Places of Interest in Spain-Sarria

Spain is the last word in tourism. Each province, city, village has much to offer tourists. Barcelona is such a place rich in tradition and has much to offer tourists. Sarria is a good neighbor of Barcelona and the neighborhood is not left to make the tourists happy. Just take a tour of this neighborhood, "Sarria.

Sarria was an independent village until 1921 when it was annexed by Spain and is the fifth district of Barcelona. The inhabitants of Sarria have a tradition of their own and are proud of their tradition and culture. It is a pleasure to walk the streets of Sarria. Some of the rich and influential people of Barcelona have been attracted by the stunning beauty of Sarria and they preferred to go to Sarria and made it their residence.

With this short history will be our first visit Casa Bellesguard, the official residence of the king of Catalonia. This building is believed to have been originally built in the 15th century. The building was in poor condition and there was the famous architect from Spain, Gaudi built the current structure on the ruins of the old structure. The building was rebuilt in medieval style.

The city of Barcelona is connected to other cities around the tunnels Vallvidrera worth seeing. This tunnel is in Sarria. To have first hand experience, it would be preferable to travel through this tunnel.

Now we go to Park irebeta. This park is ideal for children and seniors. This is one of the largest parks in Spain. This park was inaugurated in 1978. According to archaeologists, two castles by name and Bonavia Can Oreneta castle existed at the place where the park is now built. Except for some remnants, the castles are in ruins with the passage of time. This park contains many types of vegetation rare varieties. The park has a landscape more beautiful. If you go to the raised part of the landscape, the best view of the city of Barcelona can be seen. Children can enjoy pony rides on the merry. Another interesting feature of this park is the railway locomotive which covers a distance of about 635 miles. This railway has its own crew, station and other infrastructure.

Despite modern developments, Sarria retains its individuality. It is a district with a close-knit community. I just want to experiment, please visit Sarria.


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