City of Saint-Jacques-Apostle, Spain

Santiago is ranked among the best cities in Spain and is most famous for the religious value it holds. It houses the Way of St. James who has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The name of the city actually comes from the belief that the apostle St. Jacques is buried here.

The city has beautiful architecture and is regarded as having the best seafood cuisine in the country. It is indeed a wonderful place to visit on your tour of Spain.

Attractions in Santiago

Among the main attractions is the center of the city, the famous Plaza del Obradoiro whose name means "the working of gold." There are several cathedrals and chapels of historic value located here and their construction is really incredible. The styles used on the buildings are interesting and fairly rare. Art lovers will be intrigued by the architecture here.

Plaza de la Quintana is another beautiful place with a "Royal door" is open only when the Apostle Festival is held in a Holy Year. The Plaza has a monastery and is among the list of the oldest buildings in Santiago. It was built to bury the remains of the Apostle Jacques.

Another nice place is Plaza de la Azabachería which is the entrance that the pilgrims of the past used at the entrance to the cathedral. These sites have great value attractive to Catholics loyal to this day. They are great personalities and periods in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.

Santiago's University District attracts people because of its surroundings, which could be called poetic. Beautiful palace in this neighborhood were built using different architectural styles are quite beautiful haunting.

It is now clear why Santiago is considered the "city of the apostle" and why he still has a great attraction for many believers. Those who love their religion and have a passion to learn more about the origins and history religion find important evidence of their faith here, some of which they never knew existed.

This city is certainly one of those you do not want to miss. People find it relaxing and interesting to see and learn a few things about the religion after having fun on beaches and hiking in the midst of Natural of Spain.


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