Attractive national parks in Spain

Many tourists choose Spain as a holiday destination, because they know how much this beautiful country has to offer. It is the second most attractive country in the world and visited. It has very attractive spots that have surprised many and changed their lives forever. This is the reason why a number of foreigners are the country of their domicile.

Spain has wonderful natural and manmade features that are famous around the world. The monuments and museums hold great importance to the country's history, while others are of great personalities and attract people who want to identify them, as they learn more about the stories behind them. Art lovers will find this country very captivating, as there are art galleries and museums dedicated to Picasso, the great artist, and they contain his work.

National Parks

Spain has the amazing wildlife in its many parks that attract the vast majority of tourists who love animals. The parks are also great venues to enjoy nature by camping, bird watching and animal watching, and hiking and cycling. However, this varies from one park to another, because the issues of conservation are different, which means that there are certain degrees, where you can go to some parks and can not go in others.

Tourists can enjoy the contrasting climate and land in the parks in Spain. There are 13 parks with one of the best being located on the Balearic islands. Canary Islands have a total of four, while the other 8 are located on Spain's north and south of the continent. The good thing is that you will not need to worry about where to sleep, because most parks have hotels or small villages that are fully equipped with everything you might need. Others have campsites that are very exciting and adventurous.

In national parks, you'll be able to identify one to one some of the best elements of nature by walking or hiking through them. There are trails that are short and others are so long that you could take them several days, which are quite adventurous and fun. The maintenance of these parks vary, some being left to take their natural shape, while others are well trimmed, although most people prefer the natural look. In conclusion, if you're wondering where to find the most beautiful national parks in Spain, now you know where to find the best. Make the most of your vacation and discover the wild side of you.


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