Why is Spanish language becoming popular in Singapore?

Author: Aaron L

As a home to many immigrants and tourists, it has been noticeable that Singapore has cultivated various foreign languages around the country. Among the languages which is rising in popularity in the country is Spanish which is widely used in Latin America . Even though this region and Spain is thousand miles away from Singapore, because of tourism the country has developed a liking to this quite different language. In fact, Spanish is roughly among the top ten most popular languages in Singapore.

Learning Spanish can bring a lot of good opportunities in a person's career. There are many call center companies who need Spanish-speaking agents, as well as multinational enterprises which need bilingual employees capable of talking with Spanish investors and clients. Yet more than this, learning the language gives an opportunity to Singaporeans to search jobs with attractive opportunities in Americas, Europe, Caribbean and Africa.

Due to this trend, a lot of language schools have now been offering courses in Singapore which focus on teaching Spanish. A language school which provides classes in Spanish in various methods such as online or face-to-face classes is great for anyone who dreams of learning the language.

Aside from learning the language for career benefits, it can also help you save you a lot of money as a tourist in Spanish-speaking countries. Being able to speak in native language of the country you are visiting will let you haggle and negotiate with the merchants in that region. There are approximately 23 countries around the world which speak Spanish, and visiting any of these will give you a great chance of saving when buying stuff as long as you are proficient in speaking Spanish.

Aside from this, Singaporeans have also developed fondness for Spanish due to sheer interest. Spanish is a rich language, and learning this through a Spanish class can really be rewarding and offer amusement for anyone learning the language.

The rich heritage and culture in Spain, or broadly in Latin America has been another reason why many Singaporean want to learn Spanish. One would understand books, discussions or videos better, when he knows the language well.

So, if a person trained in Spanish language visits the museums and other historical sites in Europe and Latin America, he'll understand easily the markers, booklets and other reading materials written in Spanish.

There are certainly a lot of benefits learning the Spanish language brings. People are given the chance in their careers, studies and even learning a culture by learning the language, that is why many Singaporeans find it attractive to understand and speak the language.

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Are you planning to visit Spain? Why not learn Spanish first in a language school which offers Spanish class? You'll have better opportunities in enjoying a stay there or even in Latin America who widely use Spanish language. There are numerous courses in Singapore which you can take to learn the language.


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The rich heritage and culture in Spain, or broadly in Latin America has been another reason why many Singaporean want to learn Spanish.
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