Vacationing the Spanish Coast

If the geographical areas were assigned human characteristics, one might call the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, Spain "frienemies." Not that the inhabitants of both regions are hostile towards each other. In fact, Spain is well known worldwide for its friendly residents and tourist environment. It's more about the contest next to good neighborly relations between the two regions to attract sun-drenched Spanish and international tourists for its sparkling beaches and fine restaurants.

It seems that both Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca a tug of war going long when it comes to tourism. Each claims at various times, have drawn more visitors to the region. The Costa Blanca has recently published its figures for July and August 2007, putting the number of visitors to the region to 600,000 during this period of two months. Who better than its rival next door, at least for this part of the year. Costa Blanca Tourism also boasts upward of 60 percent of its hotel rooms have been booked for the rest of the low season, thanks in part to an influx of British tourists.

However, it seems that most of the tourist population in Costa Blanca is actually with us, from other parts of Spain to enjoy the blue skies of the Mediterranean coast. This does not mean that the Costa del Sol is lagging. Data recently released from the Costa del Sol Tourism Observatory indicates that tourist spending during the past year has increased by 6% a significant, showing that the hospitality industry on the Costa del Sol is booming. 

Costa del Sol hopes to keep its tourism industry is doing well and stimulate the tradition of the competition with its neighbor to the coast by creating a national symbol that will become synonymous with the region, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Statue of Liberty is New York. Currently, the Junta de Andalucia is leaning towards the idea of ​​a similar structure and is in the process of tendering and conceptual design of several multinational companies. It seems that the Costa del Sol may be looking for an attraction that will give a permanent advantage on the Costa Blanca when it comes to tourism.

Without doubt, Costa del Sol budding tourist trade with or without a signature work of architecture. After all, Costa del Sol has the luxury resort of Marbella, which attracts the most elite and wealthy tourists from Spain and beyond. (Of course, the average traveler is also welcome, as long as he or she can save the extra money.) Thanks to a massive investment project led by a former mayor of Marbella, the city received a major revision of landscaping which added one more breathtaking with its beautiful land already. Although expensive, Marbella is a city full of character. Its imposing buildings, monuments, shops and eclectic gourmet cuisine worth a visit even if it is a unique event in a life-.

Of course, Costa Blanca is not without its distinctive attractions and land. Its world class white sand beaches (Costa Blanca, hence the name) along the sea, its mountainous hinterland with its old villages and citrus renowned almond trees and date all add to its appeal. As Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca town also has its major tourist destination in Benidorm. Whether it's family fun you're after or if you prefer to party without the children, Benidorm has everything from exciting theme parks, shows class act, cultural activities, wildlife adventures, of course , shopping. Perhaps ultimately the only way to determine which of the two is the hottest destination for tourists to try both. Without doubt, the tourists do not see why the neighbors are always sunny coastal vying to outdo each other for a piece of Spanish tourism.


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As Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca town also has its major tourist destination in Benidorm.

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