Trip to Spain for a learning experience

The sun kissed country Spain is located at the crossroads between Europe and Africa. Trip to Spain will surprise you with its diverse wonderful sights, attractive cities, striking landscapes and much more. Prove to his name the country has become a hot favorite who long for a sunny holiday. The country is so much more just beer and beaches. It is completely absorbed in the rich history and a legacy of famous painters. Often known for its seaside tourism, travelers are in for a surprise that the country has a varied geography and diverse culture. Come across a striking chains of snowy mountains, green meadows and valleys of deserts same. Do not let its famous beaches are still seeing.

With a wide variety of activities for tourists, destinations inviting and beautiful scenery rewards its visitors travel to Spain with a rewarding experience. Other popular destinations and tourism in Europe, witness the millions of tourists visiting Spain.

Barcelona, ​​Spain's most visited destinations in Spain, with millions of visitors who visit the city every year. The modern and cosmopolitan city of Spain is the perfect place on the Mediterranean coast and the excellent infrastructure, all leading to a perfect holiday break in the city. streets of Barcelona abounds with attractions, amazing architecture, historic sites and monuments, beautiful beaches and much more. Outside the cities Spain many, the city of Barcelona is one that has the European touch and feel of all because it is open to new ideas and developments. City tour during the fall months is just when temperatures are low, not many visitors around and with the Festes de la Merce, which will be held on September 24, he is the best time to discover the place and become a part the largest Street Party.

Barcelona's second largest city has centuries of history at the back. Founded by the Romans in 218 BC, known as "Barcino", it shows signs of inhabited before the Romans did, but without any certainty, by whom. Traces of the city's past are now seen in the various monuments and sites. Visit the number of old buildings like the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia and Placa Reial is a must which gives a glimpse into the past of the city. Besides the ancient sites, there are beautiful beaches, parks and gardens to explore. The city will not bore and fatigue.

A major destination, Madrid Spain is the country's capital, located in the center of the country. The beautiful city offers so much to take in that it is easy to understand why he is the top destination in Europe. The city is built on the Manzanares River and it is said that the Romans founded the city. The city is not only the political but also a cultural center. An encounter with magnificent parks, museums of art, lively squares makes it a favorite among many. It is a cosmopolitan city with all modern facilities available, the city has retained its rich past, which are visible in the historic neighborhoods and streets. A visit to historic sites takes you to the Theatre Royal, the majestic Royal Palace in Madrid, Archaeological Museum, art museums of the Prado, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina SofĂ­a and Thyssen-Bornemisza in all the country's heritage .

Not only the cultural city, this exciting city of Madrid in Spain is an exciting place, full of nightclubs, bars, restaurants and pubs open all night to relax. Entertainment options abound to keep you absorbed during your stay, right cafes, cinemas, music halls, theaters and nightclubs too. With enough compact city to walk is a feasible and attractive option too. Explore the wonders and friendly people, local satisfaction is quite an experience. Home to the royal family and soccer teams in the world, the city not to disappoint anyone, for any reason you visit here.


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