Attractions in Spain in Barcelona

the city of Barcelona in Spain is certainly one of the best you can visit in the country. It has a variety of attractive places that call the tourists from around the world. Barcelona is the largest city in Spain and tourism plays a major role in the economy of the city as well as Spain in general. As is the norm with any other city, Barcelona has spectacular sites that are unique to the city. Some of the sites and monuments date back in time and have been standing for years and are still in a state of incredible. These sites are a must see for all people targeting of Barcelona in Spain as a destination.

The Magic Fountain

Built and designed in 1929, the magic fountain has become a landmark located in Montjuic in Barcelona. The fountain attracts hundreds of people because of its appearance in magic mode. It has colored lights shining throughout the water giving it a wonderful hypnotic effect. While not the fountain of magical origin, it has a very strong impression that will stay in mind forever. You can take a train near Espanya.

Arc de Triomf

Another sight to see the Arc de Triomf, which served as entrance to the Expo World Fair in 1888. On the sides of the arch are women statues that symbolize the glory. You will also see the Arms and stone sculptures full of details that are representations of all the Spanish provinces. In the middle is none other than Barcelona. There is a train station nearby taking place with the same name as the arc.

Torre Collserola

Standing at 944 feet, you'll have a spectacular view over the city and beyond. It was built in 1992 mainly for the Olympics. The most amazing thing about this monument is that it is perfectly situated on a hill which means you will have fun using the funicular to reach it. The hill is located in Collserola and it is certainly a place to go.

Piazza del Tibidabo

It is the home of the amusement park only in Barcelona. It is located on the top of the mountain Collserola. There are some interesting things to do here in terms of different types of hiking you will enjoy. There is an important link between the hill and a series of landscapes that are simply breathtaking. You will find beautiful gardens and trails. There is also a modern church, a museum and a mechanical restaurant just by the park.


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