Places of Interest in Spain - Sightseeing in Granada


Alhambra is the most visited place in Granada. It is made by the Moors.

The most attractive place in Alhambra, Courtyard Myrtle (Patio de Comares). It has a swimming pool whose water flows constantly. With many rooms, the doors, it looks like a labyrinth vertigo. At any time, you can see some towers rose above your head and you can hear the pleasant sound of water.

Extensions of the Alhambra are the walls of the old walled city Alkasabe (in translation "Fortress"), in which the late fifteenth century lived ordinary residents of the city. If you show a little good will and if you invest some effort, you can enjoy in a magnificent scenery of Granada from the top.

Christian influences

One of the busiest in the city is the Albaicin, which clearly explains the transformation of Islam from Granada to Christian Granada. Former residents, Arabs and Jews disappeared in front of Spanish Catholics. However, many of them are the Moors and Jews the same old, but they were assimilated. Winding, narrow streets and whitewashed houses with terracotta roofs are symbols of this part of town.

Granada in Spanish means "pomegranate" (which is included in the emblem of the city, with Fernando and Isabel). This is a city of contrasts and beauty. It is almost like walking through the old architecture, Renaissance, baroque, neo-classicism.


Plaza Nueva is a square which presents the Christian Spain. With his enthusiasm, he tries to neutralize "traces Islamic and Jewish traditions of Andalusia. Not far away is a small square with a monument to Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella I. The statue depicts Columbus, who kneels before Queen when she gives her blessing to his new journey in India. Renaissance and Baroque monuments are of great importance to Grenada. The Cathedral and the Royal Gate (Sarilia Reall) certainly deserve your attention and you should visit them as well.


The most famous sites are complex Granada Alhambra, Life genres and the Cathedral District Albaizin and La Cartuja.

Genera or life paradise garden is built in the 14th century. It presents the styles of gardens from this period.

Additionally, Grenada is also a city of green parks. The most famous parks are Fuente Nueva, Federico Garcia Lorca, Carmen de los Martires. Premises of the University Botanical Garden is also worth visiting.

Grenada offers good trails for hiking and biking, because it is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. However, Sierra Nevada is a great ski and snowboard center.

In addition, Granada offers a lively nightlife as it has also a university center.


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The statue depicts Columbus, who kneels before Queen when she gives her blessing to his new journey in India.

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