Why take place in the sun?

For those who earn that little extra the idea of ​​a second property abroad is becoming more realistic options for the location are endless, but Spain is proving a popular choice. For the past ten years the Spanish property market was in a bubble, prices of villas and houses have risen at an extraordinary rate and those who have the money to buy a holiday home also appear to have increased.

Spain has benefited greatly through its participation at the beginning of the tourism industry. The recognition that small fishing villages of Spain could be transformed into popular resorts for northern Europeans was a piece of entrepreneurship in circulation. It turned Spain from a relatively poor country with few, but exports of olives and wine in a nation with a tourism industry that has hosted a steady stream of finance in the Spanish economy.

Today, the holiday market has changed, more people looking for a holiday tailored to meet their needs, but Spain was able to adapt to changes. In the early nineties some realized that those who liked to spend their holidays in Spain would also like cheap housing in the country so they can exercise on holiday in Spain for a fraction of the price.

Villas and houses proliferated everywhere and resorts built for totally foreign markets have been built. The ability of retailers to present these villa complex pieces of Great Britain (and Germany), but with a best time was a masterstroke that customers bought wholesale the idea.

This was the beginning of the Spanish property market, and for a decade and it has continued to grow. The original idea of ​​creating a home away from home in the sun is still very popular for many types of people. As the weather and climate are the same in Northern Europe, there will always be people who want to escape and take some sun in the depths of winter.

The idea has changed somewhat, modern villa resorts include leisure complexes, gyms, restaurants and golf courses. These assets can buy now totally isolated in a artificial community while still enjoying the 300 hundred days of sunshine per year.

Personally I see this as sad for me has always been on vacation on sampling other cultures. The mass tourism of the eighties and early nineties withdrew the item and replace it with a Saturday night on the tiles, but abroad. The ramifications of this are vast, now thousands who buy a property in Spain will never know what Spain has to offer. Instead, they remain in their complex surrounded by their compatriots.

This is great for those who love him, but if I were to buy a property in Spain, it would be an isolated villa in the mountains where I could grow olives and grapes. I would fit in with the locals and enjoy all the culture in place as possible.

However, only personal preference, I can understand why many appreciate the security of living in an expatriate community can provide, I also understand the need for a first golf course on your door and see that the Spanish villas offer a retirement option fine for the rest of Europe.

Whatever opinion you have property in Spain there is no doubt that it has strengthened the Spanish economy since the decline of mass tourism. Whether or not the housing bubble Spanish market will last much longer remains to be seen, but as long as there are northern Europeans looking for a warm place to buy a second home, villas in Spain will provide this effect.


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Jonty Rhodes said...

The mass tourism of the eighties and early nineties withdrew the item and replace it with a Saturday night on the tiles, but abroad.

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