Car hire Murcia know the rules

Driving in Spain is not essentially different from the way we drive in the UK, but here are some tips to ensure you get the most from your rental car in Murcia and avoid any potential problems.

The main difference is that in Spain they drive on the right side of the road. Be especially careful when setting off from service stations, service areas or off-road situations such as large parking lots. Take time and remind you of what it can easily be forgotten after driving in Spain for a few days.

If you are driving a vehicle registered in the United Kingdom, Spain leave more room between you and the car in front while most of the catch. This gives a better view of the road and should eliminate any problems you may have in trying to get around slow moving traffic. The best way to eradicate this problem is to rent a car once you reach Murcia Spain.

Spain has much stricter drinking rules of conduct that the United Kingdom by allowing only 0.5 milligrams of alcohol per milliliter of blood. In the UK we're used to 0.8 milligrams, and his even more stringent for new drivers. Our suggestion is that if you are driving in Spain avoid any alcoholic drinks if you know you'll be driving in the near future. By sticking to this precaution, you can be sure you do not run into any unforeseen problems with the local police.

Like seat belts in the United Kingdom must be worn at all times by all vehicle occupants both front and back. This is common sense these days in the UK, but is still strictly enforced in Spain.

Recently, the rules for passing highway were re-written in Spanish, so be sure to clearly indicate before overtaking and when you pull on a Spanish motorway. Also when entering a highway from a ramp to make sure you wait until the white line is broken before exiting. Not obeying any of these rules could cost you a fine on the spot.

Children under 12 must not travel in front of a car in Spain unless the car is equipped with a restraint belt adapted. It is a rule we do not have in the UK and when you and your family holiday can be easily forgotten.

If your car breaks down in Spain a warning triangle is compulsory. This should be done in the car at any time. If the car is Spanish registered, you have to carry two so make sure your rental company has equipped the car with them before leaving the rental office. Similarly, visibility vests must be made incase of failure. Should you be unfortunate enough to breakdown on a motorway make sure you and your passengers do not sit in the vehicle on the shoulder. Leave the car with hazard lights on and warning triangles set up following a suitable distance, sitting securely on the verge of grass until help arrives.

A green card for driving in Spain is not compulsory but it is a good idea to inform your insurer of your journey. It is also a good idea to let your bank know that you are traveling abroad so they do not put a hold on your card if transactions pop up in places they wouldnt expect and they think that 'they might be fraudulent.

A large majority of Spanish stations now accept credit cards outside the hours Ie 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. or later in the evening. However, your card may not work as they are designed for credit cards in Spanish only. Be sure to refuel and periodically during the opening hours of shops to avoid running dry.
Always have a new photo ID driver's license, passport, registration certificate and relevant documents on the insurance of your rental company.

After reading all these precursors do and not to try not to worry, driving in Spain is easy and very similar in the United Kingdom. A rental car is a great way to enhance your holiday experience, make sure you enjoy and enjoy it.


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If the car is Spanish registered, you have to carry two so make sure your rental company has equipped the car with them before leaving the rental office.

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