Paradores of Spain - get out and explore

Every wonder what it would be to stay in a castle or palace? It's a dream and fantasy day. Unless you are planning a trip to Spain.

Spain has always been popular with tourists, but how many people can say they ventured away from the main resorts and explore new areas and exciting? The only thing to be adventurous, then you can leave the resort hotels dull behind and stay in a parador in Spain instead.

Back in the 1920s the Spanish government BeginEdit a system to attract visitors to new areas of the country affected by tourism and preserve buildings and ancient monuments in the same time. Paradores are essentially converted historic buildings, like palaces and monasteries, for example, designed to be used by tourists. By giving them an affordable place to stay in some of the most picturesque towns in Spain, villages and coastal gems. Visitors can enjoy the modern comforts, but at the same time soaking up the history and tradition of Spain.

paradors Many are in the region of Castile and Leon in the country. Imagine being transported to the 16th century but with modern comforts. This area alone contains more than 2000 castles. They have not all been converted into a Parador in this part of Spain if! You can stay in some of them. Some of the most popular include Castillo de Valencia de Don Juan and the Castillo de Cuellar.

As the castles you will find a multitude of pretty villages. Most are based around an open square and contains many beautiful monuments. Perhaps the most famous attraction in the region is the restored castle of Alcazar.
An imposing fortress that you leave no doubt as to its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Forget the resorts and get out and explore all that Spain has to offer. After all, who does not want to stay in the palace.


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