Altamira Cave: The Wonder Of Spain

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Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world. This European country has a bit of everything: thousands of museums as collections of art Home impressive, unique architectural styles, amazing cities and breathtaking scenery. Anyone who has visited Spain said that they will certainly try to go there at least once more. This means that Spain will charm you with its special spirit, with its traditions and customs. Is not it interesting and appealing? Here's what you can do in Spain.

Altamira Cave

The most difficult decision you have to do after you decide that Spain should be your holiday destination is the place to go. That is why we are here to assist you in taking the right decision. A very special place in Spain is the cave of Altamira. The cave is famous for paintings dating from the Paleolithic, representing wild mammals, but also the hands of man. There are other caves where Paleolithic paintings can be admired, but the cave of Altamira was the first cave paintings were discovered. The cave will charm you with its beautiful rooms and winding passages, paths in the real history, and why not, in the history of mankind too! Archaeologists have discovered a few decades ago, many deposits of objects belonging to the Upper Solutrean and Magdalean Mower. These artifacts are very attractive for tourists, who come in large numbers to visit the cave. Besides the fact that the cave is a short trip in the history of the country, tourists have more things to do in the region. Because the cave has not been visited by many tourists every day, a cave replica was built, and a museum. Tourists who do not have time to wait in long lines can visit the site of the replica.

The cultural impact of the Cave

The cave is not only a natural monument, it is of utmost importance for Spain. Several artists have reported that some of their creations are inspired by the paintings on the walls of the cave. Even the great Picasso often used to quote: "After Altamira, all is decadence." The landscape around the cave are fantastic, it will definitely impress you, and the region itself is really impressive. You really should go!


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