Airports in Spain

Spain is a spectacular and diverse country located in the southern continent, with lots of attractions for tourists from Europe. It was the mountain Sierra Nevada ski resorts luxury, beautiful scenery, great beaches and quite, a wilderness park, historical museum, Moorish palace, crumbling castles, Roman ruins, theaters classical bullfighting rings, Gothic and Renaissance cathedrals, etc. It also draws tourists with its modern buildings of distinctive architecture. This country is quite unique because of its language, culture, gastronomy and art.

There are more than fifty airports in Spain. Spain has twenty international airports connecting Spain with many parts of the world. It is cheap and extensive public transport network in Spain. Air movement is very popular in Spain because of reasonable price air tickets. These airports also offer car rental facilities. All airports in Spain have managed help desks for tourists, they can help you if you need to rent a car.

Madrid International Airport is one of the busiest international airports of Spain, with over 25 million people visit the airport each year. Madrid International Airport can easily access the highway system because it is located only 13 km northeast of the city. For handling international flights, domestic and intercontinental, there are three terminals, these terminals are linked by means of walking. You can easily access the city with the help of cars, buses and metro are available around the clock outside the airport.

Barcelona International Airport is the second largest airport in Spain and is considered the northern international airport. They offer modern amenities such as shopping centers, banks, ATMs and restaurants etc. They manage both domestic and international flights daily. There are three airport terminals that are connected with the center of Barcelona through the aisles and trains. Barcelona International Airport has a huge parking lot with capacity of nearly 13,000 cars.

Malaga International Airport is one of the oldest international airports in Spain. It is well organized and well equipped, located in southern Spain. It can accommodate more than ten million people each year. This international airport has three terminals connected by bridges.

Spain's sixth busiest international airport of Alicante and has two terminals.

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