Why Spain should be visited

A special place in Europe

Spain is located in Europe, to be exact, it is located in the Iberian peninsula with Portugal. Spain is a country often visited. A few years ago, he has risen to second in the list of most visited countries in the world. Spain is a very expensive country for many reasons. One such reason is the weather. Some regions of Spain enjoyed a temperate climate, and others are very happy to be bathed in a subtropical climate. It does not matter where in Spain you decide to go, he is sure you will have good weather you can enjoy your vacation. You will have no problem with the weather.

Large cities

Another reason why Spain is a country that has such a large number of tourists is the beauty of its cities. Each city is different from others, each city has something unique about it. Madrid, for example, the capital of this wonderful country, is famous and popular cultural impact it has on someone he always visit. Palacio Real, Plaza Mayor, Descalzas and the Prado Museum are some of the tourist places that any tourist dream. Barcelona attracts tourists thanks to the cathedral, the Sagrada Familia, and the museums that evoke the lives of some very important artists. Pablo Picasso is one of them.

Wonderful traditions

Some tourists choose to go to Spain because they have heard of particular traditions and customs are unique to Spain. This country is the mother of flamenco and passo doble, passionate style of dance that make your blood rush through your veins. Another custom which characterized Spain and the Spaniards are the bulls. Bullfighting is a dangerous habit, but has been implemented in the tradition of these people for centuries. Courage, tact and strategy are many ingredients that make the matador to win the battle with the bull.

Delicious Food

The cuisine in Spain is very tasty. Many ingredients on the list that use Spanish dishes, seafood is one of them. Almonds, tomatoes, pork, apples, strawberries, cherries, nuts, and cheese are often used in Spanish dishes. Delicious food differs from region to region, but it mainly uses most of these ingredients. Personally, I think all these sounds very attractive, and I recommend you try it for yourself!


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