Some Of The Main Attractions In Barcelona Spain

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If you are planning to visit quite a few European cities on your next vacation, then you might want to visit what is Catalonia's capital and Spain's second largest city. That is off course Barcelona. By including this city on your next trip you are sure to find the city engaging and worthwhile.

When you stay in this beautiful Spanish City, please don't miss out on visiting some of what the locals call the architectural father of the city, the famous Antonio Gaudi has built such as Sagrada Familia Cathedral, translated into English it means Holy Family Cathedral. A lifelong project for Gaudi who unfortunately never saw the completion of his unbelievable achievement. Many who travel to Spain still see the cathedral as unfinished.

If you are a keen photographer of Gothic monuments, then you must stop in at Barri Gotic which is the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. It has very familiar gathering squares, taverns, cafes, and a busy market which the locals and tourists frequent. As a treat, the square on a Sunday offers its visitors entertainment in the form of dancers and a traditional Catalonian Sardana.

Like most parts of Spain, when they visit, the beach is the major attraction. Its major beach is mere minutes away from Central Barcelona. Also, if you want to visit Playa la Barcelona or you might opt for Sitges beach, which is located just outside of Barcelona,

The city of Barcelona is very laid back with attractions such as Tibidabo. If you happen to have some extra time, a one hour train trip to an amusement park called Universal's Port Aventura in a small city called Tarroa, which is near Barcelona. Another attraction is the roller coaster or enjoy different many national themes such as Mexican or Polynesian.

Don't forget to the taste Catalua cuisine like Escudella, Suquet de Peix and an big variety of fish and seafood dishes. Try the Crema Catalua, for dessert or if your taste runs to the more exotic how about cottage cheese and honey? Simply amazing on your taste buds. The experiences you will enjoy in Barcelona will be unforgettable.

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a one hour train trip to an amusement park called Universal's Port Aventura in a small city called Tarroa,

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