Places of tourist interest in Spain-Amazing Merida in Spain

Spain attracts many visitors each year because of its natural heritage and national levels. It is, indeed, the second most visited country in the world. The country's natural landscapes, which had no human intervention, to give visitors and residents, a touch of nature at its best.

This country has beautiful cities, which have attractive beaches, museums, mountains, rivers, and monuments that have drawn world attention. People in colder regions of Europe come to bask in the warmth and glory of Spain to take a break and relax. It is a place where you can really get the stress off your shoulders and enjoy life. There are many exciting and fun things to do.

About Merida

Merida is one of the regions of Spain, which is characterized by beautiful landscapes and mountains. Despite the many aspects of this beautiful region, it remains to be invaded by tourists en masse, as most people have not yet discovered. Here you can get a glimpse of Roman ruins, which are an important aspect of the story. Merida Caceres and Badajoz its provinces.

This part of Spain has beautiful landscapes, which are characterized by fertile valleys, plains, mountains, plains and earth. The climate is continental with cold winters and hot summers, which comes as a pleasure for many. Merida has nature reserves and parks, which are very attractive. It has two rivers whose valleys are ecologically important and for this reason they have been well preserved.

You can find Spanish tiles, dresses, metalwork, embroidery and you can not find elsewhere. There is also a great chance to sample some of the best foods and wines of Spain.

Cities to visit

Most major tourist attractions in Merida are museums and monuments, buildings displays a mastery of architecture. It accommodates an amphitheater, a bridge, a museum containing Roman art, and two aqueducts unique and impressive.

The cities of Cáceres and Trujillo have beautiful castles, palaces and watch towers, which are bubbling. To see the value of art pieces, you can visit a monastery style colossal located in Guadeloupe. Ancient cathedrals, medieval city walls, and Gothic buildings can be seen in the beautiful city of Plasencia. the city of Badajoz watchtowers, which give a magnificent view over the city, and it is certainly worth checking out.


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To see the value of art pieces, you can visit a monastery style colossal located in Guadeloupe.

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