Where to eat in Murcia

Spain is well known for his many contributions to the cookbook Tasty World. Among the traditional epicurean delights available to those enjoying luxury holidays in Spain is paella, chorizo, Manchego cheese, olives, empanadas, torrone, paprika, patatas bravas, rioja wine and of course lots of seafood

Those family holidays to Murcia will already be aware that the cuisine in this part of Spain is second to none - however, they may not be aware that much of what they have eaten in Murcia has strong associations with the Southeast region of Spain.

Paprika, capers, cheese, rice and apricots all have a distinct link with Murcia - Market Uno notes that capers have been an essential element of the cuisine of Murcia since the 16th century. Those wishing to try the delicious flavors of Murcia rate while they are on a villa holiday in Spain may wish to visit the following restaurants Murcia.

One great thing about eating in Murcia, is that most food is produced locally, so you can expect fat red juicy tomatoes in your salad. A large coffee to go if you want a view while you dine is Cafeteria Catedral in downtown. Described as "lovely" by Viva Murcia, you can enjoy your typically Spanish lunch while observing the daily comings and goings of life on the square outside the entrance to the cathedral.

However - Spanish cuisine is not all that is offered in Murcia, with the Italian style Caffe Di Roma It serves Mediterranean cuisine of Spain and Italy. Family holiday in Spain would hardly be complete without some traditional tapas meals and those on family holidays in Murcia are more likely to do so.

"Masterpieces of Spanish in the know acknowledge that Murcia is home to the best tapas in Spain, following the location of the city between some of the richest arable land and the Mediterranean", The Guardian recently said. The publication took note of the molds Mejillonera, opposite the Episcopal palace, which come with cumin and chili "as found in Morocco" and a "lovely" lemon sauce.

Other tapas restaurants that are likely to tickle your taste buds with the best possible way to include Murcia Los zagal - which, according to the newspaper, not only serves tasty crunchy salad Russian, but comes with its friendly inhabitants. If you want to eat in a typical Spanish style then make a night of your evening meal and hop from bar to bar trying a different plate of tapas for everyone.

Recommended bars in Murcia Plaza de las Flores, El Bolito, La Tapa, Las Meat, Las Mulas, Pepico Casa del Tio Gines and Perela - which serves wild mushrooms sauteed in olive oil and garlic shoots, suckling pig and paella, of course. However, if they move between classes is not your style and you want to eat at a restaurant, then Murcia has many beautiful bistros to choose from.

For faster service, the Spanish Airport Guide recommends Rincon de Pepe, famous for its dessert paparajotes - made from the leaves of lemon trees. If you enjoy a luxury holiday in Spain then the guide suggests a trip to the wine cellar of the 17th century transformed restaurant Palacete Rural La Seda for a modern meal with local ingredients.

Finally, Murcia is famous for its local wine and so do make sure to try while on holiday in Spain. The Guide notes that Restaurante El Sordo airport in the valley of Ricote Murcia offers a traditional and creative cuisine, served in the "very generous" portions, which can be washed down with local wine produced locally.


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