A short guide Buying property in Spain

If you see a decent Spanish property for sale at a price you can not resist, your general reaction would be to drop everything and run after with as fast as you can. Until you face the problems of knowing nothing about Spain or the rules and regulations of purchasing a property in Spain, for example, registering your property in the cadastre Spanish and a request residence in Spain. These are just some things you'll face when buying a property here.

There are many pitfalls to buying a Spanish property. Seeing a Spanish property for sale within your price range does not necessarily mean that the process will be easy. There are several factors to consider and you must be very well prepared before you sign on the dotted line. As you buy property in a foreign country, you will not be familiar with the procedures in this country, it is important to be prepared.

From your research in this country is much more useful to you, then it starts in Spain. Looking for property for sale in Spanish is not the first step to take. However, without doubt, what is recommended so that you can keep an eye on the Spanish property market. This is not a bad idea to get to know the price ranges for different types of properties. Those looking to buy property in Spain will have to wait a very changing market as property prices begin to rise in some places.

Market Research from home first. Take a look at what your choice of goods is happening in the area you want to get an idea of ​​the average price. Then you will need to examine the various procedures behind the purchase of a property in Spain, which include payment of legal fees, notary fees, property registration fees, stamp duty and taxes land. These must all be considered and included in your budget before you even consider buying.

When you begin your search, you will notice that there are many real estate agents in Spain - real estate agents in Spain have developed a good reputation and have been recognized for excellence in customer service. However, like all places there will be people who try to con the only way to avoid this is to obtain expert advice and find a real estate agent with a good record of achievement.

If you want to consult a lawyer, you should ideally stick to a lawyer or an English speaking independent lawyer who is not recommended by the agent. That way, if you choose your own lawyer, you'll have no problem trusting them to handle all your documents and there will be no language barrier. A key point is that you should always run all your documents with your lawyer to get the all clear to him before signing.

One thing that will be indispensable when you see a Spanish property for sale, is the opportunity of viewing. flying off to Spain is not as difficult as it may have been in the past. There are more airport terminals built in many parts of Spain, all tickets are affordable and it is much easier to book a flight to Spain. Therefore, since the opportunity is there, you should take the time to spend some time in Spain to see what it would be to live and organize in to view your chosen property before buying it.

Another point to remember is that if you want to live in Spain, then it might be a good idea to have established a base in your home country, then you accommodation if you do not come back to visit. Some people may feel like they would want to come back to see friends and family, however, you will need to have stable place to come back.

For those who buy a property as an investment opportunity should be aware that even if you earn income or hedging for the mortgage payment, you will still be responsible for all other expenses, such as your fees added.


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Thanks for sharing this guide. I’m sure this post would really help property buyers.
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There are more airport terminals built in many parts of Spain, all tickets are affordable and it is much easier to book a flight to Spain.

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