Best of Spain

Spain is much more than crowded beaches, flamenco dancers and bullfights. It is a diverse and spectacular north resembling the rolling green hills of Ireland while the South to present the magnificent landscapes of Morocco and wonderful architecture. This amazing country has much to see and appreciate, but is less than a compiled list of some destinations that will find its place in the top of the list in Spain.

Alhambra - GRANADA

The Red Palace in Granada is an important historic monument and one of the best attractions that Spain has. The Alhambra has been under the control of both - Muslims and Christians and because of this place has buildings of different architectures. The gardens of this place are world famous and incredibly beautiful.

Mezquita - CORDOBA

This is a Christian church now that he used to be a mosque in the past. The arches and pillars that are traversed to reach the Catholic shrines is beautiful Arab Work. The building was made in 796 AD and is an attraction that you should not miss to watch.


Barcelona is considered one of the most beautiful cities of Spain and the world. Known to be both historic and modern, the city is connected with excellent air connections and the network of high speed trains.


The festivals that evoke here are the wildest one. The place is known for fighting tomato giant that occur each year in August the transformation of a quiet and serene in a city Bunyol fanatic. The village has a small population of 9,000 that swells to about 30,000 during festivals.


It is a wonderful place where you can ski on snow in the morning. The Sierra Nevada, the beach can be reached in an hour, where you can ski in the water fun in the sun.

Guggenheim Museum - BILBAO

This impressive structure was designed by the architect and American named Frank O. Gehry. The structure is located in the heart of Bilbao, and it sits on an area of ​​about 32,500 sqm. The structure is known for its unusual curves and M blocks, covered with scales Italian.

Roman ruins - MERIDA

The Roman theater that has the ability to hold around 6,000 spectators is one of the premier attractions of Merida.


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