Camping in Spain: Three economic means to take a vacation in Spain

Tourism offices, as almost all sectors of economic activity, are nervously waiting to see what 2009 will bring. Tax season is near. People who work in the world are still sweeping the financial damage from 2008. Europeans who normally take holidays in Spain are watching and waiting. They make decisions about the 2009 travel times financial dust settles and a new financial picture emerges.

Do not let the economic slowdown nix your holiday in Spain. Travelers need not cancel the vacation in Spain. You can still enjoy the sun, sights and culture of Spain, even with a limited budget. Camping in Spain offers an economical way to participate in everything the country has to offer without breaking the bank account.

Camping in Spain should not be regarded as a compromise. It is both inexpensive and enjoyable. It provides access to all the best sights and cultural events. In addition, many hosting options available, so that campers can enjoy the flexibility and convenience at an affordable price. Camping options include:

  • Tents. Good canvas tents at the old make contact with nature easy. Temperatures in spring and autumn are excellent camping weather. Summer temperatures can get high in some regions of Spain. Keep close to the coast means ocean breezes can offset some of the heat. Going further inside the camp, more sheltered areas that also provide some relief from the summer weather. Tents is the most economical way to spend a holiday in Spain. Choose a site that is closest to your area of ​​interest means that only a short journey by car, bus or bike to take part in your desired activities.

  • Bungalow. Staying in a bungalow is more expensive than a tent. However, it is generally cheaper than hotel accommodation. The key is to choose the right one. Bungalow near beaches, major cities and main tourist attractions are likely to be more expensive. They are a good compromise, though, to stay in an expensive hotel.

Those who want to find a better deal should look bungalows inland, away from urban areas and tourist sites. Modest bungalows rent for an average of 450 to 600 Euros per week. Go inside, and it is possible to find rentals of bungalows as low as 250 Euros per week. You may be able to make your dream holiday in Spain with a few compromises with the size of your bungalow and location.

  • Rent a motorhome. Rent an RV tends to fall somewhere between the tents and rental bungalow in price measurement. Rent a small camper or tent trailer is a good option for those who get squeamish about sleeping on the floor, but I do not mind the camping life.

Choose the least populated spots in the camp is another great way to save some money on your holiday in Spain. Many British tourists, for example, chose camping holiday in Spain in the north of Spain. It is closer to Britain, which means that travel costs are reduced. Northern Spain is generally cooler, if camping, even in a tent is more comfortable than on the south coast. Moreover, it is still warm enough during the day to take a bath in the ocean.

Travelers may want to skip the beach entirely. After all, there are more than beaches in Spain. Venture inland and spend a week exploring some of the best vineyards and wineries worldwide. Spain is in the grip of the golf courses of world class. Find some of its hidden gems away from the coast. Spend your money in appreciating the relationship rather than a first class hotel.

Camping in Spain gives tourists a new perspective on the rich natural resources of Spain. It also means that you will not let the recession cancel your plans for holidays in Spain, after all.


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It is closer to Britain, which means that travel costs are reduced.

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