Arta as an attractive holiday destination

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Spain is definitely one of the most visited countries in the world, one that attracts millions of visitors every single year. The beauties of this diverse country are the one that make it such a famous and popular one and the thing that tourists absolutely love about Spain is that regardless of their preferences, they will surely find something interesting in one of its corners. The country has hundreds and hundreds of attractions and one that started to gain more and more visitors, at least in the past few years in the charming Arta.

Arta as a holiday destination

Arta was not a very popular tourist destination a few decades ago, because people didn't know about its existence. Now, those who visit Porto Cristo feet areattracted by the charming town situated just 20 kilometers away, somewhere to the north of the famous tourist resort. Arta is situated on top of a hill, location that offers it the possibility to enjoy amazing landscapes and views, especially if we think about the fact that all these landscapes are dominated by the peaks of the beautiful Serres de Llevant, the mountains that offer Arta a dramatic aspect. Arta will charm you from the first moment you step on its streets; the sun bleached roofs will be the ones that will welcome you, guarded by the castellated chapel shrine.

The alleys of the town look much like a cobweb that some find charming and others find confusing; however, even if they are twisted and cramped, they host some of the most amazing buildings and monuments you have ever seen. One of the major attractions in Arta is represented by the Santuari Sant Salvador viewpoint, that famous shrine that stands at the top of the beautiful Arta, offering tourists some of the most fantastic views over the eastern part of Mallorca. The prehistoric remains at Ses Paisses will also be extremely attractive for tourists, especially for those who are in love with history. The main street of Arta is the Calle Ciutat, the same street that hosts some of the most pleasant cafes in the city and the exquisite restaurants that serve the tasty local dishes. One of the most popular cafes in Arta is the pretty Café Parisien, a place where tourists can relax and enjoy the view from the trendy terrace. You have to make some time in order to visit Arta, because it will immediately win your hearts.

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Arta is situated on top of a hill, location that offers it the possibility to enjoy amazing landscapes and views. Thanks for sharing.

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