Locations of winter sports in Spain

Although best known for its high temperatures and long hot summers, Spain can be proud of its many places to go skiing. This country has many different ski slopes, with numerous attractions on the sport. The snow is incredible and the trails are prepared and in very good condition to offer you a wonderful winter vacation.

The Pyrenees, a magnificent destination

We all know that the mountain's most important in Spain is the Pyrenees. What we know less, perhaps the fact that among these mountains are many spectacular ski well equipped. The Pyrenees are a very attractive destination for tourists from around the world, and it was very crowded stations. As the first destination, you can choose "Estacion de Baqueira Beret Invernal" where you can enjoy many winter activities located in Valle de Aran. If you decide to go to "Pyrenees Aragones, you will also find many opportunities for fun, starting with the mountain resorts of" Astun "," Candanchu "in Jaca, and continuing with" Formigal "or" panticosa "in Lerida. These stations are good destinations for those who like to practice snowboarding because there are also trails for the sport fun.

Sierra Nevada

In southern Spain, the wonderful winter destination in the Sierra Nevada is worth mentioning is the highest mountain resort of all of southern Europe, and therefore of southern Spain. In this area there are many possibilities: "Veleta", "Laguna de las Yeguas", "Parador", "Monachil", "Loma Dilar" or "Parque de Nieve Sulayr" you will stay full of fun times and at the same time, it will give you some of andrenaline to last for the rest of the year. Located two hours from Costa del Sol, Sierra Nevada has always been a curiosity for tourists from around the world because you can go skiing or snowboarding in the morning, for example, and for the rest of the day, you can choose to take a sun bath in this beach resort is the Costa del Sol.

Spain, a winter destination is recommended

With all these suggestions and ideas, you should enjoy your stay in Spain during the cold season. If you do not have the proper equipment for this sport, do not worry, you can rent at each station just mentioned!


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