capital of Catalonia and the second city of Spain. This is of course outside of Barcelona. By including this city on your next trip, you're sure to find the city attractive and interesting.

During your stay in this beautiful Spanish city, please do not miss part of what locals call the city's architectural father, Antonio Gaudi's famous building like the cathedral Sagrada Familia, translate into English, it means the Cathedral of the Holy Family. A project throughout Gaudi, which unfortunately never saw the completion of his incredible achievement. Many who travel to Spain still see the unfinished cathedral.

If you're an avid photographer of Gothic buildings, then stop in the Barri Gotic is the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. He has very good collection square, tavernas, cafes and a bustling market where locals and tourists frequent. As a treat, the place on Sunday offers its visitors entertainment in the form of dancers and a traditional Catalan Sardana.

Like most regions of Spain, during their visit, the beach is the major attraction. Its main beach is just minutes from downtown Barcelona. Also, if you want to visit Playa de Barcelona, ​​or you can opt for the beach of Sitges, located just outside of Barcelona,

The city of Barcelona is very relaxed, with attractions like Tibidabo. If you happen to have some extra time, a one-hour journey by train to a theme park called Universal's Port Aventura in a small town called Tarroa, which is near Barcelona. Another attraction is the roller coaster or enjoy many different themes such as Mexican national or Polynesian.

Do not forget to taste the cuisine as Escudella Cataluña, Suquet de Peix and a wide variety of fish dishes and seafood Try Crema Catalunya, for dessert, or if your taste runs to the cottage cheese how about more Exotic and honey? Simply amazing on your taste. The experiences you can enjoy Barcelona unforgettable.

Hotels in Ibiza Spain

Ibiza in Spain, is one of the great capitals of the world and is one of the best on the island and wonderful world, and beaches, it is one of the best choices for a holiday with your friends. With good weather all year round and mind blowing, attractive beaches, parties all the time, attracts travelers from around the world for vist one of the beaches and breathtaking marvalous Ibiza. 

The cheap hotels in Ibiza Spain are generally assessed on a scale of 1, 2,3,4,5 stars, depending on how much you can spend. As there are many hotels in this island, it is often a difficult task to choose a better hotel cheap and Ibiza. If you want to stay in a cheap hotel in Ibiza, then you can opt for 1 or 2 star hotel offers clean and comfortable accommodation for your stay. As Ibiza is one of the most famous mainly frequented by tourists, the hotels there are cheap and the cost varies depending on the standard of hotels. 

Most hotels there are cheap and can be located in the budget. Most hotels such as cheap hotels in Granada in Spain can also be chosen as option s are also cheap hotels offer many amenities. These budget hotels in Spain provides much better service than what is really created by the word called cheap. Many free services are also provided as a service breakfast and the morning horse riding in the sea and many other services are provided through the years away. 

Many are also given special discounts to tourists. These hotels are found near the shore so you can also enjoy the environment of the bank, even when they are in hotels. Many hotels are also there that give the room a very low cost if we share a common chamber. This would save a lot for the group of friends went there. It is also given a special coupon on online booking that could be used to get free snacks out there that gives another way to save money to those who devote themselves to these small needs. So, to spend the holidays alone in their budget can opt for these budget hotels and could enjoy the holidays, within a little less money.

Include a detailed map of Spain

A good detailed map of Spain is one that gives you a quick visual image that creates an image and directing you to exactly where Spain. In addition, maps can provide much more information if you study their legends and understand how the area that you see for the rest of the region and its place in the world.

When the Globe is Spain?

Spain is located 40 degrees north latitude and 4 degrees west. This is a part of Europe and is the southwestern part of the continent. To compare the United States, only Spain is just over twice the size of Oregon. This is the total area is 504,782 km square, with this being broken down as 499,542 km square of land and 5.240 km ² of water.

Spain has a few strings of islands and two autonomous cities: Ceuta and Melilla. The islands are the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Penon de Alhucemas, Islas Chafarinas, and Penon de Velez de la Gomera, located off the coast of Morocco.

Spain borders on France, Gibraltar, Portugal, and two communities in different areas of Morocco. Even with all these land connections, Spain has nearly 5,000 km of coastline and beaches are a big part of the country's tourist trade.

Also add to the tourist attraction of Spain is the climate. The coast is more moderate than inland areas can get more extreme cold and hot in summer and winter.

Spain is located right at sea level in its lowest point along the Atlantic Ocean. The highest point is located in Tenerife, in the Pico de Teide. This peak is at the top of the Canary Islands and reaches 3,718 meters.

Main cities and regions of Spain

At the southern tip of Spain is the Gibraltar Strait. This is an important passage from the Mediterranean in the North Atlantic Ocean. The city of Algeciras standby seat on the craft business and tourist passing through.

Along the Mediterranean coast is the region of Alicante. It is a popular tourist spot for all of Europe, Spain and international visitors from other parts of the world.

Madrid is located in central Spain and the country's capital. It is located near the river Tagus which then accesses the North Atlantic Ocean through Portugal. Seville is located in the south-west Spain and is known for its art and culture while being a financial center.

Other important cities in Spain and Barcelona and Cartagena are both in the Balearic Islands and the Mediterranean Sea, respectively.

In the Gulf of Biscay along the coast are the cities of Gijon and Santander. Also part of the northern coastal towns are La Coruna and Vigo. It is easy to see why Spain is heavily involved in the life of the sea or by harvesting salt fishing or trade. However, even strategic location did not help Spain with its relatively high unemployment rate.

Spain still has a strong and dynamic economy. This is mainly evolved after the death of its dictator, Francisco Franco, died in 1975. Once that Franco was not in power, Spain has rapidly become a democracy and saw a dramatic modernization of its economy.

Spain is a freedom fighter in the world, remaining neutral in World Wars I and II, but now fights for freedom and end terrorism.

Spain can not be one of the most visited European countries by the Americans, unless you count the Canary Islands. It is a mistake to exclude this beautiful country because of a lack of understanding. The Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca are among the places of the most perfect holiday throughout Europe, at any time of year.