The Spanish Attraction of Chamorga

Author: Alec Darian

The interesting Spanish experience

Spain is a country that should be on your ‘'must see'' list, a country that attracts millions of visitors every single year. Some wonder how Spain manages to do that: well, it is understandable, considering the fact that it is one of the most diverse countries on the planet. It does not matter whether you want to enjoy your pension and go on holidays that were not possible during the younger years of your life, or if you travel with your family and all you need is a little bit of relaxation, as it doesn't matter if you are young and in search for fun: everything you need is there, in Spain, waiting for you. Those who love the mountain will find in Spain high peaks covered with snow, those who love the sea will find shallow, crystal clear waters that bathe golden, delicate beaches, while the bohemian ones will be welcomed by a rich cultural, historical and architectural heritage. How can one not fall in love with such a wonderful place on earth? If your decision is already taken and you want to spend a few pleasant days in Spain, I highly recommend you try Chamorga.

Spending time in Chamorga

The road that goes through the Anaga is twisting and sometimes misty, but its eastern end hosts the beautiful Chamorga. Chamorga is nothing more but a traditional village with a few houses collected on a terraced terrain packed with wonderful palms. It is absolutely charming and the type of destination where you can live memorable moments without too much effort. Those who visit the village describe it as being remote: in fact, it is the perfect day trip from the sunny Santa Cruz and if you take into consideration the fact that it is a fantastic spot for walks, it is worth the effort. Faro de Anaga is the place where the ridge walk starts, a ridge that offers breathtaking views over the amazingly rugged coastline. If you are a person who loves to walk, you should choose the loop that follows the El Draguillo path, a walk that will take you through lush ferienhaus costa brava valleys and terraces packed with fruit trees. It is an extraordinary spectacle that opens in front of your eyes, something that no theatre can reproduce. You have to visit the outstanding Chamorga; it is one of those places where you really feel the peace and quiet!

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It is absolutely charming and the type of destination where you can live memorable moments without too much effort.

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