Achieve your retirement dreams Come True In Spain

For some reason, most of us Americans who never visited Spain think of this as a small country and it comes as a shock to see that all our states that Texas is bigger than it. Perhaps our ignorance of Spain is due to the fact that few members of this generation have visited Spain. This is largely due to the many wars that have ravaged Spain. After World War II Spain was virtually ignored for years. The tourists came from Europe as never before, but the main points of interest were further north, England, France, Switzerland, Italy. In 1947, only 3,700 of our countrymen came to Spain and only a little figure more than doubled in 1948.

But finances have been chaotic since the war and all the prices have literally zoomed. France, once a paradise of negotiation has become more expensive than the U.S., or almost. And Switzerland and Italy trailed not far behind. Rumors began to drift from the south that Spain was still operating at pre-war prices. You could travel to Spain at a fraction of the price in the country's most popular tourist or could retire on a pittance. And nothing spreads so quickly in the travel game, and those who live permanently or semi-permanently abroad that such rumors. Thousands began to drift to Spain, then tens of thousands, until we write at least a quarter of a million people visit Spain every year Americans, and many have become permanent residents.

Of course, the fact that a country is cheap is not a reason to retire. Perhaps the cheapest place I've ever been is inside Turkey. I would say that, given the black market rate of exchange, you could live like a pasha for $ 50 per month for a couple. But what would you do? What do you see? Who would you speak? You could live in a palace and a swarm of officials on the $ 100 per month in a small town inland from Turkey - but it would probably go stark raving mad after a few months or more. But Spain offers much more than economics. Its landscape is varied, its probably the best climate in Europe, with the possible exception of the Greek islands, there is a large Anglo-American population, which guarantees the company if you do not find it among the Spaniards, and luxury as well as necessities of life are available.

One thing that you are no doubt going back to Spain and I might as well specify unambiguously. Despite the fact that Uncle Sam is playing the knee to Franco in exchange for military bases, this country is a police state and everywhere you see signs of it. In no country in Europe, even behind the Iron Curtain, I've seen so many police patrols and armed soldiers permanently in the streets and roads, two by two, machine guns slung over their backs. Spain has one of the largest standing armies in Europe and have no doubt about it, not because the state of Franco fears of invasion - the army and the police are there to protect the rule of Spanish.

However, as far as you personally are concerned, you are not likely to be affected by this situation. Foreigners, especially Americans, to make changes in the country so much they are left alone. Spain is a beautiful country, his people wonderful. If you are not depressed by his social system you'll probably love.


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In no country in Europe, even behind the Iron Curtain, I've seen so many police patrols and armed soldiers permanently in the streets and roads

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